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Forbo Marmoleum Modular - Natural Flooring Made from Renewable Materials

Eco-friendly flooring in stylish designs with versatile and robust features: all this and more is offered by the Forbo Mar…

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What exactly is this organic flooring from Forbo? The Forbo Marmoleum Modular collection consists of 85% of renewable raw materials, the majority of which grows fast and 43% made from recycled content, which we call a natural design surface. The eco-friendly linoleum base can be organically degraded and consists of linseed oil, resin, wood flour, limestone and various color pigments, which allow a wide range of colours and optics. In addition, care is taken during production to deal responsibly with existing resources and to preserve the environment in a sustainable way.

Individual Design Options Thanks to the Natural-Looking Surfaces of Farbo’s Natural Design Coverings

The organic flooring authentically replicates the beautiful optics of its natural materials. Discover the entire collection with its 20 different decors, which equips you with a total of eight different wood decors and 12 designs instone optics. Whether its walnut wood, concrete or noble marble representations you’re looking for, this collection is sure to have a stylish variant for you. From reddish wood variants, exotic dark oaks or white washed oaks to sophistiated marble stone looks, there are many designs available in our online shop.

Available in three different sizes, from 50 x 50cm, 75 x 50cm to 100 x 25cm, the collection offers you authentic imitations of real wood floorboards or ceramic tiles and thus ensures a perfect design of your living spaces. With a level 6 lightfastness, the vividness of the planks do not fade, even under sunlight and UV radiation, you receive long lasting quality and optics.

Organic Flooring - The Best Properties Fit for Your Home

The organic flooring by Forbo not only convinces with its wide selection of decors in stylish wood and stone optics, but also with its technical qualities. It features a Topshield surface finish which provides additional protection against scuffs and abrasions and makes it particularly easy to care for. With a residual indentation behaviour of < 0.15mm, the flooring is robust and strong against furniture. In order for the floor to be able to withstand the demands of an office space, it also has a chair roll suitability and is treated with antistatic equipment. What’s more, with a footfall sound insulation 5 dB, you can be assured of pleasant living and working acoustics. In addition, the collection complies with the fire protection class Cfl-s1, which according to the European standard, proves to be difficult to ignite and has low smoke production in the event of a fire. The organic flooring is also free of harmful plasticizers and synthetic rubber and even protects against bacteria. With its great thermal resistance, the ecological floor covering is also suitable in combination with underfloor heating.

Slip-Resistant Surface for Your Safety

In addition to the many outstanding features, there is one that is of particular interest to many people: a non-slip surface. Often overlooked by many, is the seemingly smooth surface profile of many floor coverings. The organic flooring have a slip resistance of R9.

Forbo Marmoleun Modular - Eco-Friendly Flooring Available Now at BRICOFLOR

There is no need to wait any longer to get your organic flooring by Forbo. The Forbo Marmoleum Modular collection is the perfect choice of flooring for stylish floors that fit into a healthyl lifestyle. Order today and benefit from our best price guarantee, offering you the cheapest price for your desired product. What’s more, thanks to our free sample service you can conveniently assess how the designs will fit into your space before you place your order! If you are looking to request a large order, we may be able to offer you an individualised quote. Simply get in touch with our team of experts with any queries you have via email, telephone or by completing our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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