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The history of linoleum as flooring is a long one. Dating back as early as the 1860s, Frederick Walton developed this flexible flooring and, according to numerous sources, entirely by chance. After the accidental discovery of the rubbery layer of oxidized linseed oil, linoleum flooring has developed into a sustainable, authentic and versatile resilient floor covering that is both in demand and more durable than ever.

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Linoleum flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly and resilient floorings. Its formula has been preserved to this day, but slightly improved upon. For example, today linoleum is produced with more than 90% of renewable raw materials and consists, in almost all cases, of linseed oil, cork, wood flour, tree resins, limestone powder and other natural materials. In addition to its eco-friendly properties, linoleum is available in a variety of designs. Whether radiant solid colours, simple marble design or similar: the natural colour scheme stands for an overwhelming authenticity and versatility. Discover now the varied linoleum selection in the BRICOFLOR online store!

Forbo – The Global Market Leader for Linoleum Flooring

As the world-leading brand in linoleum products, the manufacturer Forbo offers a wide range of linoleum collections. Each of these selections boast attributes such as environmentally friendly, hardwearing, wear-resistant, durable, easy-care, among others. With collections such as Forbo Marmoleum, Forbo Walton and Forbo Artoleum, you will find a wide assortment of high-quality linoleum flooring from Forbo in the BRICOFLOR online store. For example, in the Forbo Marmoleum collection alone, featuring Forbo Marmoleum Real, Forbo Marmoleum Fresco and Forbo Marmoleum Vivace, you will find around 90 different colour finishes, among which you can also find your new linoleum flooring. The name for this large collection is the classic marble pattern, which is composed of finely tuned colours. In the Forbo Walton Uni, Forbo Walton Cirrus and Forbo Walton Concrete collections, on the other hand, you will find classic as well as draped unicolour designs and therefore a suitable renovation partner for every kind of interior. Discover these and many other Forbo linoleum collections in the BRICOFLOR online store and let them inspire you!

Tarkett Linoleum – Bring Nature Closer

The Tarkett Linoleum is becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly, easy-care and natural floor covering. With the range Linoville, the brand manufacturer Tarkett offers a multitude of appealing collections, which are available to you in the BRICOFLOR online store. The large collection includes about a dozen appealing collections, among which you can easily find a new floor covering made of linoleum. Here you will find collections such as Tarkett Veneto 2.00 mm, Etrusco Silencio 3.8 mm and many other selections that delight in attractive decors. Furthermore, the focus here is on the diverse areas of application. Thus, all these collections have at least the suitability for laying in the areas of the service classes 23 to 41 and higher, which translates into heavy residential and light industrial use. These floorings are ideal for sensitive applications such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and the like. In these areas, the Tarkett Linoleum impresses with its durability, the technical qualities and the natural bacteriostatic properties.


Linoleum flooring is now available in a multitude of designs. Linoleum can mimic many materials. Maybe you’re looking for a linoleum flooring in wood effect, marble effect linoleum flooring or patterned linoleum flooring. If you’re looking for something simpler, there are many collections that feature black linoleum flooring, grey linoleum flooring, white linoleum flooring or simply dark linoleum flooring. The different designs give each room a completely new perspective and a completely new look. Thanks to the various designs and a choice of colours that includes far more than a hundred different colorations, there are no limits to your interior decoration ambitions. In the colour world of linoleum, there are both simple and restrained decors in white, beige, brown, grey, anthracite and black variations as well as bright rainbow colours, such as the popular turquoise linoleum flooring. With this selection of primary, secondary and tertiary colours, there is an attractive linoleum floor in the area of ​​high-quality linoleum floor coverings for every renovation project, all featuring great designs and appealing colourings. Discover now the big linoleum world in BRICOFLOR online store!


A good linoleum flooring is, thanks to the permanent bonding with the substrate, a powerful floor covering that will last you many decades. The PUR surface finish guarantees high resistance and longevity. This finish makes the flooring easy to clean and to maintain. However, even against higher loads, such as mechanical stresses, the linoleum is ready. For example, pressure points regenerate after a while. In addition, the high abrasion resistance and imperviousness to light chemicals make linoleum a perfect floor covering for many situations.


Major European brand manufacturers, such as Forbo and Tarkett, find an incredible number of linoleum tiles in a huge collection. Since the selection is often difficult for this large assortment, we also offer you a free sample service! Find your new linoleum flooring in the BRICOFLOR online store now!



Linoleum is an ecological floor covering consisting of linseed oil, cork flour, and jute. Linoleum flooring is not only very natural but also extremely durable. As a rule, linoleum is offered as web material in a roll width of 2 m, but there is also a Do-It-Yourself solution with click linoleum.


Visually, PVC floors and linoleum can be very similar at first glance, but the distinction is evident at a second glance:

PVC or vinyl are purely synthetic materials, while linoleum is made from natural raw materials. The product structure also differs, because while PVC coverings often have a multi-layered structure - a distinction between a back finish and vinyl layer - linoleum floors are generally single layer with a continuous wear layer. This single-layered construction makes linoleum particularly durable because this floor covering can be polished or sanded several times.

Linoleum floors are considerably heavier when compared to vinyl floors and are therefore offered only in a roll width of 2 m, while PVC floors are also available with a roll width of 4 m or even 5 m.


Linoleum floor tiles are particularly hardwearing and are therefore particularly suitable for use in heavily used rooms such as public areas (schools, administration buildings, hospitals, etc.).

The ecological advantages of this natural flooring make linoleum attractive for everyday users as well. For these users, we recommend a click installation.


Linoleum floors must be glued over the entire surface with a pressure roller after a good substrate preparation. The seams between the rolls are processed by cold welding technology. The laying of linoleum-web goods is considered the supreme discipline in the flooring industry and should definitely be left to a specialist.

Click Linoleum is a good alternative for the everyday user and is easy to install because of the click system. It is the ideal choice for all you DIY lovers out there.

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