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Carpet Planks: An innovative twist on the idea of carpet tiles

Carpet Planks are a new range of carpet tiles that are available in a rectangular format. These “carpet planks” offer the same great benefits as carpet tiles, while offering new design possibilities. The elongated style of these carpet planks presents new design opportunities that would be impossible with fitted carpet or even square carpet tiles.These carpet planks are ideal for creating a dynamic and integrated floor design. The wide range of colours and designs makes it ideal to mix and match carpeting to create a unique appearance for your space. The “skinny planks” are 25cm x 100cm carpet tiles, which can be used with other carpet planks or in coordination with square carpet tiles.

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Carpet Planks offer new design options never before possible

Carpet planks are a carpeting designed to mimic the feel of wood plank flooring with the benefits of a soft and quiet carpet. The seamless design of this flooring maintains the smooth appearance and texture of a broadloom flooring with the benefits of carpet tiles, such as extra durability of carpet tiles and the ability to replace damaged or stained portions easily.Carpet Planks are available in a wide variety of surface structures and pile types in their skinny plank, including loop piles and shag piles. Brands like Interface utilise recycled material in the production of their carpet planks, making them an environmentally responsible choice as well as incredibly practical.

Carpet Planks can be installed in a variety of manners and designs

The carpet planks can be installed in a herringbone pattern, which is ideal for creating directional patterns, three-dimensional effects, and dynamic movement. The herringbone pattern also helps these carpet planks to mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring.

The carpet planks can be installed in an ashlar design. This design is ideal for mimicking boarded hardwood floor. It can create a seamless look as well. Mix and match tiles to create a unique look or texture.

You can mix and match planks and tiles to create custom flooring designs that suit your space perfectly. The possibilities are endless.

The carpet planks can be installed in order to create a seamless and smooth flooring surface. This gives you the option to have the classic carpet appearance, with the convenience of carpet tiles and planks. The classic, seamless design is ideal for unique room layouts and organic forms.

Hardwearing and robust carpet planks

Due to the quality and materials used in construction, the perfect carpet planks can be found for any setting.  Carpet planks are manufactured with a built-in, dirt resistant quality, so that they require minimal upkeep.  Their robust nature make them an ideal solution for both residential and commercial settings. In the event that a part of your flooring is damaged or stained, replacing just a part of your carpet is fairly easy and affordable.To maintain your carpet planks, they should be cleaned regularly. From time to time, your carpet planks should be thoroughly cleaned with a carpet or steam cleaner.  This process helps to maintain the longevity of your carpet planks.

Carpet Planks: An Investment in the Future

Carpet planks’ greatest advantage is the ease in which they can be relocated. Simply pack up the tiles, transport, and reinstall them in your new space. This is an extremely easy process as many carpet planks aren’t required to be glued down during installation, making carpet planks easy to install, and if necessary, relocate. This greatly simplifies the moving process, saving you time, money, and lets you take a bit of “home” with you even when you move.

Because carpet planks come in planks, less tailoring and cutting is necessary than is required with normal wall-to-wall fitted carpets. This leads to a more cost-effective product and less waste when fitting.  Their weight and stable substructure work together to give carpet planks the same smooth surface you would expect on any other carpeted surface.