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Forbo Flotex: The durable, anti-allergy and waterproof carpet!

The Flotex flocked flooring combines the advantages of textile and elastic floor coverings. The result: A high-quality textile floor that impresses with its first-class quality, extraordinary construction and unbelievable variety and is just waiting to decorate your floor in the private or commercial area.

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Forbo Flotex

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As a major in an international leader in the carpets market (flexible PVC, linoleum, textile ),Forbo offers you a completely innovative floor: Flotex! This high-quality carpet has all the advantages of a carpet but also remedies its shortcomings! A real barrier to allergens and an ultra-easy-to-remove product, Flotex has many more qualities to reveal to you!

Flotex: The unique flocked floor from Forbo

If you don't know Flotex yet, you should know that this Forbo carpet is a unique product and the only one in its category on the market! More precisely, Flotex is a flocked floor, which is very similar to a carpet-like textile floor, but much more innovative and ergonomic. With a total thickness of 4.3 mm, the Flotex carpet is made up of velvet, a PVC backing, glass fiber reinforcements and a 100% PVC underlay.  Its dense, fine pile (2 mm) has a structure of 80 million polyamide 6.6 fibers per m² (each fiber is anchored in the backing) produced by electrostatic flocking.

This exclusive manufacturing process gives it remarkable qualities, which we invite you to discover below!

Forbo Flotex: A Covering inspired by nature

Flotex is a high-tech textile based on bionic performance; bionic technology is the science that draws inspiration from plants and animals in order to research models for technical achievements. This transfer of technology from flora and fauna allows the creation of efficient and optimized products. Robust like bamboo thanks to its 80 million fibers per m², comfortable like foam, non-slip (wet or dry, R13) like the feet of a gecko, Forbo Flotex also features a structure that traps airborne allergens at the end of the fibers ( which will be released when sucked up), just like bees that collect and deposit pollen on the stems as they fly over the flowers.

A truly bionic floor which even for its decorations is inspired by the chromatic palette present in nature!

An antibacterial and bacteriostatic textile floor

Due to its innovative construction, the Flotex carpet roll traps allergens and fine dust, which will be released effortlessly and safely during dry (vacuuming) or wet cleaning. Flotex releases twice as many allergens as a conventional carpet: the most harmful allergens are eliminated! This textile covering provides a more comfortable environment for allergy and asthma sufferers, and even has a positive impact on their lives!

Also bacteriostatic (prevents bacteria from multiplying without killing them), Flotex by Forbo is the only textile floor carpet approved and certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

Flotex carpet: respectful of your health and environment

As you can see, the world-renowned manufacturer  Forbo has you and your health in mind: it's no surprise that Flotex has a perfect indoor air emission class (A + health label), contains no phthalates, no heavy metals and no formaldehyde, and of course is hygienic!

Forbo is also a brand that advocates greener production: the Flotex carpet range is designed and manufactured using electricity guaranteed to be 100% renewable! In addition, all dyes and inks used for the designs are water-based: no additional synthetic processes are used other than the high-temperature steam treatment, which fixes the colours.

A durable, comfortable and solid floor - Flotex of course!

Flotex carpet could almost be called indestructible: it has all the advantages of a resilient floor and is highly resistant to wear, impact, scratches, heavy loads, light (5) and permanent indentation (markings, chairs on wheels). Antistatic and flame retardant (Bfl-s1), this high-performance coating has a life span of 6 times longer than ordinary textiles and a 10-year product guarantee.

Its polyamide fibres give it an exemplary acoustic efficiency of 21 dB (impact noise). And of course, Forbo Flotex offers you the same comfort and warmth as a traditional carpet.

Waterproof and easy to clean carpet!

Thanks to its 100% waterproof and 100% rot-proof PVC backing, Flotex carpet is resistant to moisture, water and snow and limits the growth of mould and odours. With Flotex, you can say goodbye to stains and dirt! A hoover is all that is needed to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the fibers: a simple vacuuming will restore the flocked floor to its original appearance!

Most importantly,  Forbo  Flotex is water washable and detergent resistant. To remove the carpet, simply spray on some standard stain remover/detergent and leave for a few minutes, scrub with a soft bristle brush or squeegee, rinse with clean water and dry with a dry cloth.

All Flotex models are classified according to the level of maintenance required (pictograms): you can now see for each colour whether it requires extra maintenance in areas subject to high levels of soiling, or whether it is moderately soiled or not.