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Adhesives - For Strong Bonding Requirements

For some flooring options, full surface bonding is essential to aid high performance, for others, simple adhesive tape is req…
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Carpet Tile Adhesive

With TacTiles, you can connect your carpet tiles in multiple laying patterns and unique formats without the commitment! The simple-to-use adhesive tape does not require any glue. Its strength and adhesion allow the caret tiles to stick together without bonding permanently to the ground. What’s more, this allows you the freedom to arrange and re-arrange your carpet tile flooring without causing any damage to the tiles or the flooring.

Multi-Surface Floor Adhesive

We offer an all-purpose glue that provides strong bonding performance, making it suitable for wood flooring, PVC, lino flooring and vinyl flooring adhesive. The clear adhesive does not contain any silicone or solvents and can be used for indoor and outdoor uses. The floor glue is especially suited for glue-down vinyl flooring that requires full surface bonding for demanding conditions. What’s more, the adhesive cures quickly, and adheres very well on both dry and moist surfaces where it shines thanks to its fungistatic (fungus-inhibiting) properties.

Browse Floor Adhesives Now at BRICOFLOR

Here at Bricoflor, we offer a selection of floor and wallpaper adhesives to assist your renovation projects. For any enquiries regarding the suitability of your specific flooring, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team. Simply get in touch via email, or telephone, or complete our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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