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Everything you need to know about floors & walls.

  • Tarkett Starfloor Click 55: LVT Flooring Game Changer

    A robust floor that can be installed in your interior with a single click and with designs with a contemporary and realistic appearance? Today the vinyl click flooring of the Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 is in the spotlight! The vintage style collection has fully understood the current trend for authenticity and minimalism. It comes in a wide choice of decorations and will combine brilliantly with all deco trends of the moment. Discover here why Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 stands out!

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  • LVT - The Floor You Deserve!

    There was once a time when vinyl flooring was seen as a cheap, inferior product. This was the time when laminate reigned supreme in the flooring market. However, things change. The poor perception of vinyl and laminate's superiority have both changed; Nowaday's, vinyl is back with a vengeance and has transformed the flooring market! Checkout out our amazing vinyl flooring prices!


    You may ask yourself, "Why should I choose LVT? Isn't laminate cheaper?" and that's a fair question to ask but the fact is that LVT is head and shoulders above laminate in terms of durability, functionality, and reliability.

    LVT is equipped with a strong layer of polyurethane  (PUR), because of this, it's wear layer is far most resistant than laminate which doesn't possess this features. This layer allows the floor to stand up to common complaints such as scratches from an indoor cat or scuff marks from moving furniture.

    Laminate flooring and water are not friends in any way shape or form, which makes it highly unsuitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms. Thankfully, this is not the case for vinyl as it impervious to water.

    So, if you actually want wood floors, why install luxury vinyl over actual wood? Well, for one thing, luxury vinyl is scratch proof, meaning that movements of chair legs and other furniture will not mark your floor. Luxury vinyl bathroom flooring is also water resistant, durable and anti-slip so it is not a concern to have in the kitchen or the bathroom.

    real wood floors. This is perfect if you live in a flat or apartment block and want wood floors, but have to consider the downstairs neighbours!

    Modern luxury vinyl flooring is available in a huge range of designs, some of which look like wood or tiles. Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean and can be used with underfloor heating too. If considering investing in vinyl flooring it is best to go for a good quality range as it will last longer and be more durable.


    Perhaps one of the primary drivers of vinyl's newfound popularity is its easy installation compared to laminate.  Installation methods such as click systems have made vinyl incredibly D.I.Y friendly in such a way that hiring an expensive professional to fit the floor is no longer needed.

    Vinyl flooring often works out cheaper in the long run as it requires less maintenance than laminate. The planks or tiles can simply be laid down and then click on each other, ensuring a quick and stress-free method of bringing your dream floor to reality!

    Not into the idea of click flooring? Well, unlike laminate, vinyl is now available in other installation methods such as self-adhesiveglue-down and even loose lay. Each method has it's own unique advantages so you are sure to find the right installation method for you!

    In contrast, a laminate floor can be very troublesome and unforgiving, especially if it damaged in any way during an installation. This can mean your flooring aspirations may be dashed before they've even begun. Laminate also requires the individual who is fitting the floor to know what they are doing so hiring the services of an expensive professional may be required.


    To find out more about our great range of vinyl flooring products, just visit our website and speak to our friendly customer services representatives who can help you find the right design, installation methods, and price to suit you so you can bring your vision to life! Our sale page contains great bargains, so don't delay, visit us today and see what you can save!

  • Wallpapers That Make A Statement!

    Wallpapers are often over-looked, seen as something that's is old and out-dated, as well as being a hassle. However, this is an unfair evaluation. Wallpapers have remained as a popular designs choice for decades because they allow the renovator to truly express themselves. How about one roll this colour and another roll, that colour?  Maybe do one wall vertically and another horizontally?

    See, with wallpapers you can truly do whatever you like in terms of your design. You can turn a humble room into your own unique space and here at Bricoflor, you'll find a plethora of designs, styles and colours so you can really let loose on your walls!

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  • Give Your Event The Red Carpet Treatment!

    You want to organize a fair, a fair, a booth, a wedding, a ceremony or any other event to welcome many people, but you do not know how to show it? So think about the event carpet! This is the best way to set the tone for your event.

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  • Art London 2018 - Sponsored By Bricoflor!

    We here at Bricoflor, are proud to announce that we participated in sponsoring an artist at the amazing Art Night 2018 on 7th of July, an event for celebrating the contemporary art scene in the UK and showcasing the very best of British creativity.

    In terms of our participation, we were lucky enough to be contacted by artist Ben Judd who needed a cut of Sommer ExpoLine carpet for his participatory event in Doddington Estate, Battersea. We were more than happy to help and managed to provide Ben with a beautiful carpet to help complete his installation.

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  • Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring For Your Bathroom!

    Thank god for bathroom vinyl floor tiles and planks! For years, if you wanted bathroom flooring that was easy to maintain and keep free of mould, you went with tile or sheet vinyl. Any sort of hardwood installed next to a bathroom shower or bathtub wasn’t very popular.

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  • Vinyl Click Flooring - Effortlessly Style At Just A Click!

    Luxury vinyl click flooring has managed to take the flooring sector by storm and for good reason - it's highly innovative yet simple design has transformed the vinyl market into one of the main products of the entire industry.

    One of the primary reasons for this is due to its incredibly simple and quick installation method, floors can be laid by people with little to no fitting experience which of course saves you a great deal of money since hiring a professional is no longer required. Another huge reason is the plethora of choice that customers have in terms of both style, manufacturer and of course, price.

    So let's take a closer look at a great LVT click product;

    Gerflor Senso Lock Plus- "Kola"

    This amazing product boasts great characteristics and design.  For instance, it possesses a highly durable 0.55 mm wear layer which is coated with a strong PU (polyurethane) layer, meaning it can stand up to whatever you or your family can throw at it such as scratch marks! It is also equipped with a great slip resistance of R9 and even R10!

    Perhaps one of the most enticing features of vinyl over something like laminate is the fact that it is waterproof. Vinyl click flooring like all vinyl flooring, can be fitted in wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens and remain unperturbed by the water throughout its entire life! As many have found out the hard way, this is simply not the case with the likes of laminate flooring which is certainly not on friendly terms with water.

    Finally, the high wear class of this gorgeous floor ( 33/42) ensures that it is capable of standing up to all demands of a busy family and even the office.  Worried about a noisy floor that will wake you from your Saturday morning lie-in? Not with this floor, thankfully it comes with an incredible noise rating of just 6dB!´As for fire protection, this floor has a rating of Bfl-s1

    How about another excellent lvt click flooring product?


    This wonderful luxury click vinyl floor has a rich and warming wooden character to it which helps to further its eye-catching appeal. Equipped with a great 0.44mm wear layer, this floor will ensure that the ambience your room creates will last for much longer!

    Oh and worried about the environmental impact of your choice of floor? Don't worry, this floor is produced from 100% recycled materials! Finally, a floor that is as kind on the planet as it is on your floor!

    Easy to install!

    Both beautiful and practical, vinyl click flooring IS durable without giving up any elegance or quality. The installation process is simple, making it a perfect DIY project. By simply clicking together, tongue and groove, piece by piece, in no time your floor will be complete. No extra tools or skilled labours are needed. The tiles and planks are designed to click together, making it a quick installation process. Using a subfloor or underlay is recommended, as it can help stabilize the flooring and help to ensure the floors durability and longevity.

    For a quality installation, the subfloor must be clean, flat, hard and dry, in order for the vinyl click flooring to properly take. The subfloor can help compensate for any discrepancies in the ground and help to maintain a pleasant climate in the room. Click system installation can dramatically decrease the time it takes to install and lets you enjoy your space quicker!


    LVT click flooring combines style and practicality, allowing you to renew your creative desires while keeping the process easy and simple. From BRICOFLOR, you will find the widest range of vinyl flooring to find the finish that best suits your tastes and needs. We have the best products in terms of quality/price on the market. Please contact us, and our BRICOFLOR staff will help you discover the vinyl click flooring that best meets your needs and requirements.

  • Bathroom laminate flooring? Yes you can!

    Laminate flooring has long fallen victim to the perils of water damage - an over-flowing dishwasher that floods your kitchen and reacts havoc on your dear and delicate,  wood-based laminate. Many laminate floors have had to be ripped up and replaced or ditched entirely due to such an event. However, now laminate has a new weapon up its sleeve to protect against such random disasters and that is newly added waterproof laminate flooring!

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  • Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Designs!

    One of the most pleasant features a home can have is a nice wood floor. It creates a welcome atmosphere of warmth and a sense of subtle relaxation. However, often the price of such floors makes them unattainable to most people, thankfully, due to the arrival of luxury vinyl flooring, you can achieve the same look and feel of a rich, wooden floor without the huge price tag! Welcome to wood effect vinyl flooring!


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  • Great Black and White Vinyl Designs at Bricoflor!

    While rich, wooden designs can truly embolden a space, sometimes a simple white or black design is all that is needed to capture your exact desired effect. However, many people have a perception that white or black vinyl floors are "expensive", "grand" and therefore, not for them.

    Here at Bricoflor, we have a variety of different black and white vinyl flooring designs, to suit any budget.
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