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Vorwerk Carpets – Durable Products Developed by a Traditional Manufacturer

The German company Vorwerk offers a wide range of resilient carpets for domestic and commercial use. They started producing carpets as early as 1883 and have grown to be an important global player. With more than 130 years of experience in carpet making, this traditional manufacturer focuses on what is important to create high-quality products that will stand the test of time. 

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Being a pioneer in sustainable development, the company realises its ecological and social obligation and is constantly working on creating a better world. Their carpets embody this spirit, as they are eco-friendly and low in emissions. For decades, Vorwerk carpets have been (and continue to be) a popular choice for homes, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and other commercial areas all over the world. Due to the use of high-quality materials, all carpets by Vorwerk are incredibly resilient and long-lasting. The colours are designed not to fade, making sure that you can enjoy your new floor for many years to come. You simply cannot go wrong with a Vorwerk carpet: Elegant, resilient and made to last – these carpets will surely impress!

Why Vorwerk carpets are the ideal choice for you

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a carpet by Vorwerk: First of all, their carpets are being designed and produced in Germany, guaranteeing highest quality and safety standards. Whether tufted or woven, dyed or printed – all production steps take place in the German production site in Hameln. On top of that, Vorwerk is constantly working on developing more eco-friendly technologies to improve the production and shipping of their high-quality products. Since Vorwerk carpets succeed in reducing toxic concentrations of fine dust in the air by more than 50 % in comparison to hard flooring, they are a relief for people suffering from allergies. But there is more: All collections are suitable for underfloor heating, which means that there will be no more cold feet in winter. Another great advantage of having carpet installed in your home or commercial space is its sound absorbing quality. The carpet’s impact sound insulation quietens noise from adjacent rooms, creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Get cheap Vorwerk carpets with German quality

In keeping with its innovative expertise, Vorwerk is broadly perceived as a high-quality product that comes with a corresponding price. However, it cannot be limited in this way, considering that this manufacturer offers more than 30 different collections. There are all price ranges available within this vast selection. Naturally you can opt for an high-end commercial-use product, but there is also Vorwerk Passion 1021, for example. This popular fine velour carpet combines all the top qualities you would expect from this experienced German manufacturer, yet it is available for a remarkably low price. It does not stop with this assortment. For a little more, you can choose the best-selling Vorwerk Modena, a semi-matte velour classic for the residential sector that boasts the broadest colour spectrum of all the collections, or Vorwerk Varia, another proven classic among Vorwerk’s commercial-use floorings. The firm’s versatility is what sets them above most other carpet manufacturers that are often high in price and only provide a limited choice in terms of yarn and design.

Vorwerk carpets are available for domestic and commercial areas

Since Vorwerk has such a large assortment, they offer a broad choice that covers both residential and commercial settings. Regardless of whether you want a soft warm and cosy flooring for your house that keeps you warm in the winter and allows you to move around barefoot or if you are at work and need a sturdy and reliable floor covering with the additional benefit of comfort, Vorwerk provides you with both options. The German manufacturer strongly emphasises the importance of quality, combined with a fair price that allows the customer to take advantage of the company’s expertise. 

Choose the eco-friendly path with Vorwerk carpets 

The renowned company believes that a healthy planet is the key to a prosperous future. They are therefore constantly developing new technologies to make the production and shipping of their carpets more energy-efficient. For more than 20 years, Vorwerk has taken a pioneering role when it comes to sustainable development. To spare precious resources, Vorwerk recycles materials in the production process and reduces waste to a significant degree. In 2015, Vorwerk was able to put 373 t of old carpet to new use. Since the yarn used for most Vorwerk carpets is made of 100% Polyamide, the products can easily be recycled. The production site in Germany is monitored by independent agencies that evaluate emissions every three months. Because of these measures, all carpets cary the main German and international eco-certificates like GuT and the Green Label Plus.

Vorwerk carpet for the best price in the UK

For decades, we have been working closely with Vorwerk. We can therefore offer their carpets at the best prices. Customers all over the UK value our friendly service and fast delivery. If you need help deciding on your favourite carpet, please make use of your free sample service. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our competent team is always happy to help!