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Paintable Wallpaper - the wall decoration of the future

Paintable wallpaper is ideal for individual interior design. Numerous bright wallpapers decorated with discreet decors will perfectly complement a minimalist interior or help to create a real work of art after painting in any favourite colour. Express your individual style!

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Paintable wallpaper

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Do you like changes and always need a new colour in your life? Then these wallpapers are the right choice. The models are available in simple and bright colours, such as cream, pure white or ivory, and they themselves radiate a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

The different structures of paintable wallpapers offer many design possibilities and can be perfectly combined. Give your rooms a cosy atmosphere, warm and friendly colours. And if you feel like changing your wallpaper, simply paint it in your favourite colour and its patterns will remain intact.

Paintable wallpaper - ideal for individual needs

Do you like the textures and different patterns that paintable wallpaper offer, but want to bring color into the game? Then take the opportunity to give your decors the colour shade you want. It doesn't matter if you decide on a floral pattern, stone optics or a geometric pattern, because all paintable wallpapers have one thing in common: they can be easily painted.

You can use any colour and give your wall a new look in no time at all. The designs of these wallpapers will not only work in your apartment but can also be used in an office building and add colour to a gloomy working day.

Diverse as we all are: paintable wallpaper in different versions

Not only do you have a choice of different motifs and structures, but you can also choose your paintable wallpaper from different collections. Different patterns of thes eembossed wallpapers leave nothing more to be desired. Choose between "Meistervlies 3D", "Meistervlies Pro", "Meistervlies Protect" or "Meistervlies Eco" and decide for yourself what effect you want to achieve. Whichever option you choose, you have the option to paint each of these wallpapers in your favourite colour to give them their individual character.

In the Meistervlies Pro collection, you will find paintable wallpapers that are easy to install. These functional and attractive wall coverings are easily and quickly applied to the wall, so you can achieve a professional result.

In the Meistervlies Protect collection, the paintable wallpapers are even more durable because they are vinyl coated. They are particularly suitable for commercial areas.

Under the name of Meistervlies ECO, you can expect environmentally friendly paintable wallpaper, which is produced in accordance with sustainable development. The manufacturers of A.S. Création and Architects Paper also attach particular importance to environmentally conscious production.

In the Meistervlies 3D collection, you can see very interesting patterns and structures. Whether historical baroque design, romantic floral wallpaper or structural graphics - here you will find wallpapers for any style.

What will you need to install paintable wallpaper

A particular advantage of paintable wallpaper is that it has a non-woven base layer, which allows the adhesive to be applied directly to the wall and saves laborious soaking of wallpaper strips. You only need regular tools:

  • Table for wallpaper
  • Pencil
  • Wallpaper roller or spatula
  • Glue/Paste
  • Stick for mixing paste/glue
  • Glue brush
  • Scissors or cutter for wallpaper sheets
  • Wallpaper brush
  • Ladder
  • Level

Before ordering individual paintable wallpaper in our online shop, you must measure the walls in order to buy the right number of rolls. For this purpose, you can easily use the calculator on the right side of the product picture. It is advisable to order at least one more roll of wallpaper as a reserve.

Step by step: installation of paintable wallpaper

To apply wallpaper to the wall, first cut the wallpaper strips to the size corresponding to the wall dimension. Add about five centimetres, which you can then cut cleanly at the edge of the wall when the wallpaper hangs on the wall.

The following steps show you how to install wallpaper professionally:

  1. Mix the paste or glue according to the package leaflet and make sure that no lumps are formed during mixing. Also, make sure that the walls are dry and smooth.
  2. Use a brush to evenly cover the wall
  3. Take the first sheet and put it on the edge of the wall and ceiling. If it is a wallpaper with a pattern, you should, of course, pay attention to the pattern from the first strip.
  4. Use a brush to paint the wallpaper from the top to the bottom of the wall.
  5. Then get rid of the excess wallpaper. Make sure the material can be cut this way.
  6. The following sheets shall be applied to the wall on the same basis. Please note that in the case of patterned wallpaper, the correct pattern must be followed.
  7. If there are imperfections between the individual sheets of wallpaper, they can be smoothed with a roller.

Only from the top shelf: paintable wallpaper from established manufacturers

When it comes to paintable wallpaper, the renowned manufacturer A.S. Création is an excellent choice. Meistervlies wallpaper series by A. Création. S. Création is very popular thanks to its easy installation and versatile design possibilities. The manufacturer in Gummersbach is one of the best brands in the field of wall cladding design. In cooperation with the brand Premium Architects Paper, the renowned company is expanding the world of paintable wallpaper with very sophisticated wallpapers that are ideally suited to the needs of architects, interior designers, and developers.

Order paintable wallpaper online!

In our online shop, you have the full satisfaction of making purchases through the Internet.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide selection of paintable wallpapers, which you can get from us at the best price thanks to our best price guarantee.

You can use our services to buy your favourite wallpaper for painting, such as sending samples. If you are planning a larger construction project, you can ask for an individual offer, specifying the product and quantity you need.

If you have any questions about choosing the right paintable wallpaper, you can contact our customer service department by e-mail, telephone or by using our contact form. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of wallpaper painting and look forward to your feedback!