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Cork flooring - a natural solution for your premises

The material cork consists of the bark of the Cork Oak. The tree that grows in Portugal is peeled every 9 years - without having to fell or damage the tree. The material has many comfortable features, including sound insulation, foot warmth and pleasant walking and standing comfort

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Cork floor is becoming increasingly popular and is being used in more and more rooms throughout the home. It is available both in natural cork appearance, as well as in the appearance of natural realistic replicated wood. Many of the products we offer feature the novel compression click system, which allows the boards to be joined together, click-to-click, with little effort, until an even floor surface is created. Since the laying works glue-free, it is possible to trigger individual planks from the surface and replace them if necessary. In addition, the cork floors are completely recyclable due to the production of natural materials and thus contribute to the environment.

A great choice for every taste with excellent cork flooring

Thanks to modern technology, cork floors in a wide variety of usage classes are available on the market. Depending on the design, they can be installed in the commercial area in addition to the living area. This results in many uses in different areas. The pads are therefore not only deployable in every living area, but also prepared for installation in smaller and larger offices, in boutiques and department stores. The wide range of this innovative flooring offers the right answer for every area, taste and furnishing style.

Attractive designs in different colours

Cork presents itself in a variety of designs and colours. The classic cork design is available in different grain and colour tones from cooler to warmer shades. So you can choose from a range of different surface textures those that best fit your needs. In the same way wood or stone, designs are available. A layer of pollutant-free vinyl is laid over the cork core, which contains the respective pattern. In addition, many planks have embossing that is synchronised, so that they are hardly distinguishable from genuine natural materials. Thus, they offer a valuable alternative to conventional vinyl floors. There is a wide range of designs available that has something for everyone: including the rustic design of Oaks and Pines or soft and friendly designs that will please your eyes.

The light and dark looks help to turn all your rooms into a real oasis of well-being in a fancy style that is difficult to achieve with classic decors.

Cork flooring seal - the right choice for all needs

Classic cork flooring without wood or stone look is usually sealed. The different manufacturers usually offer pre-sealed cork floors, but for example, in the collection Corknatura of Cortex you get the possibility to seal your cork floor yourself so that you can customise which sealant you prefer.

Before sealing it is important to clear the floor of dust and dirt. Then apply a special varnish that provides the seal. It is important that you use cork paint so that it adapts to the elasticity of the material and does not tear. Use a sealing roller to apply. Depending on the sealer you can apply the next coat one day later, and the third one 24 hours later.

In general, the rooms, depending on the properties of the paint, 48 hours after the last seal again enterable. If you are looking for more information, we recommend our blog text for the sealing of cork floors.

Impeccable quality thanks to renowned cork floor manufacturers

A floor covering is only as good as the manufacturer who creates it. Fortunately, we have the widest selection of quality producers to give you a range of options to meet your personal needs. Below we introduce you to the companies that supply the best cork floors!

Cortex - Inspiring Designs With Easy Installation

Founded in Nuremberg, the family-owned company is one of the leading experts in cork floor technology with over 30 years of experience. The floating cork flooring equipped with corktech meets the latest standards. Cortex cork floors are characterised by the highest quality standards, which are secured by regular internal and external quality checks and documented with very good results. All Cortex floor coverings have been awarded the general construction approval of the DiBt. The collection Cortex Aquanatura is characterised by a low construction height and absolute water resistance. Corknatura is a representative of natural cork look if you want the feeling of nature inside your home. The collections Veranatura and Vinatura are the perfect everyday companions, which can hardly be distinguished from real parquet because of their naturalistic wood design. The versatile collections have something for all needs.

Granorte - Easy-care Products with a Versatile Design

Founded in 1972, the family business Granorte has developed into Portugal's leading cork flooring manufacturer. The environmentally friendly products meet the highest environmental standards. In the versatile cork floor collections, both classic designs are available, as well as the modern symbioses of vinyl and cork in wood look. Depending on the surface seal, the floor coverings are suitable for differently used areas. So Granorte offers you the right cork floor for every occasion.

Buy click cork flooring at the best price on BRICOFLOR

Cork flooring in brand quality can now be found in our online shop! You would like to get the collections immediately? No problem, because we offer you the best price guarantee as well as a quick and uncomplicated purchase. Just browse through the range and let yourself be inspired by the many different decors and colours! Not convinced, because pictures are not enough for an impression? Then just use the free sample service and make your own picture of your favourites. Are you planning a larger project, in which you need more m² of your desired product? Ask for an individual offer and our competent service team will be happy to help!

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