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Click linoleum - Adds a Timeless Touch To all Rooms

The days when linoleum flooring had to be glued to the subfloor in a complicated and time-consuming way are over. The planks …
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The unique click linoleum for the living area

With the click linoleum of the Forbo Marmoleum Click collection, the manufacturer offers you the perfect covering for the living area. While linoleum is usually only considered for furnishing living areas in rare cases, this alternative is now a real competitor to laminate and vinyl flooring thanks to its clicking system.

With a usage class of 23/ 33, Marmoleum Click can be used both in heavily frequented living areas and in normally frequented commercial areas. This makes the linoleum floor suitable for covering living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms as well as offices, galleries and shops.

High-quality and best design with linoleum for clicking

The appearance of a floor covering always plays a major role. In addition to its physical and technical advantages, click linoleum flooring must also be visually appealing. With a simple and classic marble design, the Forbo Marmoleum Click collection adds a timeless touch to all rooms. Inspired by natural marble, it is composed of several coordinated colour shades. The result is a symphony for the eyes! You have the choice between numerous colours. Find your favourite colour now!

Choose your favourite colour - Forbo Marmoleum Click

With a choice of over twenty different colours, the collection offers a wide range, which is suitable for the design of individual private rooms. Here you will find beige and grey variations as well as yellow, orange, red and blue versions.

For example, you will find the Forbo Marmoleum Click "333724 Orbit" (30 x 30 cm) here. These linoleum tiles in timeless grey are a simple yet elegant everyday companion that harmonises with numerous furnishing styles and colours. Combined with a colourful eye-catcher (e.g. a coloured wall), you can create unique living worlds.

But you will also find numerous appealing decors in the area of colourful linoleum with a click system. Let yourself be enchanted by Forbo Marmoleum Click "333238 Laguna" (30 x 30 cm), for example. These linoleum tiles captivate with their refreshing turquoise tone, which provides the space with a summery flair and harmonises perfectly with the marbling. Choose your favourite colour now and design your rooms to your taste!

Has it already "clicked" with you? - Linoleum with click system

With this click linoleum, even DIY lovers can now easily redesign their rooms. Thanks to the modern installation system, it often doesn't take much more than a few "clicks" and the new Forbo linoleum is already installed. Today, even the installation of linoleum flooring is child’s play.

Forbo's innovative Marmoleum Click collection can be installed without any special tools or adhesives and protects the subfloor from damage thanks to this floating installation option. Let yourself get inspired with this simple and quick renovation method.

Laying Forbo Marmoleum Click - step by step

Click linoleum can be laid on almost any subfloor that is crack-free, clean and permanently dry. The installation of this floor covering is done in three simple steps: the preparation, the adjustment and the actual installation. First, the subfloor must be cleaned and even so that nothing stands in the way of the flatness of the new floor covering.

In the second step, the individual linoleum planks must be adapted to the existing room dimensions. Already in this step, cut-outs for bay windows, heating pipes and similar should be planned to simplify and speed up the final installation.

Afterwards, the planks or tiles can be stuck together on the renovation-ready subfloor with the help of tongue and groove. As there is no need for adhesives, the room can be entered directly after renovation and can be immediately furnished with existing furniture.

Click linoleum flooring with numerous technical refinements

The Forbo Marmoleum Click collection also offers a wide range of technical refinements. The 9.8 mm thick linoleum flooring with a click system is characterised by technical quality features, among other things. These include the fire rating Bfl-s1, which ensures low flammability.

The excellent level 6 light fastness prevents the colours from fading, even after years of exposure to the sun. The slip resistance R9 and numerous other product specifications make life with and on the click linoleum safe and pleasant. In addition, Marmoleum Click is suitable for chair castors (type W), so that the click linoleum can be used with desk chairs without any problems. Especially in the cold winter season, the underfloor heating suitability is a highlight. Please note, however, that you must use a hot water underfloor heating system.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about Klick-Linoleum

What is click linoleum?

Click linoleum is a floor covering made of all-natural materials, including wood, rosins, ground limestone, powdered cork, pigments, jute and linseed oil in tile form, which is also called floating linoleum with a click system. Click linoleum is the ideal solution for a DIY. Linoleum flooring is not only natural but also extremely hard-wearing.

What distinguishes linoleum from PVC or vinyl?

Visually, vinyl flooring and linoleum can look very similar at first glance, but the distinction reveals itself clearly at a second glance:

PVC or vinyl are purely synthetic materials, while linoleum is made from natural raw materials. The product structure also differs, because PVC floorings often have a multi-layer structure - distinguished between back finish and vinyl layer - linoleum floors are usually single-layer with a continuous wear layer (except for the HDF fibre board, which is necessary for the click system). It is this construction that makes linoleum so hard-wearing, as the flooring can theoretically be polished and sanded several times to ensure its longevity.

What are the advantages of linoleum flooring?

Linoleum floors are hard-wearing and are therefore suitable for use in rooms that are subject to heavy wear and tear.

The ecological advantages of this natural floor covering make linoleum very attractive for living areas, as the floor covering does not contain any substances that are hazardous to health.

How to install click linoleum?

Click linoleum from Forbo is laid on the flat and clean subfloor using the click system. When laying the floor, the instructions in the manufacturer's installation manual should be followed.

Discover click linoleum with Forbo Marmoleum Click at BRICOFLOR now!

Elaborate installation practices are a thing of the past. Choose click linoleum now and get Forbo Marmoleum Click at BRICOFLOR.

Feel free to use our sample service, as it can be difficult to make an assessment online based on pictures. Therefore, you can request a sample piece, which we will send to you by post. This allows you to get a better impression of the look and feel of your desired product.

In case of purchase, you benefit from our best price guarantee, which ensures that you won't buy it cheaper anywhere else than from us. And should you wish to install larger quantities of click linoleum, we also have the right answer for this. Ask for an individual offer and our service team will provide you with the best conditions.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then simply contact us, we are always happy to help. Use one of the many ways to contact us, be it by phone, by e-mail or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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