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Sommer ExpoLine Exhibition Carpets : Comfortable, Reliable, Affordable and Available In A Rainbow Of Colours

Not only made for celebrities, this carpet is widely used in product launches, conventions, home events and marquee parties. Family reunions, graduation parties, class reunions, anniversary parties, teen and children´s birthday parties, or home weddings, this carpet fits in beautifully for all occasions. Use ExpoLine as a red carpet runner at your next birthday party or wedding, for an authentic Hollywood look.

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Sommer ExpoLine

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You don´t have to ditch your heels to grace this carpet! Completely high heel-proof and comfortable under the feet, Sommer ExpoLine is the ultimate in VIP marquee carpets, providing not only comfort but stability and durability. Previously considered drab and boring, cord carpet is undergoing a revival and using needle punch technology, this carpet radiates sophistication and class. With cord carpet´s multiple layers, a wear layer, backing layer, filling, and the surface of the carpet, it is made to last until your event ends – however long that may be. Being extremely affordable, it is ideal for large spaces and for events on a budget. Available in a huge range of 50 shades, there is a colour to suit every occasion. From funky Sommer ExpoLineTurquoise” for a unique touch, Sommer ExpoLineCocos” for added warmth, Sommer ExpoLineHawaiian Blue” for a tropical feel, or Sommer ExpoLineTaupe”, perfect for your company´s trade show, the possibilities are endless.

Environmentally Friendly And Safe For All Events

Sommer ExpoLine is built to last, and it´s made with large events in mind. Not only is it made for high-traffic areas, but it is also created with your safety in mind. Made from 100% Polypropylene fibre, it is fireproof and can be added easily to all entrances and exits of your event, providing an extra safety feature to put your mind at ease. Also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, there´s no need to feel guilty when you dispose of it at the end of your event.

Easy And Fast Installation

Super quick and easy to install, Sommer ExpoLine is available in 2m and 4m widths, which allows you to mix and match the carpet to suit your event´s needs. This is a great way to reduce waste and use every piece of your carpet. Installation is easy and doesn´t require expensive adhesives or special tools. Using only double-sided tape, you can easily secure the carpet to all surfaces without the hassle. To remove the carpet when your event is over, simply lift the carpet and remove the tape! Feel free to walk across the carpet in your heels, and don´t worry, you won´t trip! Because of its unique and innovative manufacturing process, the carpet won´t wrinkle.

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