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We are personally here for you!

BRICOFLOR – Your flooring and wallpaper experts

BRICOFLOR has specialised in the retail of wallpaper, carpet tiles, vinyl and other flooring options since 1970. We can draw on over 50 years of experience in the home renovation industry. Since 2006 we have moved into the online market, offering our services internationally to both commercial and individual clients throughout Europe.

Because of our extensive experience, we know the best brands and manufacturers. We have carefully selected the finest when it comes to quality and price-performance ratio. By choosing BRICOFLOR online, the ordering process becomes very simple. We have established logistic centres throughout Europe including Great Britain, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. We have plenty of flexibility to suit the needs of our customers. Check out our large selection of products, from Granorte, Cortex, and Interface, to linoleum and vinyl flooring manufacturers such as Gerflor, ter Hürne, Wineo, Forbo, and Tarkett to list but a few.

Are you planning to make major renovations soon, or perhaps you’re planning to set up a shop or create a new working environment in your offices? For larger quantities, get in touch with us and we can make you an individual offer tailored to you and your budget constraints.


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Cork Flooring - Giving your home a natural ‘touch’

If you’re looking for eco-friendly, natural, sustainable flooring then look no further, we have the answer for you: Cork Flooring! The Portuguese manufacturers Cortex and Granorte provide an array of cork flooring designs which is sure to fulfil your wishes!

One of the main benefits of cork flooring is its insulation properties. Cork is a natural insulator, which means it can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This can also help reduce energy costs. It’s also a great choice for apartments as the flooring has great sound reduction properties too!

Cork flooring comes in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, so you can find a look that complements your home's décor. Choose between light, refreshing shades and darker, earthy designs. Your world is your oyster when it comes to chic cork flooring designs!

Linoleum Flooring – The ecological natural floor covering

Linoleum flooring is a type of flooring made from natural materials, including linseed oil, cork powder, wood flour, and mineral pigments. It is often considered a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option due to its natural origins.

One of the main benefits of linoleum flooring is its durability. It is a tough and resilient material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. It is also resistant to moisture and bacteria, making it a great choice for kitchens.

In terms of design, reliable manufacturer, Forbo, provides a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs in different collections. This allows our clients to choose a look that complements their home's decór. Forbo also offers click linoleum flooring and glue-down linoleum flooring, so we are certain you will be able to find the perfect flooring option to your requirements.

Overall, linoleum flooring is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly flooring option. It offers a variety of design options and can be used in both the home and commercial areas.

Wallpaper - Add a bit of character to your walls!

Wallpaper is a design option that will truly never go out of style. Simple and easy to install, wallpaper allows you to fully implement your creative vision, why choose just one wallpaper, why not several? Whatever you decide to go for, you will find a more than suitable choice here on our online store.

From living room wallpaper, to bedroom wallpaper to even commercial wallpaper, we have it all for you here at BRICOFLOR. Not convinced? We also provide a free sample service for our wallpapers. Just contact our customer service specialists with the wallpapers you’re interested in and they will be happy to arrange samples to be with you within a few days. Explore wallpapers now!

Event Flooring – Exhibition carpet, giving you that ‘red carpet’ feel

Planning an event? Need some red carpet to provide that V.I.P ambience? Well then look no further than Sommer, which has a huge array of special marquee carpets, designed to be used in a host of different environments, inside or outdoor, all of which will ensure that your event will be one to remember. Some superb examples of Sommer’s products include the always popular “Sommer Expoline 0962 Theatre Red" or the eye-catching “Sommer Expoline 0041 Grass Green”.

Vinyl Click Flooring - The easy-to-install vinyl flooring

One of the main benefits of vinyl click flooring is its ease of installation. Unlike traditional sheet vinyl or adhesive vinyl tile, click vinyl flooring features a click-and-lock system, which allows for a floating installation. The planks or tiles are designed to click together, creating a tight and secure fit without the need for any adhesive. This makes it a great option for DIY projects or for rental properties where you need a flooring that can be easily uninstalled.

Vinyl click flooring is also known for its durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and moisture. It's suitable for high-traffic areas and can withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear. It also comes with a variety of finishes, including wood-look, tile-look, and stone-look, making it a versatile option that can be used in both commercial and residential spaces.

Carpet Tiles - Quality Solutions for the Home and Business

Originally intended for laying in rooms with high amounts of traffic, carpet tiles have grown in popularity in both the commercial as well as residential market, due to various qualities that set them apart from traditional wall-to-wall carpeting solutions.

Need some cheap carpet tiles for the home or office? Why not choose from our huge range of tiles from great manufacturers such as Schatex whose excellent durability and creative designs are matched with excellent prices? From the aptly named “Simply Soft”, a range which features a pleasant to-the-touch softness, but is also matched with reliable and long-lasting durability!

Expert tips at BRICOFLOR - the BRICOFLOR blog for you

Everything worth knowing from the world of wall and floor coverings can be found in our BRICOFLOR blog. Here you will learn, among other things, how to tile your terrace properly, whether you should install a hard floor or carpet tile in your winter garden and how wall paints can affect our mood. We provide you with a wide selection of entertaining, informative content. Take a look around and be inspired by the videos of our premium partners.

Sample Service - Transform your space with our flooring and wallpaper

We want to offer you the complete in-store experience in the comfort of your home; this is why we offer our sample service. To get a full understanding of the quality, colour, and feel of a product, you often need to see it in person. We offer to ship samples directly to your door, allowing you to make a more informed decision about a particular product you would like to purchase.

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In addition to our online store, you can contact us directly via our telephone service. You can speak with our friendly staff at our call centre during regular office hours, which can be reached at 01264 980370. You can also reach us through our free callback service. Just send us a message by clicking the Contact Us link on our website.