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Wallpapers per Room

Wallpapers for every room

Wallpapers are the ideal solution for creative interior design with a good portion of personality and individualism. The variety of colours, patterns, and structures open up numerous possibilities when it comes to tasteful furnishing of the living room or bedroom, youth room or children's room or bathroom and kitchen.

Wallpapers in the living room - harmony & comfort

There are no limits to your imagination in the living room - different styles, materials, and looks are waiting to create an individual atmosphere of well-being in your home.

Put your furniture and home accessories in the light and create a completely new style with plain wallpaper. The simple wall dresses provide the ideal setting for original interiors and imaginative furnishings. Different structures provide particularly brilliant appearances. Colours reflect the character of the person. A wallpaper in blue, for example, is reminiscent of the sea and makes your living room appear larger, while wallpaper in grey or wallpaper in a concrete look is suitable for modern flair in urban style.

Different pattern wallpapers leave nothing to be desired - no matter whether you like it unusual, romantic, playful or elegant, different manufacturers guarantee that you will find your personal look for your living room. Striped wallpaper provides a classic ambience, while Scandinavian wallpaper invites serenity. Go on a journey through time with a disco feeling with wallpaper from the 70s - you are guaranteed to find the right wallpaper for your living room in our online shop.

Creativity and curiosity with wallpaper in the children's room

Wallpaper in the children's room ensures creativity and arouses the curiosity of every child. Different motifs and patterns represent the most diverse interests and hobbies of children and provide a loving and playful ambience. Whether authentic photo designs, which invite a voyage of discovery and awaken the desire for adventure or artistically designed designs, which stimulate the imagination - children's wallpaper offers so many creative and original decors that there will also be the right wallpaper for your child.

Vinyl wallpaper, which is particularly hard-wearing and can be cleaned with a damp sponge, is ideal for particularly creative heads.

Wallpaper in the youth room offers cool motives and creates a pleasant retreat for young people. Graffiti wallpaper or geometric wallpaper creates a modern and dynamic image and creates urban flair in the middle of the home.

Adventure and fantasy with young wallpaper

Wallpapers for boys captivate with adventurous motifs and original designs. Especially motorized motifs and vehicles of all kinds are well received by boys. Cars, excavators, fire trucks, helicopters, rockets, and tractors race through the children's room and ensure creative play and curiosity. The boy's wallpaper brings your child closer to the world and creates a playful and loving atmosphere. The colour palette of the boys' wallpaper is blue and green. Of course, the motifs with cars and excavators are also suitable for the girl's room.

For small chaotic people, wallpaper borders are ideal, which set original highlights, but do not appear overloaded.

Girl's wallpaper for little princesses

For little fairies, princesses and animal fans, girls' wallpaper with lovingly designed designs is a perfect choice. Fairytale motifs stimulate the imagination and dreamy designs invite you to discover them. Authentic wallpaper in wood look with cute animals of a farm let nature solidarity revive, wallpaper with dots and Chihuahuas provide modern statements, while designs with princesses and castles create a playful and royal flair and turn your child into a court lady, princess or fairy.

Wallpaper in baby room - relaxed sleep and sweet dreams

Wallpapers are also suitable for very little ones. Indiscreet and restrained colours with loving and cute motifs, the baby room wallpaper contribute to relaxation and restful sleep. Sweet dreams and a loving environment full of harmony are created with wallpaper with enchanting motifs such as animal babies, lettering or unicorns that welcome your child home.

Romance, relaxation and a night of healthy sleep - wallpaper in the bedroom

For the bedroom, unagitated wallpaper with classic designs is ideal. But also more unusual wallpapers such as wallpaper with feathers or bird wallpaper guarantee a feeling of freedom. Let yourself go and relax with the bright and light motifs. Maritime wallpapers in a blue colour spectrum provide for restful sleep and a feeling like around vacation.

Flower wallpaper is suitable for a touch of romance in the bedroom. Discreet flower tendrils, elegant lime leaves or flower bouquets interpreted as baroque wallpaper create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Wallpapering instead of tiles - wallpaper in damp rooms

In general, wallpapers are also suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. However, you should pay attention to the material, as not all wallpapers are suitable for installation in damp rooms. In addition, the wallpaper should not be applied in the immediate vicinity of the shower.

Non-woven wallpaper is very suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom thanks to its air and vapour permeability. The fleece wallpaper is very dimensionally stable, will not expand or contract and is very easy to apply as you can apply the paste directly to the wall.

However, it should be remembered that a vinyl coating inhibits this ability and the wallpaper then becomes a little more susceptible to mould. However, vinyl wallpaper has the advantage that you can clean the surface because the coating is very durable.

Wallpaper for the kitchen - a real pleasure

Numerous designs and optics are available for the kitchen. Tile wallpaper is an inexpensive alternative to an expensive and elaborate tile mirror. These often captivate with a light vintage touch. Interpreted as oriental wallpaper, the tile wallpaper provides a touch of exoticism. Create new recipes and cook together with friends or family in a pleasant atmosphere thanks to kitchen wallpaper.

A special highlight in the world of kitchen wallpaper is wallpaper with inviting sayings and lettering. Colourful lettering on a dark background is reminiscent of the dining tables in front of charming French bistros, while plant designs provide a breath of fresh air in the kitchen and invite you to cook. Brick and stone wallpaper is also an excellent way to turn the kitchen into a place to linger and conjures up the atmosphere of a modern Michelin-starred restaurant.

Wallpapers for every room in our online shop!

Choose your individual wallpaper and benefit from numerous advantages in our online shop. Whether living room or bedroom, dining room or office, children's room or bathroom - with us you are guaranteed to find the right wallpaper to make your rooms shine in a new light! Thanks to our best price guarantee not only your walls will shine, but also you. Because we offer you tasteful wallpapers for every room at the best price.

If you would like to get a first-hand impression of your new wallpaper, use our sample service and we will send you a sample of your favourite wallpaper. So you can convince yourself to relax from the couch with the appealing designs and the high quality of our wall dresses.

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are there for you by e-mail, telephone or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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