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Granorte Cork Flooring - Modern Natural Flooring

The cork produced in warm Portugal comes from the cork oak. This is peeled every 9 years without injuring the tree. This makes the material a resource-saving product. Sustainability is of particular importance to the Portuguese company Granorte, which is why they rely on other sustainable materials for their cork floors.

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Thus, the floors produced by Granorte are particularly environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Thus, the vinyl used, which provides natural-realistic wood and stone patterns, tested PCP and free from plthalates.

The comfortable floor coverings are available in many different designs, so surely the right one is for you. In addition to the varied looks, you also benefit from the joint-protecting properties of the foot-warm material cork. All in all, the cork floor of Granorte is certainly what you have always wanted!

A family grown Company – Granorte’s Rich Heritage

In 1955 Francisco Rocha, father of 8 children and employee in a cork factory for many years, started a small cork stoppers production. As his family business expanded, his sons started their own cork industries. In this period the 5 cork factories owned by the family Figueiredo da Rocha were, united, major producers of cork stoppers.

It was when the oldest of the brothers, José, thought it was essential for the family to create value from the cork waste produced by their factories. Thus, in 1972, he founded GRANORTE, with the primary aim to recycle the cork waste from the wine cork stoppers manufacturing industry.

Dedicated product research and development, resulting in innovative production processes and technical excellence is what makes the company stand out from its competitors today.

Their expertise in cork allowed them to develop into a growing producer of technical solutions using this material. Today, GRANORTE is a leading sustainable flooring manufacturer, producer of thrilling environmentally responsible products.

Granorte’s Collections - Natural Look, Gentle Feel

The cork flooring from Granorte Cork Trend provides a durable surface for any living space. Each floorboard consists of five different layers: The lowest is the integrated footfall sound insulation made of cork. On top of that lies the HDF carrier plate, which also contains the innovative click system. On top of that lies the highly compacted cork lining, which is an important part of the composition and which gives rise to many of the comfortable properties of the cork. The overlying cork veneer contains the design of the chosen hallway: Here you can choose the right one for your four walls from 14 different designs. There are both bright and dark, reddish or classic cork-colored planks, which are available with fine and coarse structures. The top layer consists of a fourfold UV-ceramic coating, which makes the flooring particularly resistant to environmental influences.

Strong Flooring In Wood-Look With Granorte Vita Classic

The Granorte Vita Classic collection is designed for installation throughout the home as well as in normally used public spaces. With its efficient construction, it achieves a total construction height of 13.5 mm, of which 4.5 mm are made of cork. The top layer consists of a vinyl, which receives its natural-realistic look in wood design with new digital printing technology and digital embossing methods. Thanks to the décor-synchronous embossing and the four-sided bevel, the cork floor is given a design hardly distinguishable from real wood planks. Granorte has 19 different designs to choose from, from which you can choose the right one for your needs. Due to the variety there are a lot of possible combinations with existing pieces of furniture. In the broad spectrum are all colours and surfaces available, which can be expected from wood look: It ranges from very dark to very bright variants and also the soft, cream and brown tones that wood still has to offer, are represented. In addition, you can choose between rustic and flat optics, each of which will have different effects on the overall picture of the room. Cork flooring has a world of variety you probably never imagined!

BRICOFLOR, There For Your Needs

In our online shop you will find cork flooring in different designs. For the nursery, the elderly or for your home - the natural flooring works just about everywhere! Choose the right product for your needs. We offer a wide range of wood and stone design - discover the whole world of natural flooring designs. You want to convince yourself with all your senses? No problem - just use the free sample service and make a personal impression. If you order in our online shop, you benefit from our Best Price Guarantee! If you are planning a larger project with cork flooring, contact us - we will make you an individual offer with attractive conditions. If you have further questions, please contact our telephone customer service, send us an e-mail or use our contact form - our courteous staff will be pleased to advise you.

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