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Underlay – Multifunctional Purposes for Every Renovation

For any renovation project, underlay flooring is a crucial factor required to create the optimum installation results. Ins…

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The Benefits of Underlay Flooring – for Moist and Uneven Areas

Underlay features many technical benefits for a wide variety of flooring. It is the ultimate solution for every floor. Firstly, depending on the type of underlay you choose, underlay can act as a levelling agent for your subfloor. Certain underlays can reduce subfloor imperfections and compensate for slight unevenness in your substrate. What’s more, underlay is also essential for areas that are prone to moisture exposure. For example, the Viscoh Vinyl Acoustic Underlay can prevent damage from water and reduces water vapour diffusion from affecting your flooring, making It ideal for wet rooms.

Shock Absorbing Properties

Underlay can provide protection from object impacts providing added stability and durability to your floors. Depending on your choice of underlay, it can provide shock absorption and resilience under increased loads. An excellent choice with outstanding stability under load is the Viscoh Air Plus Acoustic, a great laminate underlay. It can also act as a noise reducer, from impact sound to footfall noise reduction. This is especially beneficial for vinyl click flooring with floating installation. Additionally, the high resistance to pressure provides protection for the locking system from joint rupture. Thus, underlay can be highly useful for increasing underfoot comfort.

Carpet Tile Underlay – From Heuga Carpet Tiles and Wineo

For your Heuga carpet tiles, we offer Heuga Interlay underfloor which is used to enhance comfort and improve room acoustics, providing 4dB of noise protection. The carpet tile underlay is durable, protecting the flooring by reducing wear. What’s more, the carpet underlay is loosely-laid, so you do not require any adhesives for instalment. You can also choose from Wineo SilentPREMIUM. This carpet tile underlay can reduce sound impact up to 15dB. What’s more, the Wineo underlay consists of 90% natural materials and contains no toxic materials such as plasticizers, solvents or chlorine.

Viscoh Underlay - Durable with High Quality Features

The selection of Viscoh underalys offer a choice of LVT underlay, parquet and laminate flooring underlay, for either glue down or floating installation floors. The great benefits that the underlayment provides includes low thermal conductivity, so some ranges can be paired with underfloor heating systems. What’s more, they can serve as an insulator and are also suitable for wet rooms. There is also acoustic underlay available for LVT and laminate flooring, to ensure a sound and quiet room environment.

Order Your Flooring Underlay from BRICOFLOR

Here at BRCOFLOR, we stock a selection of options of carpet tile, parquet, laminate and LVT underlay. If you have any questions regarding which choice is most suitable for your projects, do not hesitate to contact our experts! Simply call, email or complete our contact form and we will get in touch.


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