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BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring

Since the merger of Berry and Alloc into BerryAlloc, the flooring industry has been able to enjoy a company that is commit…

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The renowned Belgian manufacturer has established itself through years of expertise and manufacturing knowledge, as a reliable partner for high-quality laminate flooring. That's why the BerryAlloc laminate opens up a wide range of possible uses thanks to its skillful combination of appealing design and high functionality, from which you can benefit from both private and commercial usage.

Something For Everyone : BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Collections

In the BRICOFLOR online store, you will find a broad range of BerryAlloc laminate flooring collections. With a choice from over 100 colours and 9 collections, various wood types and numerous formats mean you can be sure to find something that compliments your interiors perfectly. They offer one of the largest collections of laminate flooring, wide, short or long planks to suit your kitchen, bathroom or living room as well as high-quality parquet for commercial use such as restaurants, hotels or shops. The floors are easy to installlast a long time, are simple to clean and require minimal maintenance. For a more traditional, cosy ambience there are plank options with bevels that accentuate each plank. On the other hand, you can opt for a style without bevels that give a room a more modern, sleek appearance.

Ocean – Water Resistant Panels In Elegant Designs

In order to make you happy with your choice in the long term, the Belgian company has provided its BerryAlloc Ocean collection with the HydroPlus coating. This makes the planks less sensitive to moisture, so small amounts of liquids do not directly cause material deformation. In 7-8mm thick boards these truly are durable floorings and to prove it, they come with a lifetime residential warranty.

Installation Preparation and Method

If you enjoy DIY renovation projects that are require minimal effort, then you'll love the BerryAlloc laminate. Why? Because regardless of the collection, it is always equipped with a patented click system that makes laying quick, easy and simple. The individual planks are assembled without the need for an adhesive, only a few easy-to-follow steps and the result is an attractive floor in no time. Since the floorboards conduct heat excellently, they can also be combined with a hot-water underfloor heating system. With such a heating system your everyday life becomes even more comfortable and chilly feet will no longer trouble you.

The BerryAlloc laminate flooring needs to be kept at room temperature for at least 48 hours in unopened package before you start the installation. The room temperature must be at least 18°C before and during installation. For floor surfaces exceeding 100 m2 and/or lengths exceeding 10m, overlaps to new rooms and other floor surfaces which do not join symmetrically, use expansion joints to divide the floor sections. BerryAlloc is to be installed as a floating floor, which means: the boards are not to be glued or tacked to the underlay. Leave an expansion gap around the perimeter of the room of approximately 6-10 mm and remove old mouldings. Measure the room accurately, at right angles to the direction of the boards. The only tools needed to install BerryAlloc are a jig-saw or fine-toothed hand saw and spacer blocks. When installing BerryAlloc laminate flooring, we would like to stress that you must always use a plastic foil with a thickness of minimum 0.2 mm (damp-proof) under the laminate planks if you have under-floor heating. The under-floor heating must be switched off 2 to 3 days before you start installing the floor. The temperature of the floor surface must not exceed 28°C. The BerryAlloc HPL flooring ranges are easy to clean, just use a vacuum cleaner or dry mop, a well-wrung cloth and the BerryAlloc laminate cleaning product on a regular basis to ensure your floor looks beautiful. Do not clean your laminate with aggressive solvents such as acetone and ethyl-butyl acetate and avoid using too much water. 

High Pressure Laminate Flooring Designs By BerryAlloc

In addition to its regular range, BerryAlloc offers nine high pressure laminate flooring collections, identified by the abbreviation "HPL". These are manufactured using a special process that strengthens the floorboards. For this purpose, the top layer is composed of several layers of paper, which are previously soaked in resin and cured. Only after this production step, the connection of the cover layer with the carrier plate, are used for the high pressure and high temperatures. The complex process certainly pays off as the floors can withstand high traffic, with having wear grades at 23/32 and abrasion resistance between AC4-AC6.  So that you do not have to do without this impressive resistance, both HPL collections include a large number of different decors. BerryAlloc Ocean and BerryAlloc Eternity come with HydroPlus technology that adds an extra layer of water resistance to the flooring.

Environmentally Friendly Laminate Flooring

The BerryAlloc high pressure laminate collection allows you peace of mind as BerryAlloc is a very ecologically friendly company with a certification for emissions rating at A+. All their floorings have been certified by PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This is an international no profit organisation that dedicates it’s time to preserving the environment by promoting Sustainable Forest Management.

Buy One Of Europe’s Leading Laminate Flooring Ranges Online: At BRICOFLOR

 BRICOFLOR gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of flooring options. Committed to only providing the highest quality products, there are multiple manufactures that contribute to our large selection with their collections from all over Europe. With all of the options, you are sure to find the perfect flooring for any space. Request a free sample and see for yourself the beautiful look and durable structure of the engineered wood floor. The BRICOFLOR online store offers a wide selection so you just have to decide for your favorites. For tailored advice or a personalised quote simply contact us today and we will be happy to offer you our expertise.

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