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Ter Hürne Laminate: High-Quality Solutions For The Residential And Contract Sector

Ter Hürne allows you to enjoy a natural look without sacrificing functionality with their laminate flooring collection. That's why ter Hürne gives you a 20-year manufacturer's warranty if you use the boards in your home.

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Durable Laminate Flooring With First-Class Technical Features

The laminate flooring of this German family-owned company can be easily moved to different locations as it has outstanding resistance. Thanks to this, it can meet the requirement for service class 32, which stands for the average burdened commercial area. Correspondingly, you can even use the planks to decorate hotel rooms or conference rooms without having to worry about having to replace them after a short time. Of course, you can take advantage of the high wear resistance and robustness in the private sector. The floor is ideal for heavily used living spaces and can therefore be used in the hallway or in the living room. The installation of this collection is suitable for even light-flooded rooms as it has good lightfastness to resist fading from the exposure.

Since contact with liquids in conventional laminates quickly leads to deformations, ter Hürne has provided its products with a source-protected support plate. This reacts less sensitive to moisture and thus contributes to the life of the soil. The flame retardant class Cfl-s1 ensures that you will enjoy your new floor covering for a long time. Finally, the anti-static surface ensures that no electrical charges due to friction. In this way, your electrical appliances are protected from possible damage.

Design Stylish Rooms With Eco-Friendly Floorboards

"Unique as life" is the motto of ter Hürne - and this is reflected in this assortment. The company showcases aesthetically pleasing laminate flooring in a variety of designs, grouped together in four collections based on their colour scheme. These are PEFC certified and are therefore characterised by sustainable production. The manufacturer consciously uses wood from ecological forestry to protect the environment. In addition, the eco-INSTITUT's floorboards are certified as low-emission flooring, so you can safely use them indoors.

Breeze Line - A Fresh Breeze For Your Home

The ter Hürne Breeze Line collection captivates with a soft colour palette that gives the feeling of lightness. It is ideal for decor in a Scandinavian style, which you can achieve with modern furniture in grey, beige or white. In addition to quiet and elegant finishes, you will also receive decors with exciting colour contrasts that give every room that certain something. In addition, you can opt for variants in practical tile format, which look good even on small surfaces.

More Cosiness With Vitality Line

A cosy atmosphere in your apartment or your property can be created with the help of ter Hürne Vitality Line. This collection focuses on planks in rich brown, thanks to which it radiates warmth and naturalness. The selection ranges from restrained decors with an even surface to rustic finishes with vivid colour differences. In addition, popular classics such as beech-style flooring are including. The floor coverings harmonise well with other furnishings in wood-look and are equally suitable for classic as well as modernly designed premises.

Courage Line: Planks In An Uncompromising Design

With ter Hürne Courage Line you can secure a floor with impressive effect. In this collection, the German company has planks in dark nuances that are characterised by a luxurious appearance. Thanks to its colouring, the laminate attracts everyone's attention and ensures that you can express your personal taste. In addition to popular decors in the form of single planks and ship floors, there is an extraordinary variant in an extravagant herringbone pattern, with which you can certainly impress your guests.

BRICOFLOR, There For You

Here at BRICOFLOR we strive to collaborate only with high tier European manufacturers for excellent quality and efficient processes. To give you the best possible customer experience we have our friendly team of experts at hand to help with your queries and find you the best possible deals. With our Best Price Guarantee we can offer you the best prices on the market without compromising on the quality of products. You can also use our sample service to evaluate your choices before commiting to a purchase. For large quantity orders we can, in most cases, offer you a personalised quote so that you can get the best value for your money, simply contact us today.

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