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Carpets: A luxurious flooring option for any home and price range

Carpets are the ideal solution for both residential and commercial premises due to the warm, welcoming atmosphere they provide. Additionally, carpets are comfortable underfoot, absorb excess noise, and offer an elegant and sophisticated appearance. These are just a few of the great benefits of carpeting in your home and office. The carpet industry is in constant motion improving their product, making carpets even more durable and resilient than ever before. With the latest innovations, we see the addition of high-tech synthetic fibres that mimic the look and feel of wool while being completely stain resistant. Additionally, the methods used to produce carpets create a more precise and high-quality carpet than was ever available in the past. 

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Stainfree by Abingdon:

If you are worried about how your carpet will look in 1, 2 or even 20 years, you will be surprised by the outstanding durability of Abingdon Stainfree carpets. With advanced stain protection, the Stainfree Collection by Abingdon Flooring allows you to enjoy all the warmth and cosiness created by having carpet in your home without worrying about the consequences of having a family pet or spilling a glass of red wine. Your Stainfree carpet by Abingdon flooring will last you a lifetime, no matter what life throws at you.

Wilton Royal by Abingdon

Wilton Royal is a premium brand from the established carpet manufacturer Abingdon Flooring. All carpets of the Wilton Royal series are made mostly from natural wool, which provides them with a very indulgent and cosy surface structure. Wool is an eco-friendly material that is exceptionally resilient, making it ideal for carpet manufacturing. While wool is a very resilient and durable material, when combined with Abingdon’s patented SupberBac® technology and different types of yarn, produces an outstanding, durable carpet ideal for your home.


The German carpet manufacturer, Dura, produces high-quality carpets and carpet tiles. Their appealing designs, authentic designs, and innovative technologies make Dura a practical choice. Dura incorporates their high-quality air-purification technology, duraAir, into their flooring designs.


The Kingsmead Carpets manufacturer has been producing quality carpets for over 40 years. Kingsmead built their brand and reputation by producing quality carpets at affordable prices. Kingsmead has produced quality carpets for many years, recently they have begun to develop more wool carpets. 2/3 of Kingsmead's exceptional carpets feature wool, driving them to become a licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board. Kingsmead offers a variety of carpeting options, with 5 carpet style ranges: Wool Twists Carpets, Wool Loops Carpets, Stoddard and Luxurious Saxony. Each of these collections offer something different, ensuring that no matter what your carpeting needs are Kingsmead Carpets can meet them. Kingsmead offers a variety of new technologies that make them industry leaders when it comes to comfort and durability. Kingsmead Everlon technology makes the fibres of these carpets exceptionally durable and stain resistant, resisting fading even when bleach is used. Kingsmead offers another unique technology, Wolltec. This innovative carpet fibre is a synthetic fibre processed like wool, this gives the Wolltec fibre the durability and resilience of synthetic fibres and the look and feel of wool. Wolltec is resistant to staining.


For over 30 years, Manx has stood for outstanding quality in their exceptional carpets. In this time they have developed a quality brand known for their fashionable, quality carpets. Their commitment to excellence and experience gained from years in the industry continue to guarantee excellently crafted carpets. With Manx carpets, you have the opportunity to have a high-quality carpet at an affordable price. Manx is well known for their quality and craftsmanship when it comes to their carpets. If you are interested in a carpet that feels as great as it looks, then you cannot go wrong with the carpets from Manx.

Mr. Tomkinson

Mr. Tomkinson is a quality manufacturer of carpets. They have produced carpets for over 100 years, giving them the experience to craft the highest quality carpets available at a great price. Mr. Tomkinson offers a wide range of carpet styles and designs, giving you a wide selection of carpets from which to choose. Mr. Tomkinson produces elegant and smooth tufted carpets as well as durable and resilient loop pile carpets. No matter what style carpet you are looking for, Mr. Tomkinson can provide.

Gaskell Wool Rich

Gaskell Wool Rich is a premium carpet manufacturer in Great Britain. They produce fine wool carpets in a variety of styles. They offer 17 different carpet ranges with a variety of surface styles, pile depth, material, and fibre constructions. While many of Gaskell Wool Rich’s carpet ranges feature 100% wool carpets, there are some which feature a blend of wool and synthetic materials to achieve an even softer and more durable carpet. These carpets are some of the highest quality wool carpets and are produced right here in the UK. Get the best in quality with the knowledge that Gaskell Wool Rich manufactures these carpets with your needs in mind. All of their carpets are backed by the WOW, Wool Owner’s Warranty Programme which ensures your carpet will look fantastic for years to come. This programme is designed to make sure your stain resistant wool carpet will continue to be stain free.  With a variety of styles, textures, colours, and even materials you are sure to find the perfect carpet for your home in the Gaskell Wool Rich Carpet Collection.


Vorwerk is one of the most popular brands for textile floor coverings. The name Vorwerk stands for German brand quality, ensuring you get the best flooring possible.The carpets are robust, durable and available in a variety of designs.


Joka is a German manufacturer of quality carpets and flooring. Their flooring are both affordable and great quality. Their collections offer a wide variety of colours, designs, and textures. Joka offers the perfect flooring options for your home, no matter what your price range. If you are interested in a Joka carpet, please make use of our free sample service. Get all of the benefits of a shop in the comfort of your home! Your sample will be delivered straight to your home and you can see for yourself that the Joka brand carpets are the carpets to suit your needs.

Buying fitted carpets has never been easier than with BRICOFLOR online

BRICOFLOR offers a wide variety of premium carpets from premium carpet manufacturers across Europe. This ensures that you are getting the highest quality carpet available, as we search out the best in quality. Because BRICOFLOR is an online retailer, we eliminate the middleman saving you money. Our online shop makes it easy to shop for the perfect carpet for your home, without the hassle of going to a carpet shop. We offer a sample service, which gives you the option to have samples delivered directly to your doorstep. Selecting the perfect carpet for your space has never been easier.

Wall-to-wall carpet offers a wide variety of benefits ranging from great aesthetics to better health 

Wall-to-wall carpet offers substantial benefits for your home including better health and saving you money. Carpets create a warm and comfortable environment, and the reason why saves you money. Carpet has a low thermal conductivity, giving carpets excellent insulating properties. This helps maintain the cosy environment of your home while saving you money on your heating and energy costs. Another advantage of carpet is its sound insulating properties. Carpet reduces the transmission of impact noises, limiting the noise level and reverberation time, creating an acoustically pleasing environment. Carpet offers a variety of colours and styles, giving you the freedom and flexibility to design and personalise your space to your specific tastes.

The diverse world of carpeting gives you a wide range of design freedom

Carpets are typically available in four and five metre wide rolls, though many are offered in smaller widths. Carpets are incredibly customisable and can be cut to fit your specific requirements. Carpets are ideal for irregularly shaped rooms and even stairs, due to its durability and unique installation process. Fitted carpets are available in a variety of surface structures, which gives each style a unique look and feel. Loop pile carpet is typically extremely hardwearing and affordable. Cut pile is known for its particularly soft and cosy look and feel, making it an exceptional choice for children’s rooms and living spaces. Long pile, or shag pile, is recognized as the peak of luxury. Shag pile carpet has a warm and fluffy texture. The flat-woven surface structure is extremely environmentally friendly and imitates the sisal appearance. With one of our high-quality carpets you are sure to enhance the appearance of your space.