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Carpets – Welcome comfort to your life

Of the many home ornamentations that are available today, carpet is considered as one of the most popular and the most widely-used home decor items of today. A lot of people favour carpet because this kind of home decor provides versatility and a good sense of fashion inside your home. 

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Carpets – A significant addition to your flooring

Carpets play an important role in adding to the decor of a place. They have always been an essential part of a decor since the days of the kings, to the modern days. Anywhere you go, either to big parties or the wedding receptions, you always walk on the carpets which are laid from the entrance and stretch till the platform where the brides and grooms sit. If you desire to organise a grand party, you think about the perfect setup that will catch the eyes of all your guests.

You will arrange for a lavish dining set. But you know what will add to the charm more, a beautiful carpet on which the dining set is placed. Carpets also play a crucial role in keeping the floor dust free. They safeguard the floors from getting messy and dirty. We live in a world which is not ever free of dust. Regardless of how much we clean the floors, they get covered with dust the very next day. So you can imagine how the carpets prevent the floors from getting dirty.

If you have a crack or a deformity on your floor and you feel ashamed when it comes in the notice of the people, the best solution to make it hidden to the bare eyes is by covering it with a carpet. If you are really interested in having a perfect decor, then you will absolutely like experimenting with various designs. Carpets are available in various intricate designs with quality textures coupled with different colour patterns. They are available in various choices. You can choose the best for yourself considering the decor of your house, office or shop.

Benefits of having a carpet

The delicacy, elegance, value, and sustainability of a carpet makes it the right choice for your home. Carpeted floors cushion the impact of slips and fall, stifles noise, and make it easier to learn and concentrate. Today’s carpet floorings are environmentally friendly, engineered to resist staining and fading, and withstand even heavy foot traffic.

Carpets add beauty and elegance

You can choose from many thousands of carpet styles and colours. That means your final decision will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. Carpet can be a neutral, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colours, stronger, bolder patterns, and textures.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

This carpet is the minimum Volatile Organic Compounds emitting flooring choice available. In fact, it acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen, and particles and then removing them from the breathing zone.

Carpets provide warmth and pleasure

Carpet provides real thermal insulation and resistance. In colder climates or seasons, it holds warm air longer and it also has energy conservation benefit. Carpet also provides a cosy place to sit, play, or work and gives a room an overall warmer feeling.

Prevents slips and falls

Carpet is excellent for cushioning our footsteps, reducing slips and falls, and minimizing injuries when falls do occur. Carpet provides security for the whole family, but especially for children and older individuals.

Having a carpet reduces noise

Large screen TVs, big speaker phones, computers, and sound systems make our homes noisy places. Carpet helps to stifle these sounds. Adding a cushion pad below your carpet reduces noise even more. Carpet conjointly works as a sound barrier between floors by serving to damp sound transmission to rooms below. Carpet on stairs conjointly helps mask the sound of constant pedestrian traffic.

Carpets prevent asthma and allergies

A misperception is that people with asthma and allergies ought to avoid carpet within the home. In fact, the opposite is true. Research has shown that properly cleansed carpet helps to scale back symptoms and is that the best flooring alternative for those suffering with asthma and allergies.

Mould and VOC misperceptions about carpets

When a carpet is clean and dry, mould simply cannot grow on synthetic fibres. Carpet is recognized as a very low emitter of volatile organic compounds among numerous flooring selections and interior finishes. The Carpet Institute’s Green Label Plus program identifies carpet, adhesive, and cushion products that meet or exceed government indoor air quality regulations as the lowest emitting products on the market.

Having a carpet is a viable choice

The carpet industry is minimizing the carpet’s impact on the environment through the “3 Rs” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. When carpet reaches the end of its long life, it is reused to make a new carpet or is recycled into a variety of products, including roofing shingles, railroad ties, and automotive parts.

Types and manufacturing of textile fabrics of carpets

A carpet always consists of several layers. The upper layer, that is, the one that is visible after laying, called Polschicht or wear layer. This is made of yarn that is made of synthetic or natural fibres according to regional and cultural preferences. Even hybrids, mixed fibres of one share each of artificial and natural fibres, are produced and combine the advantages of both materials.

The second layer is the backsheet. Here one differentiates between fleece and textile back. There are two common methods by which carpets are produced: When weaving yarn is introduced into a loom and woven there. Manufacturers, who in turn have specialized in the production of, for example, velour floors, use the tufting process. In the production of tufted carpets, the yarn is needle-punched from below into the back, so that a loop structure is created on the surface. If these tuft loops are cut open at the end, this is called velour.

Carpets provide a safe place for your children's room, sleeping and living area

Carpets are a guarantee of warmth and comfort. To create a cosy atmosphere in the living room, a harmonious combination of comfortable seating, a warm wall design and a pleasant floor covering is recommended, as these components complement each other perfectly and enhance every living room. The moment you strip your shoes after a long day and enter your home should be a pleasure for the body and mind, so reward yourself with the greatest comfort for your feet. Kids love to play on a warm and fluffy floor. As it is beneficial to health and the environment due to the aforementioned reduction of particulate matter and ecological production.

Carpets – A luxury for the hotel industry

Also in the area of the hospitalitiy industry, the emphasis is placed on a homely atmosphere. Especially in hotel rooms, carpets ensure a hygienic environment as they are easy to clean; also the impact sound is considerably reduced. On corridors and in the foyer, the sound absorption creates a quiet environment, as there are also chattering noises and louder conversations. In addition, a textile floor covering looks timelessly elegant and pays the guest due respect.

The right carpet can make all the difference in your office and businesses

At work, it is a huge advantage to create an atmosphere in which employees and customers feel at ease. The work environment has a significant impact on staff motivation and attitudes, as creativity can be more easily developed in a comfortable environment. Hard floors can subconsciously generate high pressure and thus inhibit productivity. Especially in open-plan offices, the carpet is unbeatable.

Pleasant for employees, easy for cleaners and stylish for visitors. In the call center, it impresses once more with the acoustics and the mentioned sound absorption, so that telephone operators and their call partners can make an efficient telephone call without annoying noise, which is essential for the relationship with their customers. In conference rooms, sales rooms or other areas with a representative function, a sure sense of style and efficiency can be expressed, because it is clear: the floor covering is the first impression.

An additional benefit of laying carpets in office space is property-specific quality features, such as chair-roll suitability or an antistatic surface, which counteract electrostatic charging by equipment such as monitors or copiers. In addition, most yarns have a very good rating in the highest fire protection classes, which means it is protected against high flame and smoke. At offices or other commercial premises, you can also benefit from attractive, individual pricing models that are tailored to you and your needs.

Which quality features differentiate carpets?

There are several criteria that affect the quality and therefore the price. In general, we work together with the most diverse manufacturers, so that there is always the right product for your requirements and the requirements of your rooms.

Our carpets are made with the right choice of yarn material for your needs

The division of a carpet into one of the luxury classes depends on the quality of the yarn used. At present, two yarns are preferred in our widths: polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA). The nylon fibre polyamide currently represents probably the highest quality variant of synthetic fibres and can convince, depending on the surface structure of various cross sections.

Furthermore, polyamide convinces with a significantly higher gloss compared to polypropylene and is much more durable. The light colour fastness of the yarn should always be taken into account, especially in rooms with strong daylight. This states that floor coverings that are exposed to intense solar radiation will not develop a colour deviation over a long period of time.

Especially in the United Kingdom, more emphasis is placed on natural fibres. An example of natural fibre carpeting is the German manufacturer Tretford Teppich, which has taken on this market segment. Tretford produces textile fabrics made of natural fibres and relies predominantly on virgin wool and cashmere goat hair. It will certainly not be long before the preferences in this country shift towards sustainability and natural fibres.

Carpets with strong backing provide more durability and stability

Today textile and fleece backs dominate. These are much more environmentally friendly in production and can certainly keep up with the positive characteristics of the old back coverings such as thermal insulation and softness of the substrate. In addition, modern backs have several advantages. For example, fleece spines no longer need to be glued but are stretched to the floor using special adhesives. This also ensures that they are easy to remove and, depending on the material and wear, can be reused.

Vorwerk carpet - innovative and robust textiles Made in Germany

Another pioneer in the field of the sustainable production of textile floor coverings is certainly the German company Vorwerk. The manufacturer, which is known for its robust object floors, has made a name for itself internationally not least through the introduction of its own certificate. Other brands also want to be certified with the Life Balance seal introduced by Vorwerk, which is recommended and highly praised by the DAAB. Also noteworthy is the very high level of responsibility in the area of environmental protection.

Abingdon carpets - Truly a delicacy

You will experience the agony of choice when looking at the different collections by Abingdon carpets: The collections differ in pile height, colour, and design but share premium quality and excellent durability. Whether you are looking for a robust carpet for your hallway or a luxurious one for your bedroom, Abingdon has it all! If you like uni-coloured carpets, have a look at the collections by Abingdon carpets "Stainfree Arena Plus", "Rustique Deluxe" and “Hidden Depths”, which feature a slightly mottled design, created by well-matched nuances in the yarn. 

Take your time browsing the collections by Abingdon Flooring and do not hesitate to order free samples if you cannot decide on your favourite colour and design right away. Using high-end yarn made of Polyamide or Polypropylene, the manufacturer makes sure that the carpet will retain its soft and comfortable surface for many years to come. Carpet is a popular choice for cosy spaces like living rooms and bedrooms for many reasons: The soft surface is lovely to walk on and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Many collections by Abingdon Flooring are suitable for all areas of the home, including bedroom, kitchens, hallways and even bathrooms.

This way, you can achieve a coherent look in your entire house. Incredibly hard wearing and family friendly, Abingdon Stainfree carpets are manufactured using the latest no-stain technology designed to prevent food and drink spillages from entering the pile fibre so that quick cleaning can remove the spills before it stains. Made from 100% bleach cleanable Polypropylene, Abingdon Stainfree carpets offers Lifetime Stain Protection Guarantee for your peace of mind.

One of the most popular collection in the Abingdon Stainfree cetgory is the Abingdon Stainfree Soft Whisper since this flooring solution is incredibly hard-wearing, it can be installed in all areas of the home. Being soft and comfortable, it is a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms, but it is equally ideal for kitchens, hallways and even bathrooms. This way, you can extend the carpet's comfort and warmth to all corners of your home. Carpet, in general, has anti-slip properties and is the best choice for stairs. Luckily, Stainfree Soft Whisper by Abingdon is suitable for this type of installation. One of the reasons for the carpet's resilience is its high-quality yarn, which is made of 100% polypropylene. This premium material is known for its robustness and makes your new carpet endure everything your busy lifestyle throws at it. But besides being extremely durable, it also manages to keep its beautiful colour for many years to come.

Fall in love with your floor with this super soft and sumptuous carpet that has the practical advantage of being totally bleach cleanable. This Saxony carpet collection offers the ultimate underfoot comfort and brings subtle elegance to any modern home.The most famous of all is the Abingdon Love Story Deep Feelings collection the Abingdon’s new Deep Feelings range is a Cut Pile carpet, everyone’s favoured under footing, is known for its delicacy, style and elegance. The new generation of carpets prevent stains and are invulnerable to traffic wear. Its high domestic rating is well commendable to have it in any place at your home. This luxury class carpet has a Lifetime Guarantee from Abingdon carpets.

It has a high quality Soft Fleece Bac, this material adds stability to the carpet and prevents scratches on the floorings. Additionally it makes the carpets even softer and more durable, the carpet is made out of 100% Polyester, this durable yarn material has several advantages as a carpet fibre, it is highly stain resistant and extremely softer than any other carpet fibre. Furthermore, it is ideal for high-traffic areas, and it is highly resistant to moisture, fading and staining.

Kingsmead carpets – Everlasting comfort and luxurious feeling

Kingsmead has been established for over 40 years and they are known for making quality carpets at affordable prices. Beginning with mostly synthetic products, Kingsmead carpets were encouraged to move into more naturally produced carpets. Kingsmead have a carpet to suit any room and style at a good price. If you're looking for a chunk of Scottish heritage give our Glen Shee collection a chance that's 100% British made manufactured with a special blend of designated fleece wools from the varied terrain of Scotland. If you're looking for an extravagant feel, try out our Luxurious Saxonies, the long pile provides a soft and opulent feeling underfoot that is easy to clean and have our Everlon polypropylene fibre. Our Wolltec ranges utilize this innovative new fibre that appear rather like wool however carries a lifetime stain warranty.

Carpet at its finest – Manx carpets

Founded on the isle of Man quite thirty years ago, Manx carpets has designed a name across the business for producing a number of the best wool carpets out there. Having endured variety of changes in ownership in its earlier years, the corporate settled to Staffordshire in 2003 and has been thriving ever since. The aptly-named Manx has all the ingredients necessary to style and make fantastic wool carpets: it blends tradition and experience with a full ton of British craftsmanship to confirm its products meet the high expectations of house owners across the united kingdom. If you’re looking for flooring that’s as superior because it is affordable, Manx is the right choice for you. Manx’s Natural Shades carpet is simply one fantastic example of the varied range on offer here. Made from 50% wool and 50% polypropene, it’s out there in each Plain and patterned styles, with each arriving in an exceedingly style of different colours. You’ll have no problem finding one that matches the interior decoration in your home.

Mr. Tomkinson carpets – Timeless luxury

Manx Tomkinson Carpets including the ever popular Mr Tomkinson Twist which is available in 19 shades across five qualities and available in widths of 4 metres and 5 metres. The range includes wool twist carpets, stain resistant carpets and soft touch saxony carpets. Mr Tomkinson is a well-established and renowned carpet manufacturer, offering high-quality carpets.

Mr Tomkinson has been known for their exceptional customer satisfaction for over 100 years. The Tomkinson Twist collection is a high quality, wool blend carpet. This warm, cosy carpet is crafted using a unique 80/20 wool-synthetic blend to create an extremely durable yet comfortable carpet. The Tomkinson Twist Deluxe carpet is easy to fit to your home as it is available in 4 and 5 meter widths. This allows you to achieve a more precise fit with minimal waste, saving you time and money. The Tomkinson Twist Deluxe from Mr Tomkinson is manufactured using British wool and is available in 20 timeless colours.

Gaskell Wool Rich carpets – Eternal comfort

The Gaskell Wool Rich Collections are manufactured right here in Great Britain. They manufacture all of their carpets within the UK according to the requirements of their customers in mind, therefore you'll be sure that your carpet will suit all your needs. These wool carpets are durable, they're suitable for nearly any area in your home as well as high traffic rooms like kitchens and living rooms.

The carpet is formed from high-quality wool fibres and exceptional wool and synthetic blends. These high-quality carpets are produced using the best materials obtainable, particularly the wool fibres used in manufacturing their carpets’ luxurious surfaces. The Gaskell Wool Rich carpet is bound to be a worthy investment for your home. All carpets are backed with the Wool Owners Warranty Programme, that ensures that your carpet can resist staining and receives skilled care if required.

Carpet Your Life - Associated Weavers

The Belgian company Associated Weavers, abbreviated A.W. specializes in fluffy and exquisite high-pile carpets. Especially in the living area is A.W. one of the largest producers of tufted carpets. The presentation of two collections, which celebrated their premiere at the DOMOTEX, caused quite a stir. The carpet series Sensualité and Invictus advertised with high-quality product videos are two absolute highlights in terms of comfort and design, which you definitely must have seen.

Associated Weavers (AW) is one amongst the largest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. The company is headquartered in Ronse, in East Flanders, Belgium. Our main production site is located there too. From the beginning, in the late 60s of the last century, AW has been the designer of printed broadloom carpet. For years AW’s innovative styles are trendsetters and thus a lot of in demand in Europe and therefore the UK. We have managed, higher than anyone else, to bring the wealthy and luxuriant Axminster styles and hues to life in our carpets.

The laying of carpets - Easy installation

To lay a carpet is definitely not difficult. If you take note of a few hints, you can easily lay your textile floor covering yourself. Carpet can make a room feel warmer. When thinking about carpeting a room, a good cushioned underlay will make your carpet last longer, more comfortable to walk on and provide more sound insulation

1. Measurement of the room

In the beginning, the room has to be measured. Here it should be noted that the walls are rarely completely parallel. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the space in several places, so you know the width and the length. Since the carpet is usually offered in 4 m and 5 m web width, you should consider in which direction the alignment is done to have as little waste as possible.

2. Preparation of the subsoil

If you have now ordered the right carpet, the substrate must be thoroughly prepared. Screed must only be pretreated with unevenness or cracks with levelling compound and otherwise cleaned like any other surface, ie clean and dust-free. If there is a hard floor (laminate, parquet or design flooring), coarse joints or other unevenness should also be filled so that the carpet can be optimally fixed. Old carpets should under no circumstances be used as a base for new carpets, as this can cause moisture and microorganisms such as bacteria multiply there unrestrained. When removing the old flooring, be sure to remove any glue residue.

3. Cropping

For best results, roll out the web and press firmly against the walls into the side edges of the room. Cut the carpet roughly with a carpet knife and a cutting edge. In any case, allow 3-4 cm of free space, so that no wrinkles or waves arise and make the fine cut after fixation. If one lane is not enough for your purpose, place the second lane overlapping it for about 5 cm and cut through both to create a seamless transition.

4. Fixation

If you opt for a loose installation, you can work with double sided tape. For fleece back there is special Velcro tape for installation. Attach the tape to the edge of the room and to the thresholds, and remove any bumps or waves in the carpet from the interior of the room. When laying with a dispersion adhesive, the spreading floor covering is turned over in half and the adhesive is applied to the now free surface. Now that you have knocked back the textile fabric and smoothed it from the inside out, the other side of the room is the right one. Once you have laid the entire carpet, you can dedicate yourself to fine-tuning and, if necessary, attach baseboards.

Why buy carpets online?

Now you know everything about carpets, which is necessary for the renovation of your four walls. Buy through BRICOFLOR because we have exactly what you need. You can benefit from our Best Price Guarantee in addition to our free sample service when placing your order via BRICOFLOR. If you feel like a carpet is what you need then please do not hesitate to contact us by email or call for an individual quote tailored to your needs. For questions, please use our contact form! We look forward to hearing from you and wish you much pleasure with your new flooring.