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Everything you need to know about floors & walls.

  • Bathroom LVT Flooring Guide: A Great Alternative to Ceramic Tile

    We´ve all seen the luxurious bathrooms all over Pinterest. You know, the ones with the gorgeous wood floors or elegant slate tiles. All of us want our own little piece of heaven, and for most that´s a bathroom fit for a spa. What you don´t know is that you can easily achieve the same look using Gerflor´s LVT flooring. How? Keep reading to find out all about this incredible floor!

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  • QuickStep Black and Grey Laminate - The Hottest Trend Right Now!

    The coming new year is all about being bold and beautiful! Gone are the days of plain flooring, because the floors of today are all about making a statement. Black and grey floors have been making a splash lately, and for good reason, too! They can make any space look glamorous and sophisticated. If you´re thinking of putting in a new floor, you´d be pleased to know that you can achieve an amazing look using laminate! Keep reading to learn all of our tips!

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  • How to Style Area Rugs

    Area rugs are the go-to item when it comes to giving your space a whole new look. Even if you don´t paint the walls or change the furniture, putting in an area rug can really bring a room together. Whether you want to organize your open floor plan or put in a new rug under your dining table, we´ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves when it comes to all things rugs! Keep reading to find out!

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  • QuickStep Laminate and Vinyl Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

    With the New Year fast approaching, it´s time to think about New Year´s resolutions, changes and... flooring? That´s right! Get the year started off right with an easy home makeover that´s done in a snap! Putting in a new floor has never been easier with QuickStep, so keep reading to find out more about their vinyl and laminate flooring!

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  • How to Care for Your Floor this Christmas

    Parties, friends, family, pets on the loose, food everywhere... This sounds like a typical Christmas! We know that everyone is very busy during the holidays, with so many errands to run and family arriving, there are things that we tend to forget about - like our floor! With the holidays approaching fast, you're going to get more wear out of your floor than at any other time of the year. So, what's one to do? Keep reading for all of our tips and tricks on how to care for your floor this Christmas!

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  • Amtico Spacia or Gerflor Creation 55 Glue-Down Vinyl Flooring

    Welcome to our brand-new blog series, BRICOFLOR Suggests! In this three-part series, we´ll be comparing differences between similar collections from established manufacturers. We´re going to be talking about all the pros and cons and the nitty-gritty details.

    This edition focuses on glue-down vinyl flooring, which is quickly gaining popularity as a permanent, easy-to-install floor. In this post, acclaimed manufacturers Amtico and Gerflor are up for debate, with their collections Spacia and Creation 55. Will one of them come out on top? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading

  • Give Your Floor an INSTANT Makeover With Gerflor Self-Adhesive Luxury Vinyl!

    0724_skadi_raumbildDo you want to give your home a new look but worried it will take too much time or effort? There´s an easy way to give your space a makeover without spending weeks prepping and planning. You can even put in this new floor right before Christmas - we promise! Self-adhesive vinyl is a quick and easy way of giving your space that makeover it deserves. With many designs and colours available, there´s a style that can suit any room and decor. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing product!

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  • How to Revive Your Space on a Budget with a New Rug and Wallpaper!

    as creation

    If you're tired of your kitchen, bedroom or living room's look, but don´t want to break the bank by buying expensive new furniture, this one's for you! There are ways to give your space a whole new look without spending much of your hard-earned money. Adding a new rug or putting up some wallpaper will do wonders for your home. There's no need to buy everything new from head-to-toe! How? We'll let you in on our little interior decorating secrets, so keep reading!

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  • LVT and Laminate Tiles: A New Age of Kitchen Flooring is Here!


    The future of kitchen flooring is here! Gone are the days when the only choices for our kitchen were cold ceramic tiles and cheap laminate. Today´s modern kitchen is stylish, simple, sleek, and it has a floor that can stand the test of time. More and more people are choosing classic, timeless looks for their floors that will look good for many years to come. Everyone loves the look of wood and stone, but it´s usually not very practical and not to mention budget friendly, either! Homeowners these days are choosing LVT and laminate flooring for their kitchens. Keep reading to find out why!

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  • Update Your Space With These Fierce Wallpaper Trends

    palm leaf rasch

    Tired of the same old style in your space? Giving your room a whole new look doesn´t have to take too much time or effort. Adding wallpaper to your walls is an easy way to give your room a quick update without breaking the bank. Wallpaper is entering a revival, and it´s appearing more and more in all the interior design magazines and TV shows. Gone are the days of your grandma´s wall-to-wall floral wallpaper! Now wallpaper is used as a statement piece, usually only taking up one wall in a room. These days it´s usually used as a highlight in a room, since an entire room of wallpaper could possibly clash with furniture and look too busy.

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