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5 High-Class Carpet Manufacturers

Thursday, 14 November 2019

5 high class carpet manufacturers

Are you looking for a carpet in an exceptional style? From a high-end carpet manufacturer? We have gathered for you our 5 most favourite textile floor roll brands: discover them down below!

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Since its creation under Louis XV, the Balsan factory (originally producing carded and uniform sheets) has been able to acquire valuable experience in the manufacture of textiles. Today, Balsan has two industrial sites located in the Indre (France), one dedicated to the design of the carpet, and the other one for the design of carpet tile.

The values ​​of the brand are based on a family spirit and the preservation of nature. The French manufacturer takes a lot of actions to leave a positive environmental footprint, at the level of its new products and those at the end of life. They are proudest of 100% local production, zero waste target achieved in 2013 and use of the recycled yarn from abandoned fishing nets. Balsan wants to combine eco-design with standard design at all costs!

carpet from balsan grey carpet with organic pattern

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One of the goals of the AW carpet brand (Associated Weavers) is to offer you more than just a carpet: they want to offer you an experience! Trendy and innovative, AW textile floors are designed to fit perfectly into the decor. Whether your interior is natural, urban, globe-trotter, romantic or classic, you will easily find the ideal coating for a very good value for money. The manufacturer AW is also committed to including respect for the environment at all levels (waste reduction, eco-friendly materials, renewable energy).

carpet from associated wavers blue red yellow carpets

High-class German carpet manufacturer? VORWERK!

Since 1883, Vorwerk has been able to create very high-quality textile floor coverings, combining early English technology with German experience and knowledge. Even after over 130 years of experience, the brand lives up to its standard of excellence, including passing more than 15 million tests on its carpets every year, to ensure a renovation with unmatched durability! Keen to offer you the best, Vorwerk has been associated several times with big names in design: you may be familiar with his creative project in 1989, where nearly 50 artists, architects and renowned designers (including Jean-Paul Gaultier and Roy Lichtenstein) have developed carpet with a bold look!


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