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5 Tips And Tricks For Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

Tip 1

Keep the flooring in its original packaging for 48 hours.


Because wood is a natural organism that reacts to heat and moisture levels, therefore you want the floor to adapt to the atmosphere of the room before installation. Leaving it in its original packet allows the floor to acclimatise to the room’s climate. If you did not do this then the floor would expand and contract, making the floor possibly crack and fit the room’s dimensions incorrectly.

Tip 2

You should have a dry, clean and even subfloor as this can make a huge amount of difference.


Because your new flooring should be laid on an even surface so that the click installation is smooth and the overall floor structure is as sound as possible. Any liquid substances or debris cause a risk of damaging your flooring.

Tip 3

An underlay is an undervalued component when laying engineered wood flooring but it actually has multiple advantages


The underlay creates a moisture barrier for your engineered wood flooring. It also acts as an insulator and compensates for any slight unevenness in the subfloor which gives you a smoother installation experience. The underlay continues to provide even after the flooring is laid as it cushions your footsteps, making your flooring more comfortable to walk on.

Tip 4

Lay the planks in the same direction as the largest source of light falls.


This trick helps to make a room look more spacious as the light on the wood elongates each plank. If there are multiple sources of light, choose the most dominant one. Of course, this is an optional tip as you may prefer the flooring to face a particular way in relation to your furniture or the room dimensions.

Tip 5

Glue down instead of floating installation. Unless you are planning to change your flooring in the foreseeable future or you do not own the property in which you are installing the flooring - glue down is the best option.


The glue gives added stability to your floor, making for an overall more enjoyable experience when walking over it. Another bonus to gluing down engineered wood flooring instead of using a floating installation method is the improved sound insulation offered by the glue, allowing your footsteps to make less noise.

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