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  • What Is Engineered Wood Flooring? The Ultimate Guide

    Engineered wood flooring, arguably the most luxurious flooring available on the market due to it's many features and benefits. In this blog post we will discuss in detail how it is made and what the benefits are.

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  • Bathroom Vinyl Flooring – The Technical Features That Make LVT a Top Contender for Your Bathrooms

    When it comes to renovating your bathroom, one of the most transformational features is the flooring you opt for. Whilst there are many stylish options on the market, few flooring solutions can provide the optimum practicality in bathrooms like vinyl flooring. In this blog post, we will explain the technical features that make luxury vinyl flooring the ultimate choice of flooring for your bathroom, and how LVT flooring makes for an ideal renovation partner.

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  • Rigid Vinyl: The Ultimate Solution for Conservatory Flooring

    Rigid vinyl is one of the newest concepts in the flooring industry, which has only just been introduced to the market in 2018! This exciting innovative range of vinyl flooring is the epitome of the rapid technological developments in the LVT market. Produced with new rigid board technology, this new generation of vinyl features advanced rigid properties which makes it able to withstand heavy loads, extremely resistant to scratches and dents, whilst maintaining strong dimensional stability under demanding conditions. This is what makes rigid vinyl a game changer for conservatory flooring solutions. In this blog post, we will explain to you what makes rigid vinyl the ideal choice for conservatories, and why it can be used for almost any renovation project.

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  • Different types of carpets – Which carpet best suits your flooring?

    Although carpets will build a world of distinction in your home, it doesn’t mean that each kind of carpet in your house is created with the same method. You have to settle on a high quality carpet that matches with the environment around your home. There are several exciting kinds of carpet choices with completely different carpet fibres for you to feature into your home, which range from eco-friendly carpets for the environment, high-end carpets for that special  end, to more durable carpets for high traffic areas. Carpet is one in every of the softest flooring materials offered, providing a cushioned surface for your feet in almost any place.

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  • Carpet myths demystified - Carpets can significantly improve your health

    Every home deserves a luxurious, lavish and warm cushion carpet on their floors. However, despite all the advantages that a carpet will offer you, individuals hold back from obtaining them due to some traditional views regarding these carpets. There are many of you out there who would need a carpet in your home, however, the old concept that how a carpet wears out with simply a couple of washes, or how it makes the air contaminated around you keeps you from having one.

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  • How Does Carpet Flooring Achieve its Varied Colours? – An Overview of the Different Colouring Methods

    Nothing makes a carpet lover's heart beat faster than rich and vibrant colours. But how does the knitted fabric actually get its attractive tones and patterns? We will examine this question in today's article and inform you about the common dyeing methods used in the production of carpets. In addition, we explain the advantages of each variant so that you can make the right choice for your rooms.

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  • Vinyl Flooring Utilisation Classes: Which Vinyl Flooring Can be Used Where?

    You want to lay LVT vinyl flooring in your home, business, or industrial sight, but you're not sure what's in your favor? Our contribution should help you navigate the world of technical data for floors. In this blog post, we will explain the vinyl flooring usage classes and what to look for.

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  • Carpets and Acoustics – Textile Flooring as a Perfect Solution for Offices, Hotels and Other Commercial Areas

    Whether in a home, at work, eating out or shopping in the city: for many people, strolling around the shops: for many people, what should be fun for us quickly turns into strained nerves and bad mood when it's just too loud.

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  • Laminate or Vinyl? The Pros and Cons at a Glance!

    When it comes to designing your home, there are several ways to choose the right design. Above all, the most particularly popular design (due to its’ timelessness) is the wood look.

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  • How to combine your PVC and Vinyl Flooring with Underfloor Heating

    As our little series on underfloor heating has shown, there are almost no constraints on choosing a suitable floor covering. Above all, it is important whether the respective product can withstand the temperature fluctuations and is declared as suitable by the manufacturer. Even with vinyl flooring it does not behave very differently. The question that persists, however, is how efficiently the whole thing can be operated.

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