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Art London 2018 – Sponsored By Bricoflor

Thursday, 12 July 2018

We here at Bricoflor, are proud to announce that we participated in sponsoring an artist at the amazing Art Night 2018 on 7th of July, an event for celebrating the contemporary art scene in the UK and showcasing the very best of British creativity.

In terms of our participation, we were lucky enough to be contacted by artist Ben Judd who needed a cut of Sommer ExpoLine carpet for his participatory event in Doddington Estate, Battersea. We were more than happy to help and managed to provide Ben with a beautiful carpet to help complete his installation.

Ben Judd’s work examines his relationship to specific individuals and groups; recently the choreographic and the rhythmic has been used as a method of constructing temporary communities. The work explores how the ritualistic activities of marginalised groups and individuals can be extended into an action realised by actors (one that itself hovers on the border between immersion and a more self-conscious, knowing state), and how, in turn, this action can be interpreted in a moving image work. Positioning himself and the audience as both participant and observer, he engages the grey area between ritual and performance, searching for an unreachable and idealised state of community.

Ben Judd has exhibited all across the UK as well as internationally, including such places as Tokyo, Rotterdam, Nuremberg, Shanghai and many other amazing locations.

His art installation, entitled "It Grows Like A Strange Flower" was intended to encourage examination of notions such as identity, community, engagement and estrangement as well as allowing the participants to inhabit the domes for Art Night, eat a meal made from locally-sourced ingredients, and facilitate discussions around the subjects of community and the urban landscape.

The excellent event ran from 6 pm - 9 pm and turned out to be a huge success, with a large number of people participating in the outdoor event, both from the local community itself as well as attendees of Art Night.

We even managed to showcase our very own Bricoflor banner at the event! Here are some photos of the event, all of which has been taken by excellent photographer and architect Gianluca Stefani, of EVA Studio.

When asked if we were willing to sponsor Ben, we here at Bricoflor saw this as a superb opportunity to get involved in a very worthy community cause and to showcase our support of local businesses and people.

We are incredibly proud to have been able to take part in such a wonderful occasion and look forward to another possible collaboration with Ben in the future!

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