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Vinyl Click Flooring For Bathrooms

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

There are a multitude of reasons why vinyl click flooring is a top contender for bathrooms. With new innovations in vinyl technology, not only is it a reliable performer, it’s a more practical solution than other flooring options. In today’s blog post, we will summarise the three main benefits of click LVT for bathroom flooring.

  1. A Time-Efficient and Easy Installation, Even for Amateurs


Vinyl click flooring is the ultimate DIY partner for your home renovations and make-overs. Constructed with a click-lock system, these vinyl floors require only basic tools and does not take long at all to install. A basic craft knife can be used to adjust the vinyl tiles or planks to the room dimensions, and the planks are assembled with the interlocking edges that “click” to signal a sturdy connection. What’s even more impressive, is the new rigid vinyl technology.  Designed with rigid board at the core, it features excellent dimensional stability, rigid vinyl flooring can be installed even over old floor coverings, without deforming overtime to the gaps in the subfloor. So, if you have ceramic floors in your bathroom, and do not want to face the labour-intensive task of removing them, rigid vinyl is the solution for you!

  1. Smart substitute for ceramic tiles, real wood and stone


Vinyl click flooring is not only easier to install than other flooring options, but it is also easier to maintain, cheaper than real wood and stone, and more functional than ceramic tiles for your bathroom. For example, ceramic tiles can often be unpleasantly cold on your feet, not to mention that at times it can be hard. Many vinyl flooring options can provide a pleasant and softer underfoot experience than ceramic tiles. In comparison with real wood and stone, vinyl flooring is coated with a PUR surface treatment, which provides a protective layer provides resistance to abrasions and chemicals, making it a convenient and easy option for cleaning. Finally, it’s water and moisture resistant properties make it a reliable performer in wet rooms.

  1. Functionality with No Compromise on Style


It is essential that your choice of bathroom flooring is practical for the demanding conditions of a wet room. That includes its durability under humid conditions as well as safety properties. This is exactly what LVT click flooring offers. Many luxury vinyl flooring feature a slip-resistant surface which ensures less risk of slipping in your bathroom. What’s more, designed with high thermal resistance features, you can install many LVT flooring over underfloor heating systems, adding an extra depth of luxury to your bathroom. Of course, all these features are essential when designing a new bathroom, but equally as important are the aesthetic and design of your bathroom flooring. With the latest embossing and décor-synchronising printing techniques, there are endless design options to choose from. You can select from designs inspired by a huge array of stone and wood species. Stone decors imitating natural mineral compounds as well as man made decors like concrete. Wood designs inspired by oaks and timbers which replicate the graining and knots to enhance authenticity.

Vinyl Click Bathroom Flooring Available at BRICOFLOR

Explore the many collections of vinyl click flooring available at BRICOFLOR and be inspired from the huge array of design options for your next bathroom renovation! If you have any questions regarding any of the ranges, or if you’re searching for advice, please get in touch with our experts via telephone, email or simply complete our contact form and our team will happily assist you.



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