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Vintage Laminate Flooring

Contrary to popular belief that only a natural wood floor is successful for a vintage interior, we say a high-quality laminate flooring is equally apt at enhancing a retro interior. In today's article, we have put together a summary of what you should look out for when designing a room with this flooring.

Laminate Flooring’s technical and aesthetic properties convince endlessly


Alongside parquet, laminate belongs to the category of hard floor coverings. Similar to a prefabricated parquet, laminate planks also consist of several layers. A robust wood fibreboard securely stabilises the construction and a decorative top layer of printed paper adorns the plank on the structured surface. The pattern does not always have to imitate real wood, but can also imitate stone, concrete, or tiles, among other things. For this reason, laminate flooring is ideal for installation in practically any style of interior. Because UV rays cannot harm the material, the planks retain their colours permanently and hold their beauty. Laminate flooring planks have outstanding durability, which is why they can be used in a wide variety of private and commercial areas, depending on the usage and abrasion classes. Other advantages of these hard floors include easy maintenance and uncomplicated installation thanks to an integrated click system or full-surface gluing."

Vintage laminate flooring in several looks to suit your individual taste


Vintage is a romantic style and presupposes a typical colour scheme of pastel shades. White, milky colours such as the Parador planks Parador Laminate Flooring Classic 1050 V-4 "1601447 Oak Skyline white" or Quick-Step Classic "CL1486 Ash White" are usually used as the main tones. They require further delicately coloured contrasts. Such light finishes exude a feeling of lightness and bring additional light and warmth into your four walls. Renowned manufacturers such as Parador, ter Hürne, and BerryAlloc present you with unique laminate flooring planks that skilfully imitate soft and warm wood colours and stone tile patterns, making them the perfect basis for a retro-style interior design.

Features of the trend

One of the features of this trend is the striking age of furniture, flooring, and accessories. Slightly cracked paint, worn wood, and faded colours add to the charm. However, not only old materials need to be used. Thanks to modern technologies, you can achieve the effect of aged surfaces with the help of brushes, patina, and more. A vintage-style flat or house is dominated by light colours. The colours should be soft and muted as if they would fade naturally over time.


In terms of flooring, the aged style requires natural materials. Thus, real parquet or various vintage oak laminate flooring versions provide the best floor coverings for this. The stylish soft grey antique laminate flooring from the ter Hürne Trend Line "Oak Hotel California T03" collection scores with a calm appearance and a structured surface that perceptibly reproduces the brushed wood on the surface. The all-around beveled edge creates slight gaps between the panels, making the overall appearance almost indistinguishable from a real wooden floor. The extremely hard-wearing laminate floors of the BerryAlloc Impulse collection present themselves as a representative of a completely different kind. These offer an attractive alternative for those who do not like wood. The tile-look versions with a noble baroque pattern have a specially treated surface that has been chosen to match the decor. This gives you the feeling of walking on real wood and stone.

The history of the vintage style

The vintage style emerged in Europe from the late 19th to the early 20th century. There are practically no strict rules and restrictions for this design. In a vintage style interior, furniture and accessories symbolise the past and combine skilfully with modern items. When decorating a room, the aim is to use only natural materials. Mixing different textures is allowed. You can safely combine forged products and wooden interior elements as well as ceramics with different finishing materials. Matching items include iron beds with metal buttons, flowered tablecloths, heavy oak chests of drawers, leather suitcases, dressing tables with silver elements, mirrors, flowers, clocks, and much more.

Skilfully integrate laminate flooring, wallpaper, and cushions into a retro interior vibe


Interior design with a vintage style is not just about antique things and furniture, though. The walls, the floor, and all the décor must be suitably styled for the period. While we have already presented you with the most important features and examples of an antique chestnut laminate flooring in our online shop you will also find a variety of fluffy and cosy vintage carpets, cuddly vintage cushions, and appealing and captivating vintage wallpaper to complete the overall picture.

Here, too, we recommend that you choose wallpapers and accessories in delicate light tones such as light pink, light blue, light green, yellow, etc. In the living room, you can place a round table with a white tablecloth on it. With a cuckoo clock on the wall and black and white photos on the shelf, the vintage vibe is complete. The vintage style mixes different styles, so designers believe that it is about creating your own style, i.e. you are the author of your style. Creative imagination, artistic freedom, and harmony - this is the recipe for success for a beautiful vintage aesthetic.

We hope we have given you some ideas for the design of your rooms. If you are still looking for a suitable vintage laminate flooring, it may be worth taking a look at our online shop. There you will find a wide range of first-class laminate flooring that impress with their tasteful design as well as their outstanding technical properties.

If you have any questions about specific products, you can reach us using the contact form. Our service team will be happy to advise you and help you choose your new laminate flooring. See you next time! Your team from BRICOFLOR, Europe's large online shop for walls & floors.