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  • Top 5 best sellers for LVT and Carpet Tiles

    Recommended products by BRICOFLOR

    Here at BRICOFLOR, we deal with floors every day. That means we can thoroughly observe how well products perform and how happy customers are with them. Based on years of this insight, we find ourselves recommending the same products over and over, to different customers. Want to have a taste of these top performers? Take a look at those products!

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  • Deco: what colour of floor covering for which atmosphere?

    Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950104 Scandinavian Oak Medium Gray" (19.05 x 121.10 cm) Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950104 Scandinavian Oak Medium Gray" (19.05 x 121.10 cm)

    Your floor is the basis of your interior. Whether it is a laminate flooring, LVT flooring or carpet, colours are always successful to change the look of your room. Choosing the colour of the flooring is therefore not an ordinary choice. Indeed, different colours will refine your room giving it the wanted atmosphere.
    But with so many colours, how to be sure to make the right choice?

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  • 6 Reasons Why Milliken Pioneered Modular Carpeting


    Millitron® – Digital Colour Placement

    Millitron® is a high-resolution digital printing technology that was developed by Milliken’s Research & Development department. It facilitates complex textural effects and various colour combinations that are not achievable with any other carpet manufacturing technology. The brilliance of Millitron® is the limitless possibilities in creating astonishing designs from scratch or reinventing existing collections by adding an extra touch. When doing this you will not be confined to changing the pattern in a single carpet tile, but you can even construct a large-scale design that flows across the entire floor over a multitude of tiles. This technology ensures that the textures are produced with fine accuracy and clarity in a vast and constantly evolving colour palette. The possibilities range from bright and vivid to bold and subtly tonal.

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  • Mr Tomkinson Carpets-- Now Available at BRICOFLOR

    Mr Tomkinson Carpets

    Mr Tomkinson is a quality manufacturer of carpets. They have produced carpets for over 100 years, giving them the experience to craft the highest quality carpets available at a great price. Mr Tomkinson offers a wide range of carpet styles and designs, giving you a wide selection of carpets from which to choose. Mr Tomkinson produces elegant and smooth tufted carpets as well as durable and resilient loop pile carpets. No matter what style carpet you are looking for, Mr Tomkinson can provide. If you are interested in Mr Tomkinson carpets, make use of our free sample service. Get all of the benefits of a shop in the comfort of your home! Your sample will be delivered directly to your home, so you can decide for yourself that a Mr Tomkinson carpet is the carpet to suit your needs.

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  • Deciphering the Code: Flooring Symbols Explained

    Flooring Qualities and Attributes: What do these flooring symbols mean?

    Flooring manufacturers use a variety of symbols to describe the quality and included attributes of their product. Often, they are included in place of a written description. Keep reading for our guide to deciphering these symbols and finding the perfect flooring to suit your needs.

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  • Associated Weavers- Sensuality

    Sensuality by Associated Weavers

    Associated Weavers Sensuality Associated Weavers Sensuality

    The Sensuality Collection by Associated Weavers, known in Beligium as the Sensualité Collection, is the latest luxury carpet collection from this well known brand. The Sensuality Collection is known for its seductive softness, heavenly texture, and robust durability. The Sensuality collection offers four elegant ranges, the Sensuality AW Secret, AW Seduction, AW Sensation, and AW Silhouette. This versatile line is a great choice as a luxury carpet for its luxurious feel, soft texture, as well as its robustness. The plush, full texture of this carpet will caress your feet as you walk across it. Feel as if you are walking across a heavenly cloud every time you walk through your home.

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  • Carpet Backing: Does your carpet have your back?

    Carpet Backing: Does your carpet have your back?

    What is carpet backing?

    Carpets are available with a variety of backings. Many are fitted with a textile backing, usually made of jute fabric or a synthetic fabric. The carpet fibres are inserted into the primary backing and given extra durability and stability by the addition of a secondary backing. Jute backing is a common backing and is a great, natural alternative to other backings. Other natural or environemtanlly friendly carpet backings are produced using recycled materials or easily renewable materials.

    Superbac® carpet backing stabilises and supports carpet The Wilton Royal New Forest features Abingdon's Superbac® backing

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  • Abingdon Flooring: High Quality Floors for Any Situation

    Abingdon Flooring

    Abingdon Flooring

    BRICOFLOR’s online shop features the highest quality flooring options from across Europe, so it is no surprise that Abingdon Flooring is included. BRICOFLOR now offers Stainfree Carpets, Wilton Royal Carpets, and Distinctive Flooring Vinyl Sheet flooring from Abingdon’s illustrious product line. Proudly produced in Great Britain, all Abingdon Flooring products will meet your high expectations of quality, design, comfort and durability.

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  • Carpet By Definition - What Are Carpets?

    Carpet at BRICOFLOR UK

    What is carpet?

    red carpet, carpet, wall to wall carpetAccording to the OED, carpet is “a floor covering made from thick woven fabric”, or alternatively “a thick or soft expanse or layer of something”. Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring options available today and dates back to the 5th Century B.C. Historically, these products were used in the Orient to cover walls or floors. Today, they are used as wall-to-wall flooring in homes and businesses across the world. There are a wide variety of flooring options, but carpets are by far the most popular flooring option in the UK.

    An extremely popular flooring option - why?

    One of the many advantages of carpet is its outstanding versatility when it comes to installation. It can be easily fitted in any kind of room, as well as on stairs. Additionally, it offers exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. Unlike wood, tile, or alternative flooring, carpet reduces excess noise, such as heavy footfalls and echoes, and it can keep your home warm and cosy by acting as an insulating layer that prevents heat loss. With rising energy costs and efforts to be more environmentally conscious, carpeting is a great way to insulate your home, reduce waste and lower heating costs. Many manufacturers are taking this even further by producing their carpets using recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes. Thus, carpeting is an exceptional flooring choice for those seeking to reduce their impact on the environment, while benfiting from a warm and comfortable flooring.

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  • Welcome to BRICOFLOR UK | Flooring and Wallpaper Shop

    bricoflor_logoHigh-quality products at the best prices on BRICOFLOR UK

    BRICOFLOR has specialized in the retail of wallpaper, carpets, and other flooring options since 1970, meaning we can draw on 45 years of experience when dealing with your home renovation needs. In 2006 we moved into the online market, offering our services internationally to both commercial and individual clients throughout Europe. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know the best brands and manufacturers in the flooring and wallpaper industries. You can thus be sure that we have selected the best products when it comes to quality and price-performance.

    Ordering is now extremely simple when shopping online on BRICOFLOR UK. We have established logistic centres throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Given out strategic partnerships with top manufacturers, we are flexible to suit the needs of our customers, and are usually able to fulfil any request, even when it comes to colour matching and specific batches.

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