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Children’s Bedroom Ideas – The Psychology Of Colours

Thursday, 31 January 2019


Colour influences us all and can even be a key factor in your child's temperament and concentration abilities. In this blog post we will explore kid's bedroom ideas based on colours, patterns and textures. In simple and easy to digest sections, we will explain how to combine these elements for a peaceful and harmonious living space based on colour psychology for children.

Children's Bedroom Ideas - The Psychology of Colours

It is every parents wish to create a happy, safe and productive environment for their little ones. Below you can find a breakdown of the colours and their impact on children's behaviours and our recommendations on how to use these to create a harmonious ambience.

Orange – Used often in education, orange increases critical thinking and memory. Sometimes used in test rooms, this colour has been known to improve the outcome of exams.

Blue - Blue stimulates creativity but should not be used in excess as it can feel cold and bring a more morose feeling to children. Pastel blues can be used in small doses for relaxing ambience.

Pink - Pinks and coral colours are great for baby rooms. This is a calming colour and can lower the heart rate as it emulates the mother’s womb. This makes children feel safe and can be used on the ceiling for a more soothing colour when children go to sleep and wake up.

Red - Red should be avoided with younger children as it can overstimulate them. It is the colour of danger and passion and can confuse them into tantrums. With older children it can help with focus during repetitive tasks or tasks which require attention to detail.

Yellow - Yellow is known for stimulating intelligence and is ideal for use in children’s bedrooms. However, bear in mind that it should not be overused as it can distress children.

Green - This colour is great for kid’s rooms as it the colour of harmony and balance. This can relax children whilst still stimulating them and encouraging them to be curious. It is closely associated with nature, which children love to explore and of wellbeing, this can promote happiness.

Purple - This colour can stimulate creativity in children as it can be a dominant colour. Be careful using cooler shades of lilac as it can have a similar effect as blue.

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How to Utilise Colours

  • Use complementary colours with low contrast levels as this can aggravate children.
  • Do not use more than two blocks of different colours in a room.
  • Using diiferent hues of the same colour is nice gentle way of breaking up solid colours.
  • Use muted, pastel tones for the walls as a backdrop; only using bright colours in toys that can be put away to create a calmer environment when required.
  • Using wooden furniture or flooring in a child’s room can be a nice touch as it is a natural material and is not overbearing. Engineered wood flooring with an oil treatment also has room atmosphere regulating properties.

We recommend using different hues of the same colour to create a dynamic and interesting wall scheme without overstimulating the child.

Patterned Wallpaper Overstimulating?

Whilst images from fairytales and mermaids can ignite the imagination of a child, too much patterned wallpaper can be overwhelming for young children so we recommend not filling the entire room with it. Wallpaper with images can be used as a great highlight in a room breaking up monotonous blank walls. Using it in alcoves or as a focal point on a small wall can avoid visual overload in children whilst still making their rooms interesting and inspiring. For some inspiration, from space themes to cute animals see the A.S. Créations Espirit Kids wallpaper collection on the BRICOFLOR website.

Textiles To Create Textures

Using rugs in children’s rooms adds extra textures to stimulate kids in their essential learning phase where all the senses should be used as they are building up their sense of world outside themselves and translating the sight into sound.

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