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How To Choose My Laminate Floor?

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Parquet stratifié Tarkett Lamin'art 832

Laminate Tarkett Lamin'art 832

Choosing your flooring can be complicated and stressful when you have little knowledge of DIY. What are the laminate floors that meet the criteria I am looking for? How to reconcile price, quality and simplicity? So many questions that require simple answers! That is why, BRICOFLOR has put together an article filled with advice and technical information to help you choose your laminate flooring.

Basic selection criteria for a laminate floor


You must choose your floor wisely according to the use you make of it and the traffic that is in your room. Indeed if you lay your laminate floor for residential use, the thickness and strength may be less important than for commercial use.

If your area is for commercial use, use laminate floors with a class of usage between 31 and 34.

For a room in your house or appartment, a laminate with a class of usage between 21 and 23 is sufficient.


Consider making the difference between low-moisture rooms such as living room, office and bedrooms, and wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. All laminates are not suitable in wet rooms, only some models. Find out if your laminate flooring has a waterproof top layer to ensure your floor is tight. The Belgian manufacturer Quick-Step offers a range specifically designed for wet rooms with its Quick-Step Impressive collection. Another Belgian manufacturer, BerryAlloc, also comes out a range adaptable in bathroom and damp rooms: BerryAlloc Riviera.


The laminate flooring is fitted with a clic system. Nothing easier ! No more glue and endless steps, laying this laminate flooring is really quick. By selecting this product, simply place your planks or tiles next to each other by clipping them.


There are two formats for laminate flooring: planks and tiles. The differences between these two formats stand in the design that it offers once the product is installed. The tile is a rectangular or square format that will perfectly imitate marble and ceramic tiles for a rather urban and mineral atmosphere. While the planks have a more elongated appearance that will perfectly imitate parquet and multiple wood species.

With the multitude of possible imitations, you can therefore have imitation parquet wood, concrete, leather, textile, ceramic, marble, ceramic tile and boat deck. This wide range of designs allows you to adjust your room according to your desires by bringing the style you want. The design of your laminate can also be with peripherical bevelled edges.

What class of use for the room I want to renovate?

It is necessary to determine how is the traffic in your room. Indeed, it is important to take into account this factor because it determines the class of use of the laminate that you will have to have at your place.

If you are installing your floor in a commercial area or for professional use, prioritise laminate floors with a class of use ranging from 31 to 34. The higher the class of use, the more resistant the laminate flooring. A class of use 31 is suitable for hotel rooms and conference rooms, while a use class 34 is suitable for intensive commercial use.

If you want to renovate your home, choose laminate flooring with a class of use between 21 and 23. Indeed, the resistance required is different from an individual to a professional. Laminates with a usage class 21 are good for a usage in a room or office with moderate traffic. In a living room or dining room, a class of use is recommended for normal use. If you want to renovate your entrance and kitchen, choose a laminate floor with a class of use 23, intended for an intensive traffic.

Which manufacturer would be likely to meet my criteria?

Two Belgian manufacturers stand out on the market by selling high-quality laminate flooring.  Some products are able to be installed in wet rooms.

- Quick-Step, a company belonging to the Unilin group, was the first to launch the laminate flooring on the Belgian market under the name of its own brand. Quick-Step puts a premium on the quality of its products and its ability to innovate. One of the strengths of Quick-Step is that it offers laminate with the most varied imitations. You can buy a laminate flooring with a wood, marble or even a parquet Versailles imitation. Adaptable in wet parts for some products, Quick-Step plays on robustness and quality. This Belgian manufacturer is therefore a great choice if you decide to renovate your floor with a laminate.

- BerryAlloc, part of the Beaulieu International Group, is distinguished by its brilliant values such as excellence and integrity. BerryAlloc offers a wide choice of collections with products with designs worked and sought after. These Berry Alloc Riviera and Berry Alloc Serenity ranges offer the possibility of installation in humid rooms. To certify the quality of BerryAlloc products, laminate floors for residential use are guaranteed for life. What to choose a BerryAlloc laminate flooring!

Small summary, why choose laminate flooring?

Advantages and precautions

Advantages and precautions


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Inquire Right Now!

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