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Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring For Your Bathroom

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Thank god for bathroom vinyl floor tiles and planks! For years, if you wanted bathroom flooring that was easy to maintain and keep free of mould, you went with tile or sheet vinyl. Any sort of hardwood installed next to a bathroom shower or bathtub wasn’t very popular.

Even with more water-resistant hardwoods, the flooring would need to be watched over like a hawk to prevent any water damage. However, we believe an excellent alternative is Bathroom Vinyl Floor Tiles or Planks!


So, if you actually want wood floors, why install luxury vinyl over actual wood? Well, for one thing, luxury vinyl is scratch proof, meaning that movements of chair legs and other furniture will not mark your floor. Luxury vinyl bathroom flooring is also water resistant, durable and anti-slip so it is not a concern to have in the kitchen or the bathroom.

real wood floors. This is perfect if you live in a flat or apartment block and want wood floors, but have to consider the downstairs neighbours!

Modern luxury vinyl flooring is available in a huge range of designs, some of which look like wood or tiles. Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean and can be used with underfloor heating too. If considering investing in vinyl flooring it is best to go for a good quality range as it will last longer and be more durable.


Why Should You Choose Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Tiles or Plank

  • Low Cost - Vinyl Flooring can cost as little as £8.95 per m² and up to £44.99 m², making it vastly cheaper than getting a real wood floor laid. Most luxury vinyl flooring also comes with a 10-year minimum guarantee so it's highly durable and can take quite a beating from kids, pets and everyday wear
  • Highly versatile designs! - Whether you are looking for a wood or stone, classic or modern, rustic or sleek, you'll find a perfect match in our bathroom vinyl flooring collection!


  • Easy to Maintain - Having ceramic in the bathroom can be quite unsanitary due to several reasons. Grime and dirt can often build up between the tiles. Calk stains can be a hand full when it comes to cleaning. Once stained it is very difficult to restore their original look. Bathroom vinyl flooring tiles are easy to sweep, vacuum, and mop. Nothing sticks to them. If you like low maintenance, this is the floor for you!


  • Safety - This is a pleasant surprise. Ceramic tile can be very slippery, and entail a potential danger of falling. Wet room vinyl flooring doesn’t get very slippery at all because it wicks away water and textured finish.


  • Applications options - Vinyl Flooring is highly resilient and is able to be applied to many different environments, depending on the wear class of each product. From residential living rooms to busy commercial factories, vinyl can stand up to whatever is thrown at it. While it is not entirely recommended, it is even possible to install vinyl as a wall covering.



Easy Installation Makes Bathroom Vinyl flooring a no-brainer!

In case you are still not convinced of the excellence of vinyl flooring for your bathroom, please note the incredible ease of installation of this product! One of the many great advantages of LVT flooring is that it is available in four different installation methods, so you can choose the right method for your needs.

- Vinyl Click - This installation method involves using planks or tiles which "lock" into each other with a click mechanism. This is a great system as it is quick and easy to use and as such, does not require an expensive professional fitter. A D.I.Y novice can fit these floors easily. This is the best solution if you are installing over a moisture prone area as it can create an effective barrier.

- Self-Adhesive - This involves laying planks or tiles which have an adhesive backing onto the floor. While this a permanent solution, it is easy to work with and can be done by a novice floor fitter.

- Glue-down - This is another vinyl floor installation method which involves the use of glue to adhere the floor to the ground. This is a permanent solution and very difficult to remove, how the arrival of a new underlay known as "Viscoh 600" helps to make the removal process a lot easier. A roller is best used to ensure that the planks or tiles are properly fitted to the subfloor.

- Loose-lay - This is an installation method which involves simply laying the planks or tiles onto a subfloor where they are tightly placed against one another. The tiles or planks are often thicker than glue down and therefore, can provide a more pleasant sensation to walk upon. Once again, installation is easy and can be done without professional help.


What you do need to take care of is prepping your floor ready for the installation of luxury vinyl flooring. Old carpet glue or grips need to be removed, cracks need to be filled in with an appropriate filler, and the floor needs to be level and smooth. If this is not the case with your floor, make sure you use a self-levelling compound to create an even surface before you apply luxury vinyl flooring.

If you're shopping for new flooring for your wetroom, you could likely save yourself time and money by looking at bathroom vinyl floor tiles options first. You'll find the design style that your house requires and won't have to worry about intricate installation details.


You'll pay a medium-level price per square foot and will feel a great sense of value because you know your investment will last many years. At home, you won't have to include any new cleaning habits into your routine, since Luxury Vinyl Flooring is low-maintenance and has a surface that doesn't let dirt or bacteria stick around.



Bathroom vinyl flooring combines style and practicality, allowing you to renew your creative desires while keeping the process easy and simple. From BRICOFLOR, you will find the widest range of vinyl flooring to find the finish that best suits your tastes and needs. We have the best products in terms of quality/price on the market. Please contact us, and our BRICOFLOR staff will help you discover the vinyl flooring that best meets your needs and requirements!

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