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Exhibition Carpets – A Great Way to Set the Mood of Your Event

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Cameras flashing, dresses glistening and a lucious red carpet are some of the things we think about when we imagine an extravagant celebrity event. But you don´t have to be a celebrity to feel like one! Treat your guests (and yourself!) to something special, like an elegant carpet at your party! Roll out your very own red carpet (we recommend our Expoline in Brick Red!) at your next party, and don´t forget to smile for the cameras as you make your way to the dance floor. Exhibition carpets aren´t only for celebrity events, but they are being more widely used in home and commercial events as well. Store openings, gallery shows, marquee weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries are some of the occasions where this flooring is most needed.


With recent trends, exhibition carpets have made their way into homes and private events. Having a red carpet at your teen´s sweet sixteen party has become widespread, and getting that lush Marquee Carpet for your wedding aisle is more commonplace than ever before. Event flooring used to be only for celebrities, but not anymore! 

With the exclusive range of event carpeting from Sommer Ltd., you can easily put together a luxurious private event - without breaking the bank. This carpet will save your home´s floor from scratches and stains, all the while being budget friendly. It also works as an easy DIY for children´s parties, giving them the freedom to go wild without the fear of bruises and scrapes that you would get from a hard floor. Indoor or outdoor flooring? The choice is yours! Sommer Ltd.´s carpets work well on grass, preventing your perfect lawn from getting trampled, and your guests from walking away with grass stains. The ideal one-time investment, the carpets are completely reusable! We also recommend keeping a spare roll tucked away, in the case of extra guests arriving.

At BRICOFLOR, we have done our research and brought you the best, most in-demand products for all of your event needs. Our exclusive range from Sommer Ltd. is the best of the best in event flooring. You can find their carpets at events all over the world, and they are designed with current industry trends and demands in mind. With over 80 colours and 4 different textures, there is a style and shade to suit every occasion and every customer. Choose our pure White for that perfect wedding aisle, funky Fushia for your teen´s birthday party, or amazing Azure for your next children´s party! All of the carpets can be mixed and matched to suit any occasion.


Having a luxury carpet for your party doesn´t have to be a dream. Browse through our vast selection of Exhibition Flooring and don´t forget to take advantage of our free sample service, available with all of our products. Make your next event one to remember, and contact us today!

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