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Give Your Event The Red Carpet Treatment

Thursday, 19 July 2018

You want to organize a fair, a fair, a booth, a wedding, a ceremony or any other event to welcome many people, but you do not know how to show it? So think about the event carpet! This is the best way to set the tone for your event.

If elegance and prestige are your goals for your event, the red carpet is the essential accessory. Make your visitors and guests feel like stars for a moment. But you wonder how to get this coating without breaking the bank? Well, contrary to what many believe, it's not overpriced! The event carpet SOMMER Expoline is presented in a wide choice of red carpets at a more than affordable price:  £2.39 per m² for a red carpet Sommer Expoline.

In addition, its installation is very easy thanks to its double-sided adhesive which saves you precious time and money!

Sommer Needlepunch is the flagship brand of red-needled carpets in rolls for events. Indeed, the French company, created in 1880, has become the European leader in textile floor covering events. To satisfy all tastes Sommer has developed several collections of red carpet expo, each offering different shades of red from bright to dark; among them, you'll find for example "Tomato" the most vivid and "dark red" the darkest. So choose from three collections: ExpolineExposhow and Exposoft.


It should be noted that all these SOMMER collections have an excellent Bfl-s1 fire rating, in accordance with the standards in force, in order to limit the spread of fire in case of fire.

But in fact? Do you know where the term "red carpet" comes from? For you too, the red carpet is synonymous with prestige? And you are right, red was used in Antiquity, in ancient Greece to be more precise, to accommodate individuals from high society such as political leaders, senior army officers or religious dignitaries. And for good reason, the colour red was not as easily available as today. Indeed the red was fined in a marine mollusc, which was very difficult to catch. That's why you had to pay the high price to get it.

Now you understand why walking on the red carpet was a privilege and hence the phrase "unrolling the red carpet" which means receiving with a lot of attention.

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