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Give Your Floor An Instant Makeover With Gerflor Self-Adhesive Luxury Vinyl

Monday, 20 November 2017

0724_skadi_raumbildDo you want to give your home a new look but worried it will take too much time or effort? There´s an easy way to give your space a makeover without spending weeks prepping and planning. You can even put in this new floor right before Christmas - we promise! Self-adhesive vinyl is a quick and easy way of giving your space that makeover it deserves. With many designs and colours available, there´s a style that can suit any room and decor. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing product!

rs27113_patchwork_grey_zoom-lpr_1With today´s fast changing interior design trends, it can be hard to keep up with the latest looks and styles. Putting in a new floor used to be a big commitment, but not anymore! Self-adhesive vinyl flooring gives you the freedom to change your floor quickly and easily. All that´s needed is that your subfloor is flat and clean, and you can begin laying down the vinyl planks. It´s as easy as peel and stick! To install this flooring, experience isn´t needed, so it´s not necessary to hire a fitter. Want to give your home a fast makeover before the holidays? That´s no problem with this flooring! Prep work and installation only take a day or two, and you can enjoy your floor the day you install it. There´s no need to wait for the floor to settle or the glue to dry. How´s that for fast?

10918-Gerflor-Senso-Rustic-Antique-0511-Pecan-2-2-mGerflor´s Self-Adhesive Luxury Vinyl (available here starting at £13.45/m²) range includes stylish collections such as Senso Rustic Antique Style, Senso Urban, Senso Natural, and others. All the collections cater to a large spectrum of styles, be it modern stone looks, clean-cut wood, shabby chic styles, or weathered wood looks. There´s a design to suit anyone´s tastes and decor. We highly recommend our favourite shade, White Pecan, which is very versatile, as it can fit in either a modern or rustic space.  

5996285397575-lvt-senso-2mm-33250394-white-pecan-enterior-02When it comes to a new floor, there are many things to consider. One of the first is the cost, another is easy installation and durability, and lastly it´s appearance. Gerflor´s flooring has got you covered, bringing you affordable flooring that´s not only durable and gorgeous, but also extremely easy to install yourself. With all these positives, there are even more advantages! One of the main benefits of self-adhesive tiles is that they can be easily replaced when one tile becomes damaged. All that´s needed is to heat up the tile with a blow dryer, and it will come right off. You can then clean the area and replace the damaged tile. Another great advantage is that unlike with sheet vinyl, you can mix and match tiles to create a whole new unique look! Use different shades to create borders, frames, and creative designs.

dandy3Updating your home doesn´t have to be difficult or take up too much of your time. With self-adhesive flooring, updating your space has never been easier or faster. For a quick makeover, this flooring is just the thing you´re looking for! With endless designs and styles, there´s something for every home. Impress your family and your neighbours with a high-quality flooring that looks like it´s straight from an interior design magazine, and one that you installed all on your own!

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