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Monochrome Vinyl Designs at Bricoflor

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

While rich, wooden designs can truly embolden a space, sometimes a simple white or black design is all that is needed to capture your exact desired effect. However, many people have a perception that white or black vinyl floors are "expensive", "grand" and therefore, not for them.

Here at Bricoflor, we have a variety of different black and white vinyl flooring designs, to suit any budget.


Firstly, let's begin with some modestly priced products


Gerflor Design self-adhesive vinyl tiles are an excellent product. Like all self-adhesive vinyl tiles, they come with an underlying adhesive film backing, which makes them incredibly easy to install.

All you need to do is remove the protective film and firmly press the tile against the floor – it really is that simple! Just make sure that the surface is free of grease, oil and dust

This white vinyl flooring comes with a 7-year warranty! Only £10.95 per sq metre!


Fancy trying the incredible sleekness of black vinyl flooring? Then look no further than this product! Highly durable, this product also comes with a 7-year warranty.

Allow the intense but understated style of this black tiles to transform your space into something that makes a true statement. Effortlessly style that won't break the bank, whats not to like? Only £10.95 per sq metre!

Hmm so now let's try something with a little higher price range



Amtico Click Smart is a luxurious, durable and easily affordable white wood vinyl flooring.  Perfect for homeowners looking to reinvigorate their home, or for new buyers wishing to stamp their style on their new home.

The Amtico Click Smart collection comprises of 15 inspiring wood and stone designs, which manage to perfectly capture the warmth and calming nature of wood with the sleek and rustic character of stone. Amtico produces extremely robust, hard wearing products and is renowned for their longevity and durability. Amtico Click is the perfect luxury vinyl flooring if you are looking for a high class, robust and competitively priced flooring. Only £44.99 per m²!


Wineo's 600 collection is standard equipped with a PU (polyurethane) surface coating, a 0.4 mm thick transparent wear layer, and a low structural height of 2 mm. This leads to a wear class of 23/32/41, which means that the floor can be used in any application from domestic use to light industry use!

In addition to that, you will find desirable features that make the Wineo 600 white vinyl plank flooring safe and convenient. Only £23.50 per m²!

Now let's try for the highest end of the market, floors that aren't cheap but truly reflect high quality when it comes to vinyl flooring.


The Wineo 800 Tile Collection is ideal for those who love the look of tile but don´t like it´s long installation time, or how cold it is underfoot. This white vinyl flooring collection comes to the rescue providing an installation system that´s quicker and easier than tiling, perfect for those with little flooring experience.

It comes in 24 different shades that can fit in with any décor, be it modern or rustic. Its clean lines give richness to any space, giving you a sleek look that can rival any model home.

With the high wear classes of 23/33/42, this collection can be used for various spaces like heavy-duty domestic and commercial use, along with light industrial use.  This white wood vinyl flooring is not cheap but quickly after purchasing this product, you will know where the extra money went.



Just like it's white counterpart, this is not a cheap product but it truly is one of the best products around. Designed for use in heavy traffic areas with a high wear class of 23/33/42, this is a floor you can rely on to remain tough and strong for many years to come.

So, there you have it. Examples of black and white vinyl flooring at three different prices ranges, see, we told you it was possible! No matter what your budget is, you'll find a more than satisfactory vinyl floor at Bricoflor! Check out our website today and be one step closer to the floor of your dreams!




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