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High-End Wallpaper Brands at BRICOFLOR UK

Friday, 18 August 2017


BRICOFLOR UK has a wide range of wallpaper. The many different brands offered are sometimes unknown because we do not buy wallpaper very often. In this blog post, we tell you more about the wallpaper brands we sell. We will deal with the five best-selling brands, but we have many more. We can provide more brands of wallpaper than currently on the site. Contact us for more information!

A.S Création

A.S Création is one of the companies that has become famous while selling wallpaper. They are young, but known worldwide. The headquarters are located in Gummersbach, Germany, but they have a number of subsidiaries throughout Europe, so they can keep up with fashion in every part of Europe. The innovative company keeps track of the current trends, such as brick wallpaper, with flowers or wood. A.S. Création is also very innovative when it comes to materials; they offer a lot of nonwoven wallpaper, which is one of the newest materials.



We all know Versace is a luxurious Italian brand, but most of us do not know they also make and sell wallpapers. The wallpaper radiate the same luxury as all their other products. The designs of the wallpapers have many gold and black colours, which gives you the Italian atmosphere in your home. Moreover, the quality of the wallpapers is also as good as you may expect from Versace. You can mix and match endlessly with the different designs in combination with the wallpaper borders. The different lines in the two collections will give you enough choice to get your favourite combination of wallpaper.

Esprit Home

Esprit is a brand we all know because of their clothing line, but a few years ago, the American brand started a home collection. These include home accessories, curtains and towels, as well as wallpaper. Esprit does not only follow fashion when it comes to clothing, but also their wallpaper collections are up to date. Esprit 12 contains many pastel colours and looks like a Scandinavian design. Esprit also has a collection with wallpaper for the children's room; these are decorated with happy colours and cute animals.


If you want designer wallpaper, Livingwalls has everything you are looking for. They are known for working with high-end brands. In the current collections, they worked with people from the fashion industry, jewellery designers and architects. One of the latest collection is the collection with Jette Joop, a German jewellery designer. This line of wallpapers clearly shows the influences of sparkly jewellery, by glittering gold and silver. This is combined with a more conservative look of baroque wallpaper. Baroque wallpaper has never been out of fashion. Click on the link to see the various collection of Livingwalls. Do not forget to look at the collection designed by architect Mac Stopa; this exceptional collection is full of geometric wallpaper, bright, neon colours and futuristic designs. The ideal collection to create a feature wall in your home!

Schöner Wohnen

Schöner Wohnen is a well-known interior, lifestyle and living magazine from Germany. Schöner Wohnen means beautiful living; everyone can accomplish this with these beautiful wallpaper collections. They advise their readers about decorating, design and interior. They report about the latest trends and set the new trends. Since they started producing wallpaper, they have designed and published nine collections. The ninth collection contains the latest trends, with soft hues tenting to pastel like colours. This collection also has many influences of the Scandinavian design. If you see the trends of 2017, this collection has it all; pastel colours combined with dark tones and the Scandinavian style.

We have 13 wallpaper brands on our site, but we can also provide, for example, Daniel Hechter and Graham & Brown! Have you seen your favourite wallpaper somewhere else on a site? Contact us for more information, by phone 01264 980370. Even if you have other questions about wallpaper, our staff will be happy to help. We understand it is not easy to buy your new wallpaper online that is why we can send you a sample, contact us via the contact form or call us to get more information. You will get an impression of the colour and quality. Buy your favourite wallpaper online at BRICOFLOR.CO.UK!

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