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How much wallpaper do I need?

Ok, so you’re at the stage where you’ve selected your dream wallpaper, you’re visualising it on your wall, and just before you purchase, you realise you have no idea how much to buy. Well, fear no more! Because here at BRICOFLOR UK, we have created a little five-step guide on how to purchase the perfect amount of wallpaper.

Unlike flooring, you need to pay real attention when you buy wallpaper as you need to ensure that you pattern match. What is pattern matching, you might ask? Pattern matching, or pattern repeats, is the distance between the points where the wallpaper pattern matches again. So, imagine you have a beautiful floral pattern, just like this one – it’s the part where that intricate flower and the leaf design finally matches up again, so it looks seamless.

It is really quite simple to find out the pattern repeat, as it is often on the product page on a website or on the packaging of the product. Like this one from an AS Création Wallpaper (374723):

So, let’s imagine we want to transform our plain wall into a vibrant feature wall. Where do we begin?


It is vital to measure the surface upon which you wish you install your wallpaper. This will give you a rough idea of how many rolls to buy, anyway. It is important to measure both the height and the width of the wall. With this same logic, it is also crucial to take a look at the dimensions of the wallpaper itself. For the basis of this article, let’s imagine we have a wall: 150cm width x 220cm height.

Wallpaper Dimensions WALLPAPER ASIAN FUSION 374723 A.S. CRÉATION











The next step is to calculate the number of drops you need. Take the width of the wall and divide it by the width of the wallpaper, to see how many drops you require. So, in this case:

150cm / 53cm = 2.83 drops

Always round up = 3 drops.


Now you know how many drops you need; you need to multiply that number by the height of the wall.

In this case: 3 drops x 220cm height = 660cm


Now you need to check if your wallpaper even needs to pattern match – some don’t! If your wallpaper doesn’t have a pattern repeat, you can skip straight to Step 5. However, if your wallpaper DOES require a pattern match, pay attention now.

You need to include a pattern repeat for each drop, except the first!

For example:

We have 3 drops in total and we need pattern repeats for all 3 drops, apart from the first.

Therefore, we need 2 pattern repeats in total.

2 (pattern repeats) x 3cm (pattern matching distance) = 6cm

660cm (3 drops x height) + 6cm (pattern match) = 666cm


Now that we have worked out that we need 666cm of wallpaper, we need to see how long the roll is. Using the example above, we know that 1 roll is 10.05m long, and since we only need 666cm of wallpaper, we know that 1 roll is enough!

I hope this has given you a little insight into how to measure the amount of wallpaper you need. It may seem daunting at first, but once you know these five simple steps it really is a piece of cake to do! Why not take some inspiration from the BRICOFLOR UK wallpaper, with their extensive range of flooring and wallpaper, including Versace designer wallpaper? Let your DIY project begin!

Floral Wallpaper

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