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LVT – The Floor You Deserve

Friday, 3 August 2018

There was once a time when vinyl flooring was seen as a cheap, inferior product. This was the time when laminate reigned supreme in the flooring market. However, things change. The poor perception of vinyl and laminate's superiority have both changed; Nowaday's, vinyl is back with a vengeance and has transformed the flooring market! Checkout out our amazing vinyl flooring prices!


You may ask yourself, "Why should I choose LVT? Isn't laminate cheaper?" and that's a fair question to ask but the fact is that LVT is head and shoulders above laminate in terms of durability, functionality, and reliability.

LVT is equipped with a strong layer of polyurethane  (PUR), because of this, it's wear layer is far most resistant than laminate which doesn't possess this features. This layer allows the floor to stand up to common complaints such as scratches from an indoor cat or scuff marks from moving furniture.

Laminate flooring and water are not friends in any way shape or form, which makes it highly unsuitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms. Thankfully, this is not the case for vinyl as it impervious to water.

So, if you actually want wood floors, why install luxury vinyl over actual wood? Well, for one thing, luxury vinyl is scratch proof, meaning that movements of chair legs and other furniture will not mark your floor. Luxury vinyl bathroom flooring is also water resistant, durable and anti-slip so it is not a concern to have in the kitchen or the bathroom.

real wood floors. This is perfect if you live in a flat or apartment block and want wood floors, but have to consider the downstairs neighbours!

Modern luxury vinyl flooring is available in a huge range of designs, some of which look like wood or tiles. Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean and can be used with underfloor heating too. If considering investing in vinyl flooring it is best to go for a good quality range as it will last longer and be more durable.


Perhaps one of the primary drivers of vinyl's newfound popularity is its easy installation compared to laminate.  Installation methods such as click systems have made vinyl incredibly D.I.Y friendly in such a way that hiring an expensive professional to fit the floor is no longer needed.

Vinyl flooring often works out cheaper in the long run as it requires less maintenance than laminate. The planks or tiles can simply be laid down and then click on each other, ensuring a quick and stress-free method of bringing your dream floor to reality!

Not into the idea of click flooring? Well, unlike laminate, vinyl is now available in other installation methods such as self-adhesiveglue-down and even loose lay. Each method has it's own unique advantages so you are sure to find the right installation method for you!

In contrast, a laminate floor can be very troublesome and unforgiving, especially if it damaged in any way during an installation. This can mean your flooring aspirations may be dashed before they've even begun. Laminate also requires the individual who is fitting the floor to know what they are doing so hiring the services of an expensive professional may be required.


To find out more about our great range of vinyl flooring products, just visit our website and speak to our friendly customer services representatives who can help you find the right design, installation methods, and price to suit you so you can bring your vision to life! Our sale page contains great bargains, so don't delay, visit us today and see what you can save!

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