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The Number One Commercial Flooring Solution: Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles

Monday, 10 April 2017

Colourful mixing and matching with Modulyss carpet tiles

If you’re in the market for a new floor for an office, hotel, restaurant, or similar high traffic location you need a product of high quality in every aspect. The colour needs to fit your style, installation needs to be quick and hassle-free, the floor needs to last a long time, and it needs to be an economically responsible decision. Ease of maintenance and convenience of use are key points as well. Although they have been on the market for a long time, commercial carpet tiles are still underappreciated products that meet all of the above criteria, and go even further.

Carpet tiles for contract applications: a vast number of colours and patterns available

Colourful Modulyss carpet tiles in Poland

Colourful Modulyss carpet tiles in Poland

Whether you’re in commerce, catering or service industry, hospitality business, or anywhere else, the space where you receive customers and business partners is the calling card of your company. And while few, if any of your guests will pay specific attention to the floor you chose, its contribution to the impression of your space can not be overstated. Luckily, carpet tiles come in all sorts of colours and patterns, and you’re pretty much sure you’ll find what you’re looking for, maybe in one of the wonderful collections form Modulyss.

  • • Many colours & patterns available
  • • Mix and match possible for countless options

Solid colours offer the possibility of creating a calm, understated mood, or can be used to highlight your company’s colours. Alternatively, you can use them to indicate different spaces or walking routes. For a more lively mood, patterned carpet tiles are available. No matter which point in the spectrum from slightly more interesting than solid colours to intricate goniometrical patterns you’re looking for, carpet tiles deliver exactly what most suits your needs. Depending on the signature colours of your business venture, you just might find a pattern that incorporates those.

Modular commercial flooring: ease of transport, storage and installation

While the main advantages of textile floor coverings, like ease of maintenance and acoustic improvements, are well known, transport, storage, and installation of conventional carpet is dreadful, as the large, heavy rolls are notoriously inconvenient. Thanks to the invention of modular carpet, or carpet tiles, it’s possible to enjoy all the advantages of textile floor coverings without the traditional hassle. The square tiles come in boxes, which cuts down on transportation costs massively, as the available space is used at maximum efficiency.

  • • Modular: comes in square boxes
  • • Storage and transport at maximum efficiency

If the floor needs to be stored for a period of time at your space, this efficient format will strongly reduce the hassle involved as well. And lastly, when the moment of installation has come, transporting the tiles to the required location within your building is like a walk in the park. A conventional elevator can be used, and no specific transportation cart is required. This is a particularly huge advantage for larger buildings, such as big offices, hotels, and airports.

Commercial grade carpet tiles: lasting quality under high stress

Modulyss carpet tiles at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, United States

Modulyss carpet tiles at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, United States

Carpet tiles for offices, hotels, and commercial spaces endure a lot of traffic, and it is vital that the floor remains at its best for a long time. Thankfully, commercial carpet tiles these days are of excellent quality, and are sure to deliver reliable quality, year after year. The confidence manufacturers have in the quality of these products is evident, as most manufacturers offer warranty for 10 to 15 years under commercial use, and sometimes even longer.

  • • 10 to 15 years of warranty
  • • Wear class 33
  • • 1050 grams/m²
  • • Usually glue-less installation

With a wear class of 33 you can rest assured that a floor of heavy duty carpet tiles is a sensible choice if you’re looking for lasting quality. Thanks to this long lifespan your initial investment can be written off over a longer period of time, decreasing the financial burden. The tiles generally are made of nylon, polyamide, or polyolefine on a strong, heavy backing. Thanks the a pile weight of up to 1050 grams per square meter (= 877,8 grams per square yard or 97,55 grams per square foot), in most cases the tiles don’t have to be glued which makes replacing a single damaged tile or a whole floor easy. This also pays off if your space has raised floors with underfloor infrastructure. Temporarily removing a row or small area of tiles can be done easily to access underfloor cables, tubes, or electrical systems.

Heavy duty carpet tiles: a financially sensible investment

In the current economical environment, margins are getting smaller and smaller. As such, it’s not surprising that it’s increasingly important to keep a sharp eye on all of the company’s spending. Having a thorough look at carpet tiles for your office, business space, hotel, or restaurant can save you from financial hardships caused by something as seemingly trivial as a flooring solution. Carpet tiles are not only financially interesting when looking at the square meter price, the financial advantages go much further than that. Thanks to the convenient square format, transport and storage save time and resources, which contributes greatly to the reputation of efficiency and convenience carpet tiles have.

  • • Low square metre price
  • • Efficient storage and transport saves money
  • • Quick and easy installation
  • • Notable resale value

In addition to that, installation of a modular floor is notably more efficient than that of large, heavy rolls. The tiles can be transported to wherever in your building they’re needed, using standard elevators and hand trucks. Then, for most cases, installation is nothing more complicated than laying the tiles on the floor. This saves a lot of time, which not only cuts on labour costs but also minimises the time your space can not be used. Also, the market for previously used commercial grade carpet tiles is a growing one, so the floor will retain resale value in case of moving to a new location or a restyle of the interior. As such, commercial carpet tiles, for example from Modulyss, save time and money on every step in the process, without sacrificing on quality.

More reasons why heavy duty carpet tiles are the project flooring you’re looking for

While the above – colour variety, ease of logistics and installation, high quality, and investment value – present the main selling points of heavy duty carpet tiles, their advantages don’t stop there. Carpet tiles were initially developed for domestic use, which presented itself as a great testing ground for technical properties that are desired in project use. As a result, commercial carpet tiles boast a vast set of technical characteristics that make one scratch their head in wonder why not every commercial space is equipped with these square all-rounders.

Textile floor coverings reduce noise and increase comfort

While of dense synthetic yarn, both domestic and commercial carpet tiles incredibly resilient and dampen contact noise to a minimum. This reduces noise not only in the space in which the carpet tiles are installed, but also in neighbouring spaces in all directions the sound from footsteps or moving equipment is greatly reduced. This positively affects concentration and peace of mind for everyone in the building. As a bonus, is it also more comfortable and ergonomically better to walk on a floor that compresses lightly under the foot. This, in return, increases health, mood, and productivity of employees, visitors, and business partners alike.

Further health benefits and dust containing

Not only is a depressible, textile floor covering ergonomically better, it can also present itself as a life saver for people with asthma or severe allergies. Contrary to popular belief, carpet tiles do not emit dust. On the contrary, they contain dust within their surface structure, which keeps the dust particle density >1 meter above the floor at a lower level than, for example, an LVT or laminate floor would. This increase in air quality at mouth/nose level, even for sitting people, reduces respiratory complaints and positively affects overall health.

Ease of maintenance – both day-to-day and long-term

Heavy duty carpet tiles in commercial applications also boast the benefit of great ease of maintenance. While most other floor options suffer from intensive labour to keep them looking at their best, or unpleasant (financial) consequences in case of damage, carpet tiles have neither of these problems. Every day maintenance generally is limited to regular vacuum cleaning, and in the unlikely case of a tile getting severely damaged, it’s easy to replace just that single tile. And thanks to the convenient square format that makes storage easy, it’s of little or no hindrance to keep a box or two in store to deal with issues immediately. This is also because no skilled worker is required for installation.

In short, carpet tiles are by a stretch the most suitable flooring solution for a huge array of commercial applications. Offices, hotels, commercial or business spaces, and restaurants are only a few of the countless examples.

Our humble suggestion: presenting Modulyss carpet tiles

Modulyss carpet tiles are of high quality

As a brand that combines all the possible advantages into one product, Modulyss should need no introduction. Their versatile product line-up, excellent quality, and unparalleled customer service makes Modulyss one of the quiet greats of the textile flooring industry. While fairly unknown among an upsettingly large group of business owners, their resume speaks volumes of the quality on offer. From hotels around the world (for example Ramada Otel Turkey, Parkhotel Belgium, Flakensteiner Hotel in the Republic of Serbia, Kibaek Hotel in Denmark, Hotel Parentium in Croatia, Hotel Petit Palace Spain, Hotel CCH Elephant Poland) to major brands’ headquarters like Omega Pharma, Phillips, Schweppes, and KBC, and even Jigsaw, Fleetway Travel, and the Notting Hill Housing Trust here in the U.K.. Travelling businessmen might have already seen a Modulyss floor in the flesh, as Chicago O'Hare International Airport in the United States, Punta Arenas International Airport in Chile and Brussels Airport in Belgium boast thousands of square metres of Modulyss carpet tiles. The high quality modular commercial flooring is available in countless different colours and patterns, which creates a huge number of combinations, so you’ll surely find the style you’re looking for. Furthermore, the tiles and benefit from a backing incorporating polyester, bitumen, and glass fibre for optimal life expectancy. This also gives the tiles their high wear class and top-notch fire safety classification. In addition to high quality products, the company offers customer service at levels unheard of in this industry. If you’re interested in about 500 square metres or more, Modulyss offers to send a team to have a look at your situation, for personally tailored recommendations. This all free of charge, and with no further obligations.

Find Modulyss carpet tiles for commercial use at

If you are as enthusiastic about these products as we are, feel free to have a look at our shop. We hope you will find what you’re looking for, and are always on stand-by to offer you advice. If you’re placing a larger order, don’t hesitate to contact us for a personal quote. To get the best impression of the products, we offer a free sample service across our assortment.

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