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Office Carpet Tiles : Quick Guide

Friday, 5 July 2019

Modyluss Carpet Tiles

For some time now you have been looking for a new floor covering on carpet tiles. The innovative modular floors are a further development of the classic carpet and convince with a child-friendly handling. Therefore, we would like to dedicate the current part of our blog series around different types of flooring to the question: What is the carpet tile?

Textile Floors Reflected: The Visionary Tile Format

Who thinks of a textile floor covering, probably first has a carpet in mind. But in the meantime the knitted fabric gets a serious competition - the carpet tiles. The floor coverings are hardly different in their structure and their nature, because both have a soft wear layer of yarn, which is combined with a supine layer. The main difference is the format: while carpet is sold as a roll in different widths, you get carpet tiles as single square modules, which usually have a length and width of 50 cm. This makes them very easy to transport compared to bulky roll goods and can be easily transported to higher floors - good news for anyone who wants to get the flooring delivered to their doorstep.

Easy Laying With Space For Creativity

Even when mounting the advantages of the handy format quickly become clear. The textile tiles can be laid piece by piece in peace and quiet, making them an ideal choice for home improvement. In particular, the self-laying carpet tiles can score in this respect: they can gain so much stability by their own weight that they do not have to be glued. As a result, they are clearly inferior to conventional carpets, which must be fixed with great effort on the ground. Alternatively, you can opt for self-adhesive carpet tiles, which you also do not have to apply a separate adhesive. Because on the back of the modules, an adhesive layer is already applied, which is protected by a film until the beginning of the renovation work.

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Schatex Living Different Colours Schatex Living Different Colours

For those who want to express their personal style while setting up their four walls, the modular flooring provides an excellent opportunity to do so. Because you are by no means bound to use one and the same colour for the entire room. Simply combine tiles into different designs and in this way implement individual patterns that will astonish your guests! Read more about installing the floor covering in our article about laying carpet tiles, which you can use for orientation if you would like to carry out the upcoming renovation project independently.

Durable Carpet Tiles For Home UK

Versatile In Design And Possibilities - The Carpet Tile

The usual variety of structures and decors of carpets can also be found in the tile variant. The selection ranges from functional solutions made of needle-punched fleece to sumptuous variants with a fantastically soft velour surface. For example, if you would like to sink your feet in a flattering yarn, you can use Schatex Funky Feet. The 6.8 mm thick pole promises high walking comfort and lets you always start well into the day. Due to the intense colours, the floor covering radiates real joie de vivre and fills your rooms with positive energy. And thanks to the very good light fastness you can be sure that you can enjoy the playful look even after years, because the colours do not fade even with regular sun exposure.

Schatex Traffic and Schatex Traffic Plus

The floors of Schatex Traffic prove that the textile tiles are not only suitable for their own four walls. These are rated 33 and can thus be used without any problems in heavily used property areas. This is primarily due to the low pile layer in loop shape, which can withstand higher loads and can not get dirt into the depth. This makes it easy to clean the carpet tiles and ensure a professional appearance, as the name of the collection promises. The restrained design, which shows small lines on a structured surface in dark nuances, also contributes to this.


Clean Room Air By Natural Features

Similar to carpet, carpet tiles improve the air quality in your rooms naturally. The textile fibres are able to bind dust from the environment, so that it no longer moves freely through your home. To maintain this effect, you only need to clean the floor regularly with a vacuum cleaner

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