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PVC Garage flooring tiles : Why is it better?

Friday, 12 July 2019

PVC Garage flooring tiles : Why is it better?

When it comes to garage flooring several options may spring to mind. For example, rubber mats or epoxy, tiles and so on. In this blog we will discuss the positives to garage flooring tiles as comparatively, this is one of the best options from ease of installation and removal to durability.

Air flow system as a safe mould prophylaxis

Each tile has an air-flow channel system on the underside, which ensures drainage on the bottom and promotes the evaporation of even larger amounts of water. The industrial floor thus breathes and contributes to the healthy indoor climate. Even if you do not stick the PVC tiles and lay them loose, this surface protects your substrate against mould and mildew, and prevents the formation of moisture and rot.

Fast installation saves money and time

Other advantages of floor systems include simple installation. Many tiles feature a practical lock mechanism, which simply connects the modules with each other as a perfect fit system. You can lay the PVC tiles loosely on the ground or glue them in the next step - this option is entirely up to you. In both cases, the floor is safe, sturdy, withstands a lot and will serve you long.

If you chose a tile with an integrated interlock system you can install in a few simple steps and do not need to be additionally glued at the end. In addition to the advantage of a quick installation, you also save on expensive adhesives and can also replace the individual elements, if necessary, without having to replace the entire floor. For a successful installation, it is recommended that the PVC garage floor be ventilated once before use 24 hours before use and acclimated to the desired room temperature.

Easy-care Option and Long Lasting

A huge advantage of some specialised PVC tiles, such as Fortelock Invisible, is the lack of visible joints, which prevents the floors from breaking. The floor covering should be swept in the private household depending on the degree of contamination and then wipe with a damp cloth. If you should resort to special cleaning agents, we recommend neutral and soap-free cleaners to avoid residues on the surface and other dirt.

In industrial areas, alkaline cleaners can be used to dissolve greasy substances for a good and clean overall result.

Cost Efficient

Due to the length of service time and the price point of the product, PVC interlocking tiles are certainly cost efficient when compared to rubber rolls which might not last a particularly lonh time or the epoxy flooring which is somewhat expensive I requires professional installion. Not only are you saving on professional installers and adhesives the price per tile in the Fortelock range is particularly appealing. Explore the range further on the BRICOFLOR Online Shop.

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