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Quick-Step Black and Grey Laminate – The Hottest Trend Right Now

Thursday, 28 December 2017

The coming new year is all about being bold and beautiful! Gone are the days of plain flooring, because the floors of today are all about making a statement. Black and grey floors have been making a splash lately, and for good reason, too! They can make any space look glamorous and sophisticated. If you´re thinking of putting in a new floor, you´d be pleased to know that you can achieve an amazing look using laminate! Keep reading to learn all of our tips!

What Exactly is Laminate?

Laminate is composed of wood pressed together, topped with a photograph design and covered in a clear wear layer. This type of flooring has been stereotyped as not being very durable, but now, that has all changed! Laminate from QuickStep is well-known for being heavy-duty, scratch and water resistant. It´s also firm underfoot, making it feel more like real hardwood. No one will ever know the difference!

Black Laminate

If you want to go full-glam, black is your choice! It not only looks extremely elegant, but it adds richness to your home.  Homeowners lately have been moving towards creative and bold flooring, which is why black is becoming so popular. Since fashionable floors are getting darker and darker, you can´t be more fashionable than with black! Beautiful, classy and sleek, this flooring goes great with white architecture like door frames, crown moulding, and window trims.

When it comes to furniture, black flooring can really set the stage for unique pieces, making it stand out and pop. A good trick is if your furniture is already dark, add a light-coloured rug. This will help break up the dark shades and your furniture won´t blend in with the floor. If you´re buying new furniture to match your floor, a good choice is choosing colours that are a few shades lighter than your floor, or going with pale wood. One of our favourite shades of black laminate has got to be Burned Planks from Quickstep (available here for £30.20/m²). 

Grey Laminate

With minimalist, industrial, and Scandinavian interiors growing in popularity, so is grey flooring. Grey is the go-to colour for these styles, and for good reason, too! It´s extremely versatile, as it goes with almost any colour. Since it is a neutral colour, it provides the perfect backdrop for fun shades such as yellow or coral, which really stand out when paired with grey. Adding bright hues gives a room a cheerful mood and a warm atmosphere.

Grey floors have become a favourite among those wanting to achieve a clean, classic look in their home, but still want to add a bit of fun. QuickStep´s shade Concrete Wood Light Grey (available here for £30.20/m²) shows how flexible this colour can be, and it works great for either rustic or industrial looks.

For furniture colours, choose natural or white wood, as this makes the space look fresh and brightens up the floor. If you´ve decided on getting a grey floor, then the next step is to choose how light or how dark of a floor you want. As a rule, dark grey can visually reduce the space, while light and medium grey can create a welcoming, airy atmosphere. But of course, you can always play around these rules by adding light-coloured ceilings, fun decor, or light wood furniture.

Although black and grey laminate is increasingly popular, they are also timeless colours which won´t be going away any time soon, and they´ll look great for years to come. At BRICOFLOR, we´ve got all the latest styles of laminate from QuickStep available in our online shop. With our free sample and quote service, you can be sure that your order is in good hands! Give us a call (01264 980370) or send us an e-mail, we´d be more than happy to hear from you!

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