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Quick-Step Laminate and Vinyl Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

With the New Year fast approaching, it´s time to think about New Year´s resolutions, changes and... flooring? That´s right! Get the year started off right with an easy home makeover that´s done in a snap! Putting in a new floor has never been easier with QuickStep, so keep reading to find out more about their vinyl and laminate flooring!

When people think of home makeovers, they usually think of furniture, paint, and expensive decor. Flooring is usually something left for last and replaced only if needed. With QuickStep´s easy installation, anyone can put in a new floor in their home. No experience needed! In this week´s post, we´re taking a look at QuickStep´s Impressive Ultra collection for laminate flooring, and their LIVYN Collections for vinyl. Let´s get down to all the little details about this flooring!

Laminate: Impressive Ultra Collection

When people think of laminate, they think of a low-quality, cheap flooring. QuickStep is here to prove everyone wrong with a high-quality laminate that not only looks incredibly realistic, but is also durable and waterproof. Laminate is made from pressed wood, with the top layer being a photograph covered with a clear wear layer. Laminate is known for feeling sturdy underfoot, which is perfect for those who want a more authentic wood feel.

Most people know laminate as being weak and not able to withstand water very well, but the Impressive Ultra Collection brings you laminate that´s waterproof. This makes it perfect to place in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom! With this collection, QuickStep overcomes the laminate stereotypes and brings a product that´s not only durable, but extremely versatile as well.

If you love the warmth of wood, then we highly recommend this laminate flooring. It feels warm underfoot, perfect for cold winter nights! When it comes to appearance, it comes in 16 rustic and modern wood shades. We love the shade Concrete Wood Light Grey (available here for £30.20/m²), which would look great in a bright, modern or shabby kitchen.

Vinyl: LIVYN Collections

Vinyl flooring is made of a synthetic plastic, and planks are created similarly to laminate. The vinyl is finished with a photograph of the design, along with has a wear layer. Vinyl is well-known for being low maintenance and durable, but did you also know that falling objects are less likely to break on vinyl?  If you have children that love to play and are more prone to falling, you´ll be pleased to know that unlike laminate, vinyl has a softer feel underfoot. 

QuickStep´s LIVYN Collections Balance, Pulse, and Ambient come in both click and glue-down installation methods for your convenience. Their vinyl has also always been popular thanks to its durability and famous water-resistant properties. Having a wood floor in your bathroom or kitchen used to be an unattainable dream, but not anymore!

Trendy and stylish, the collections come in 45 colours that suit any space, so you can have the look of wood or stone in your home without the maintenance and high price tag! One of our favourite shades from these collections is Black Slate (available here for £31.95/m²), which is a gorgeous dark stone, great for any modern, minimalist interior.

Treat yourself this Christmas by giving yourself a piece of mind with QuickStep flooring!

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