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Revealing The New Gerflor Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30 : Your New Spring Look

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Spring is just around the corner and with it the start of the renovation period. In keeping with this, Domotex, the largest floor covering exhibition, presented the latest furniture trends for 2019, which we naturally do not want to withhold from you. The two most promising new additions are both from the home of premium manufacturer Gerflor from France, who are continuing their classic, highly successful Senso Lock 30 & Virtuo Lock 30 click vinyl collection with the new Gerflor Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30, whereby the Virtuo Series from Gerflor compared to the Senso range of the more luxurious variant of vinyl designer flooring.

Gerflor Senso Clic 30 "0029 Pecan Nature"

Click Vinyl From Gerflor - A New Flooring Style

A large number of our customers already know the proven design series Gerflor Senso Lock 30 and Virtuo Clic 30, which is particularly appreciated for its versatility and durability. As the successor of this series of collections, the Senso Clic 30 and Virtuo Clic 30 are still extending these benefits and show that Gerflor click vinyl is a real flooring trend.

Responsible in particular are the outstanding technical product features of the Gerflor Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30, which enable a wide range of uses and are reflected in the European classification 23/31. Consequently, the flooring can be used both in the residential and in commercial properties. The basis for this is the 0.30 mm thick wear layer of the two design floors, which is additionally coated with a polyurethane coating to ensure a very high resistance to external influences, flame retardant and moisture resistant, thus ensuring high slip resistance and heat stores better than a laminate floor.

In addition, the two vinyl floors are characterised by their low weight of only 7385 g / m², which suggests a higher dimensional stability. It is a misconception that a higher product weight in vinyl flooring is associated with higher product quality, as heavier vinyl floors use only more fillers that make it more difficult to adapt the vinyl floor to the substrate. In addition to the potentially harmful plasticisers that are used as fillers on heavier vinyl floors, among other things, the low construction height of the two design floors Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30 also makes laying very easy. Due to the low construction height falls in particular the adjustment of doors away.

New Drop-Down Click System Ensures Even More Stability

When laying floor coverings, the click system in particular has proven itself and the majority of people now regard this as standard equipment for floor coverings. However, the new

Gerflor Clic 55 "Lorca Blue 2"

Gerflor Clic 55 "Lorca Blue 2"

patented click system from Gerflor makes relocation even easier. Here, the individual planks no longer have to be put together at a steep 45 ° angle, but can simply be placed together by a so-called drop-down click system, so that tongue and groove of the individual modules lie directly above each other. The whole thing is then solidified again by gently tapping the joints with a rubber mallet.

The peculiarity of this system lies in the fact that within the click system are small elevations, which resemble an additional hook system and thus ensure greater stability. In addition, the floor coverings are easier to remove, since no adhesive is required during installation and only a part of the defective plank has to be cut out during removal and the planks can then be easily pulled out. In addition, Gerflor is offering a 12-year manufacturer's warranty on the Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30 for the unexpected case of complications in one of the two design floors.

Click-Vinyl Of Gerflor - Decoration For Every Area

Gerflor is known for the many different decors of every flooring collection. This also applies to the collections of the new Gerflor Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30, which allows you to choose between wood and stone decors in any colour. Thanks to bright, calm Scandinavian wood tones or grey ceramic shades, you can let your premises shine to your taste.

But not only the different decors characterise the look of the floor, but also the different formats of click vinyl contribute to the effect of your room. The different wood decors are available in authentic plank form with the dimensions 123.9 x 21.4 cm, whereas the different stone decors in tile format with the dimensions 72.9 x
39.1 cm are available.

Gerflor Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30 - The Latest Click Vinyl

With the new click vinyl Senso Clic 30 & Virtuo Clic 30 from Gerflor. Available from May 2019, which will prove itself with its aesthetics and performance. But if you do not want to wait that long, you're welcome to browse our full lineup and explore our blog to stay up to date in the world of wall and floor coverings.

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If you have further questions about our many products, our friendly customer service is of course always available, which you can reach via our contact form.

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