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A.S. Création Versace – The Ultimate in Luxury Wallpaper

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Stay bold, stay gold! This is what A.S. Création´s Versace Collection is all about, along with luxurious prints and intricate details. Designer wallpaper used to be something only seen in the mansions of celebrities and millionaires, but not anymore! Now everyone can have a little touch of extravagance in their home! Read on to find out all about this affluent wallpaper!

When people think of Versace, they think of beautiful baroque designs, Greek keys, floral scrolls, and palm leaves. Versace is well-known for being popular amongst the world´s elite, but now thanks to A.S. Création´s Versace Collection, there is a wallpaper that gives everyone the option to create a luxurious look in their space. Be it your home, boutique, or hotel, this wallpaper is completely versatile! 

Many might be intimidated by the striking patterns and bold colours, but we always say: have no fear! When it comes to styling this wallpaper, it´s much easier than you think. Versace´s style is all about being bold and luxurious, which means you don´t have to worry about mixing loud patterns together. If you pair their beautiful gold baroque wallpaper with similarly patterned armchairs and couches, you´ll truly have a celebrity-worthy home! We´re especially loving this gold leaf wallpaper (available here for £5.63/m²), which would fit in perfectly with a plush couch and gold and black pillows to match.

Even though the Versace Collection looks amazing, you´ll be pleased to know that its practical as well! It´s completely removable, so when you decide to change up your interior, you can do so with ease. When it comes to dirt and stains, they can easily be cleaned away without the worry of damaging the wallpaper. If you have a room that gets a lot of natural light, that´s no problem! In addition to all these great features, this wallpaper is also resistant to fading in sunlight.

If you´re looking to give your home that luxurious look, A.S. Creation´s Versace Collection is for you! With this wallpaper, any home can be turned into a palace! You can view the Versace collection on BRICOFLOR´S online shop, where we have our best price guarantee and free sample service always available. If you´re after a large order, we have a custom quote service we can provide you - free of charge. Give us a call (01264 980370) or send us an e-mail, we´re more than happy to hear from you!

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