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How To Style Area Rugs

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Area rugs are the go-to item when it comes to giving your space a whole new look. Even if you don´t paint the walls or change the furniture, putting in an area rug can really bring a room together. Whether you want to organize your open floor plan or put in a new rug under your dining table, we´ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves when it comes to all things rugs! Keep reading to find out!

Mix and Match Rugs

Not many people know that you can arrange different rugs in the same room. The easy way to have multiple rugs in one space is to stick to the same colour palette, but always change the design.

Don´t be Afraid of Fun Colours and Patterns

Worrying if the colour or pattern of your rug will perfectly match your room is a thing of the past! Choose a rug that has a similar colour to your decor - it doesn´t have to match exactly. Colours never match in nature, and if you try too hard, it will just end up looking very artificial.  If you´re designing your room from scratch, you can also pull colours from your rug and use them in your decor. When it comes to patterns, almost anything goes. If your walls are neutral without any wallpaper, go for a crazy pattern (we love this black and white rug from Bricotex, available here for £47.85). If you have wallpaper, choose a rug with a more subtle pattern. 

Black and White Rugs Go With Everything

If you want a rug that will match just about anything, try a black and white rug! No matter the pattern or design, these rugs go with almost all decor. Black and white also adds a touch of interest and richness to any space. With this colour scheme, you really can´t go wrong!

Choose the Right Size

Never get a rug that´s too small. This is the golden rule because small rugs make your room look smaller than what it actually is. Rugs that extend beyond the edges of furniture can make a room look bigger. A good thing to remember is that rugs always set the stage for whatever sits on them.

Layer Rugs for a Unique Look

We love the look of layered rugs! The rule for layering rugs is texture. One style that´s been cropping up lately is layering cowhide rugs over oriental rugs. The contrasting texture of the sturdy oriental rug with the soft cowhide work well together and don´t look overdone. This look also gives a room a more exotic, rich feel. One of our favourite cowhide rugs has got to be the black and white cowhide rug from Bricotex (available here).

Choose Bold Patterns and Rich Hues if You Have Pets

Everyone knows that pets are unpredictable. To disguise any stains or hair, choose a rug with bold patterns and colours. This way if the carpet does get stained, it won´t be as noticable.

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