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Trend Alert: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Wood and stone flooring is all the rage these days, but the price sure isn´t something to be happy about! Wood and stone always gives a regal look to any home, and it can give a room an instant luxurious boost that´s comparable to any model home. Although these materials look amazing, they´re also not very practical, either. Wood can become damaged and worn out, and it doesn´t handle water very well at all. Scratches in wood flooring are inevitable, and a nice, new wood floor can quickly become covered in scratches and dents. If you have kids or pets running around, that can add extra damage to an otherwise sensitive floor. Stone is hard-wearing, but it´s also very cold on the feet and usually hard to keep clean. Many home owners are looking at other options that will give them that rich look they want, but with more durability, warmth and less maintenance.


When people think of vinyl flooring, they usually think of a cheap, thin material with unattractive patterns and colours. Vinyl flooring has been booming in the past years, and it´s now known as a luxury flooring because it comes in any colour and style imaginable. Gerflor is a flooring manufacturer from France that has decades of experience in today´s demanding world of commercial and domestic flooring. Customer favourite collections include Senso Rustic, a self-adhesive flooring, and Senso Lock 30, a vinyl click flooring. Our favourite patterns are a cold-toned weathered wood called Pecan (a customer favourite!) and a dark, luxurious stone called Riverside.


Gerflor takes the plunge and offers a floor that resembles wood or stone by feel and looks. One big advatage of their products is that they are affordable, so you can get that celebrity home look for your own home without breaking the bank. Another advantage of this flooring is that it´s completely waterproof! Now you can indulge yourself by having that wood floor bathroom of your dreams. Not only for the bathroom, this flooring works in the kitchen as well, or even laundry room. Spills aren´t an issue at all, and it can also withstand high humidity. So go ahead, take your hot showers without worry, because this flooring is built to handle all conditions. But what about installation? We´re big advocates of DIY, and you´ll be pleased to know that anyone can install this floor. No special skills are needed, and you don´t need to hire a fitter, either! This vinyl flooring is just the thing you need for your next DIY home renovation project.


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