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Update Your Space With These Fierce Wallpaper Trends

Friday, 27 October 2017

palm leaf rasch

Tired of the same old style in your space? Giving your room a whole new look doesn´t have to take too much time or effort. Adding wallpaper to your walls is an easy way to give your room a quick update without breaking the bank. Wallpaper is entering a revival, and it´s appearing more and more in all the interior design magazines and TV shows. Gone are the days of your grandma´s wall-to-wall floral wallpaper! Now wallpaper is used as a statement piece, usually only taking up one wall in a room. These days it´s usually used as a highlight in a room, since an entire room of wallpaper could possibly clash with furniture and look too busy.

african queen wallpaper

A lot of today´s wallpaper is inspired by patterns and textures from nature itself, changing little in the way that it actually is in the wild. We´re loving Rasch´s African Queen II Collection, which takes it´s unique looks directly from the distant African plains. Weathered branches, leopard fur, silver crocodile patterns, palm leaves, cracked wood, or even feathers, there´s a pattern for any space and any style. The exotic wallpapers are untamed and elegant, and we love this gorgeous banana leaf pattern, which looks beautiful when paired with gold accents in a room. This silvery-white wallpaper was inspired by cracked wood, and it would look great in a more luxurious or even minimalist space. Pair it with silver accents, white couches, and white shaggy rugs for room that´s simple but elegant.

african queen wallpaper 2

If you´re into a bit of a challenge, wallpaper doesn´t have to be used only on your walls. These days, wallpaper can be used almost everywhere. You can line bookshelves and drawers, spice up old furniture, or even create a unique wall hanging!

With wallpaper´s big comeback, there´s no time like the present to give your rooms some interest and an exotic touch from a faraway land. With many different colours and shades available, it can match all kinds of decor and style. Today´s designs are light-years away from the old styles, and there´s no reason not to give it a try. Give your home that much-needed update, and why not choose from from our wide range of wallpapers, available now at BRICOFLOR.

african queen 44

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