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Wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom

Monday, 18 November 2019

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Wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom - these are wallpapers also suitable for the wet rooms

Do you associate trendy tiles that are functional with kitchens and bathrooms? This blog post proves that wallpapers are also suitable for the bathroom and kitchen. Various designs can turn your bathroom into the wellness area of ​​a luxury hotel and create a lingering atmosphere in your kitchen. It doesn’t always have to be the boring tile mirror, which by the way can be quite expensive without any prior knowledge.

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Wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom – what should you pay attention to?

If you choose the wallpaper for a kitchen or bathroom, you should pay attention to the composition of the materials. In general, a distinction is made between the carrier and the surface material of a wallpaper. The carrier material can be decisive for the optics and robustness in a damp room. You have the choice between a paper and a non-woven wallpaper. But even the surface material or the coating decides whether wallpaper is suitable for installation in the bathroom or the kitchen. However, in principle, it is not advisable to install it in the immediate shower area.

The paper wallpaper

Paper wallpaper is very breathable and environmentally friendly. If the surface is merely wrinkled, gathered, embossed or printed, the wallpaper is less likely to be used in the bathroom or kitchen because the material may wrinkle and warp under increased humidity. The main reason is that it does not have high dimensional stability. This is already apparent when wallpapering - as the paper wallpaper strips with the paste must be soaked and can easily tear.

The non-woven wallpaper

Non-Woven wallpaper is ideal for installation in the bathroom or kitchen. A wallpaper with a carrier made of nonwoven offers air and vapour permeability and is water-resistant. In addition, fleece is dimensionally stable, so that the wallpaper retains its shape under the influence of water vapour and moisture. Since the material is also very light, the wallpaper will not detach from the wall even at high humidity.

Advantages and disadvantages of a vinyl coating

A vinyl coating can be applied to a paper or non-woven backing. With a non-woven wallpaper with a vinyl coating, you get one of the toughest and most durable wallpaper. A particular advantage, especially for kitchen or bathroom, is that the wallpaper is resistant to scrubbing and therefore - resistant to water splashes.

However, a wallpaper made of vinyl is not quite air and vapour absorptive. If a minor crack in the vinyl wallpaper would form, water can get under the wallpaper and promote the growth of mold. So if you decide on a wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom, a non-woven wallpaper without vinyl or PVC coating is a perfect choice!

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Bathroom wallpaper: With these wallpapers, you can create an oasis of wellness

If you have chosen the right materials for your wallpaper, a variety of designs and patterns are available to make your bathroom a spa-like luxury hotel. Create a place to stay and feel good from a so far only functional space. A variety of patterns, designs, and structures offers you a very rich selection. Just go ​​for the decor that promises you the most relaxation. Almost every interior design style for the bathroom can be created with the wallpaper from our online shop.

Choose a modern natural look and conjure up a Nordic atmosphere or provide exotic flair with modern jungle wallpaper. Take a bath in peace and quiet or start the day with a good mood when you finish your morning work - wallpapers provide the perfect setting for a relaxed and tasteful ambiance in the bathroom.

Pure Exotic: wallpaper in the bathroom provides a holiday mood

With a jungle wallpaper, you can create a little paradise right in your bathroom. Exotic designs and floral patterns guarantee you a fresh atmosphere, to feel just like on a vacation, and they are absolutely ideal for creating a relaxed setting. Palmtree wallpaper like the WALLPAPER 365055 MICHALSKY LIVING DREAM AGAIN is reminiscent of the sea and brings you an extra spark of holiday mood. Modern design with geometric contrasts and striking palm leaves in summer colours or subtle foliage on backgrounds in white or cream - let yourself fall for wallpaper in exotic look.

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Natural look: urban and modern or relaxed naturalistic

With wallpaper in a natural look, you can make your bathroom more than just a functional space. A Scandinavian flair can be created with stone or wooden wallpaper. Purism, minimalism and bright hues ensure peace and relaxation in the bathroom. The Hygge style offers a quiet colour spectrum that is not reserved just for the living room or bedroom. The Danish term, which has become an absolute trend in interior design in recent years, stands for harmony and coziness. In the bathroom a wallpaper produced in wood look-like technique: WALLPAPER 31991-1 A.S. CRÉATION MIDLANDS is a pure touch of naturalism. With candlelight or indirect lighting, the cozy look is perfectly underlined.

With stone wallpaper, a bathroom can be a very modern statement for the interior. Wallpaper in a concrete look, from the collection A.S. Création Beton Concrete & More or brick optics, turn your bathroom into an authentic loft chic oasis of well-being that can be ideally combined with more edgy bathroom fixtures. Darker stone wallpaper forms an elegant contrast to the mostly bright ceramic fixtures. Stone looks in the bathroom is sort of a reminder of the connection between humans and nature and also exude naturalness with a touch of elegance and its urban charm.

Get a seaside home!

Of course, thematically simple nautical motifs or designs based on water are suitable. Maritime interpreted wallpaper made in wood-look technique like WALLPAPER 368571 A.S. CRÉATION IL DECORO by A.S. Création, reminiscent of a romantic beach house, contemporary eye-catchers in every bathroom. Also the classic striped wallpaper or motifs of the seafaring such as anchors, ships, compasses, waves, and seagulls suggest a liberal feeling and serenity.

Wallpaper in blue is of course always suitable for the bathroom, as far as a blue colour spectrum is associated with the water. Fresh petrol tones provide a youthful flair, while deeper blues bring elegance. Discreet pale blue, reminiscent of clouds and the sky knows how to bring the deceleration. Also interpreted as a bird wallpaper, inspire the maritime wall clothing; so, for example, the WALLPAPER 366312 A.S. CRÉATION LINEN STYLE, which convinces with a lovingly designed crane.

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Wallpaper in the kitchen: tasteful in every way

The kitchen also offers numerous designs to create a very individual space. A very special highlight in the ''world of a kitchen wallpaper'' is tile wallpaper - which impresses in almost any appearance! The kitchen is made of non-woven wallpaper, which provides an ideal indoor climate. Vinyl wallpaper is more suitable for the kitchen than the bathroom, as it is unlikely that you will experience as much water in the kitchen.

Tile wallpaper: the alternative to the tile mirror

A tiled mirror is expensive to install, depending on the material cost and also can be quite boring. Tile wallpaper is an ideal alternative. In various colourful looks, all shapes and structures, a tile wallpaper captivate with its authentic design and an individual look. Reminiscent of stained glass or in an oriental or Asian design like the WALLPAPER 369231 LIVINGWALLS METROPOLITAN STORIES the wall clothes invite you for creative cooking. Make your kitchen a cozy lounge, invite friends and relatives to cook together and make your kitchen the focal point of your apartment.

Kitchen wallpaper: a variety of patterns

In addition to the original tile wallpaper, we offer a number of other designs giving the opportunity to conjure a kitchen to feel good. Choose a floral wallpaper like the WALLPAPER 527643 RASCH BARBARA HOME COLLECTION, which turns your kitchen into a cozy country kitchen, or go for exoticism and warmth with WALLPAPER 862010 RASCH B.B HOME PASSION VI. For simpler types, natural optics are of course also suitable here. Straight natural stone wallpaper or concrete looks are ideal for the kitchen and provide you a modern touch there. Youthful flair also being delivered with geometric wallpaper in your kitchen. Triangle designs or retro wallpaper set original accents and provide a wonderful ambiance for a cozy evening with friends.

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