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Wallpapers That Make A Statement

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Wallpapers are often over-looked, seen as something that's is old and out-dated, as well as being a hassle. However, this is an unfair evaluation. Wallpapers have remained as a popular designs choice for decades because they allow the renovator to truly express themselves. How about one roll this colour and another roll, that colour?  Maybe do one wall vertically and another horizontally?

See, with wallpapers you can truly do whatever you like in terms of your design. You can turn a humble room into your own unique space and here at Bricoflor, you'll find a plethora of designs, styles and colours so you can really let loose on your walls!

Beautiful Designs By Versace!

AS Creation have realised a line of wallpapers designed by Versace, such as the one above. This collection is gorgeous and contains a number of eye-catching designs, to rejuvenate any room and sure to be the envy of any of your guests!

One of the best features of this collection is its diverse styles and designs. Maybe you fancy something like the eclectic patterns of the wallpaper above? A collage of contrasting styles that help to showcase your inner creativity? Or perhaps, you wish to have a more natural feel to your room, to allow a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to be its dominating feature?

Well then, Versace has a beautiful design that is based around the tranquil nature of leaves which creates a sleek and soothing aura in any room in which it is installed.

Another incredible producer of quality wallpapers is the German company Rasch. They've been making quality wallpapers for over 154 years so its fair to say, they know a thing or two about style!

One great example of their masterful eye for design is the beautiful "Factory II". This excellent wallpaper has great features such as superb light fastness, meaning it resists fading due to sunlight for a long time as well as being strippable and is washable!


At BRICOFLOR UK, we offer many types of wallpaper. To make it easier for you to choose we have a free sample service, so you can see if your favourite wallpaper fits your current interior. Do you know exactly what kind of wallpaper you want, but not how much? Then we offer an online calculator so you can calculate exactly how many roles you need. So look at our online shop and find your favourite wallpaper online!

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