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Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring?

Friday, 31 May 2019

What Is Parquet?

Along with all the natural beauty of solid wood floors, engineered wood flooring offers extra elements of robustness and resilience that are often required in today’s demanding environments, whether it be in your main living areas, wet rooms and even basements. In today’s blog we will discuss the benefits of engineered wood flooring and why it makes a strong and durable contender for your interiors.

Featuring Unequaled Resistance - Engineered Wood Flooring

Skilfully designed, engineered wood flooring features a highly stable core consisting of multiple layers of high quality plywood and hardwood veneer layers. This layered construction defies the typical standards of solid wooden floors by adding durability that makes it a more practical choice. Notably, its layered construction makes engineered wood flooring more resistant to heat and moisture, meaning it is less likely to expand or deform.

Thus, engineered wood is combinable with underfloor heating systems and can be installed even in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to its wet room suitability. What’s more, the excellent resistance also transfers to its easy maintenance, as the simple sweep and floor mop is enough to keep your parquet in a great hygienic condition.

what is parquet

The Charming and Authentic Decors of Parquet

Real wood flooring is immediately recognisable thanks to its authentic optics achieved through a varied selection of dying techniques, from white wash techniques to tinting by means of heat treatment. The wood effect is then completed with hand brushed and hand crafted tool markings of which the flooring owes its incomparable authenticity, reproducing the charm of a variety of wood species by replicating the natural grains, twists and stains.

What’s more, you can find various decors suited to your interior taste, whether that be natural toned optics for a classic wood look, to white and grey washed decors for a Scandinavian style, other exotic and vintage reproductions.

Do you lean towards the modern and minimalist style? Then opt for the scandinavian decors by combining light beige, white and grey decors. For an exotic interior, play on furnishings marked with noble materials  and combine dark floor optics with extravagant decorations. From the sheer selection of decors available, you can achieve unparalleled splendour and natural authenticity to fit to your individual style!

Our Engineered Wood Flooring Collections

On our online shop, we offer a variety of engineered wood flooring collections available in multiple installation methods from glue down to click.

Bennett & Jones Engineered Wood Flooring

The carefully selected designs of the parquet flooring by Bennett & Jones are the ideal choice for those who value skilfull workmanship and elaborate design. Offering three strong collections which reflect the three main inspirations of the British lifestyle. From urban living captured in the London Calling collection, to expressions of peace and tradition in the Bennett & Jones Shire Landscapes range, you can find unbeatable quality and true craftsmanship in the decors of the Bennett & Jones engineered wood flooring.

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