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Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Designs

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

One of the most pleasant features a home can have is a nice wood floor. It creates a welcome atmosphere of warmth and a sense of subtle relaxation. However, often the price of such floors makes them unattainable to most people, thankfully, due to the arrival of luxury vinyl flooring, you can achieve the same look and feel of a rich, wooden floor without the huge price tag! Welcome to wood effect vinyl flooring!


Vinyl wood flooring can be incorporated into any renovation plans, perhaps your living room needs a little more TLC? Want to create a more cosy and inviting atmosphere in your hallway? Vinyl wood plank flooring is the way to do it!

Perhaps you are wondering what are the advantages of vinyl over a real wood floor, well there are many, Primarily the cost is the main reason, a true hardwood floor is many things but cheap is not one of them. Luckily, you can a near identical vinyl floor for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Another great advantage is the ease of vinyl installation which can be done by a novice, no more expensive professional fitters needed!

One of the great features of vinyl wood flooring is that you choose from a wide variety of designs. Do you want some dark, rich smoked wooden planks or a light oak/beech wood effect? With the great features of wood effect vinyl flooring, you can have whatever design you are looking for without having to pay a massive price. Here at Bricoflor, you'll find the right design for you, at the right price! We have a wide array of products and prices ranges, starting at just £17.60!

Wood effect vinyl flooring is very much on trend at the moment, this is mainly due to its drastically lower price point than real hardwood and outperforms laminate flooring in terms of ease of maintenance. Customers are increasingly moving towards more natural looking designs in an attempt to get back to a more nature-friendly ambience in their homes. It's great water resistance also goes a long way to pushing vinyl's popularity.

Take, for instance, the beautiful Tarkett iD Essential 30 "Aspen Oak Grey". This vinyl wood plank flooring is highly durable, as are all luxury vinyl flooring products. Highly realistic to the look and feel of a real soft oak floor, this comes with excellent water resistance and is even 100% recyclable!

A 0.30 mm wear layer protects the floor from damages such as scratches or scuff marks, making it an ideal candidate if you want some wood effect vinyl flooring to spice up your space! This flooring is ideal for standing up to the daily demands of a residential area or even a light commercial area.

Gerflor - The very latest designs in wood effect vinyl flooring!

Let's take a moment to look at the company Gerflor and how they bring their wooden designs to life. Gerflor carefully monitors all the latest interior design as well as fashions trend all across the world to ensure they only create the most sought-after vinyl wood flooring designs.

In relation to their vinyl wood flooring, Gerflor carefully ensure that their wooden designs contain the rich feel and touch of genuine planks by carefully scanning each piece of vinyl with the grooves and texture of a real floor, this process results in an end product that is near indistinguishable from the real thing!

One great Gerflor product is the Senso Rustic Antique style range! This incredible collection celebrates the very latest in vinyl wood flooring!

The Senso Rustic Antique Style collection is different than other vinyl floorings because of its matte finish and ribbed texture, making it a high-quality product with a gorgeous appearance. This vinyl flooring is also waterproof, non-slip and easy to maintain, making it the perfect floor for rowdy kids and pets!

Easy Installation!

Need more convincing? How about vinyl wood plank flooring that is easy to install and doesn't require a professional to install it? Sounds great, right? Welcome to luxury vinyl flooring!

LVT comes in four different installation methods such as vinyl click, glue down, self-adhesive and loose lay. Each of these excellent methods is quite easy to install;

- Vinyl Click - This installation method involves using planks or tiles which "lock" into each other with a click mechanism. This is a great system as it is quick and easy to use and as such, does not require an expensive professional fitter. A D.I.Y novice can fit these floors easily. This is the best solution if you are installing over a moisture prone area as it can create an effective barrier.

- Self-Adhesive - This involves laying planks or tiles which have an adhesive backing onto the floor. While this a permanent solution, it is easy to work with and can be done by a novice floor fitter.

- Glue-down - This is another vinyl floor installation method which involves the use of glue to adhere the floor to the ground. This is a permanent solution and very difficult to remove, how the arrival of a new underlay known as "Viscoh 600" helps to make the removal process a lot easier. A roller is best used to ensure that the planks or tiles are properly fitted to the subfloor.

- Loose-lay - This is an installation method which involves simply laying the planks or tiles onto a subfloor where they are tightly placed against one another. The tiles or planks are often thicker than glue down and therefore, can provide a more pleasant sensation to walk upon. Once again, installation is easy and can be done without professional help.


Vinyl wood flooring is a renovation solution that is easy to install and looks just like the real thing!


Find your ideal wood effect vinyl flooring at Bricoflor!

No matter what you're budget or your vision, you'll find the right wood look vinyl flooring and price for you at our website. With a large array of manufacturers installation methods, designs and prices, you'll be sure to find the right fit for you and your space! Check out our amazing vinyl flooring sale where you are sure to bag yourself a bargain!

Contact us today and take advantage of our free sample service and best price guarantee. Need a large order? No problem! We can customize an individual offer just for you. With decades of experience in the flooring industry, BRICOFLOR has learned to deal with all the challenges in today´s flooring industry. If you have any questions about any of our products, don´t hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail. We´re looking forward to hearing from you!

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